The End of the World


1. A ten-minute play

The End of the World

A ten-minute play

By Aysan Ahmadiansarai


LUCY- A Witch of the Underground Earth. Also friend of Andrew and Lucy.

ANDREW- A Witch of the Above Earth, in other words Earth. Also a friend of Emily and Lucy.

EMILY- A friend of Emily and Andrew. She is very annoying and dumb at times.

THE GOD OF THE UNDER EARTH- A Greek God who rules the Underground Earth.


A old, crumpled, and slightly tilted apartment building in Manhattan. Later, the building slides down through the soil to Underground Earth, like an elevator.


LUCY: This is... Reaaaeally... Stupid.... You know. (says between breaths, panting and breathless).

EMILY: Aha. Look at who says! (rolls her eyes and exaggerates, 26 stairs down from EMILY).

ANDREW: Hush! (criss crosses his arms, and bumps his shoulder with LUCY's, irritated)

LUCY: I'm going to... Start thinking (sights loudly and tries to inhale). That you're... Doing this... only... For the purpose of self-.... Revenge.

EMILY: Mhmm. Good idea! But, maybe. (examines her newly manicured and polished nails).

LUCY: If anything... Happens... To me--... (quits at trying to finish her sentence).

ANDREW: (Growls, clearly very mad at EMILY). Is this even possible?? Here, hold this. (He hands EMILY his school notebook).

EMILY: What are you doing?

ANDREW: I'm going to search the dangers and warnings (says dangers and warnings while looking at EMILY with wide eyes) and benefits of this. (looks down to his phone).

EMILY: (nods. LUCY's panting, tiredness, and barely moving footsteps are heard downstairs).

(a short pause follows, they are all doing something. ANDREW: on his phone, EMILY: criss crosses her arms and glares at space, and LUCY: sits down trying to regain consciousness ).

LUCY: Man, if I just don't kill that mother- Emily, or at least choke her after this. I swear-- (she curses off softly and not loud enough to be heard. Her breathing is steady).

EMILY: What?? (stupidly).

ANDREW: (Laughs, having some sort of idea what LUCY had said).

EMILY: (looks at ANDREW, then looks up and claps). Aaaaahaa. No stopping Missy. Come on, get going!

LUCY: (sights both angrily and helplessly. But, gets up and starts walking the stairs again.)

ANDREW: SO... How many stairs have you done so far?

LUCY: I don't know!!! I lost track! Do you think that my brain can even squeeze numbers right now into it?!??!

EMILY: (smiles at herself).

ANDREW: (Is silent, scribbling and reading through his phone).

LUCY: I'm sorry Andrew... Look-...

ANDREW: Don't think about Lucy.

LUCY: (smiles). I think that the last count I was in was... fourteen.

ANDREW: Okay, see you're almost done! Yey! (full-heartedly).

LUCY: (laughs). How long has it been?

ANDREW: Ahhh... About... twenty-eight minutes. (looking on his phone).

EMILY: Well... Well-well.

ANDREW: I'm getting really tired and bored of these stupid and dumb games you play all the time Ells! Seriously, I'm not joking! You're absurd!

EMILY: What's absurd? (narrows her eyes).

ANDREW: (Really frustrated and mad.) What I'm saying is- (through gritted teeth.) I'm done with this and it's all over.

EMILY: Ha? (her mouths opens in shock and she puts one hand in her heart, in an offensed manner.) Excuse me?

ANDREW: Aaaa. Naaa. You heard me right. I was perfectly clear.

(They both start fighting/arguing and yell at each other.)

EMILY: You jackass!

ANDREW: Says the one who couldn't spell idiot in fifth grade!

EMILY: You're a jerk! Mary was right to turn you down! (pushes ANDREW.)

ANDREW: Yea. And no wonder why every guy in junior high would run away from you!

EMILY: Well, I heard Mary moved on! And guess what? She has a sweet boys scout boyfriend now.

ANDREW: (Even maddens more now and growls, and continues.) Oh wait! Because you picked at your nose and then scratched them all over your hair!

EMILY: (Trying hard, and succeeding easily, to ignore ANDREW, smiles.) OMG. They're like the sweetest couple ever! (Fangirling) Everyone says they're going to get married. Well- duhh! Of course, they're going to be together for a lifetime! Unlike you, who's going to have four unsuccessful marriages with eight kids!

ANDREW: Go piss off EMILY. You're the one who's going to die alone, in a empty bed with no one left caring for you!

LUCY: You guys! Shut up!


LUCY: I said be quiet!

ANDREW: What is it?

LUCY: Did you guys hear that?

EMILY: What?

LUCY: (Taking a look through the window on top of the staircase.) Oh my god.

ANDREW: What! what's going on, Lucy?? (Starts climbing the stairs, after LUCY.)

LUCY: No, no! Go back! Don't come up.

ANDREW: Lucy you're giving me goosebumps. What's up?

EMILY: Wait here. I'll look out the door.

LUCY: NO! No- no, no. Don't leave. Don't go anywhere. Just stay inside, where you are!

EMILY: Okay, I'm getting bored now. She's doing a prank right? She is.

LUCY: There's a tornado heading our way.

ANDREW: Crap. (Looks at his phone). I'm out of signal.

EMILY: (scared). What do we do?

ANDREW: I don't know Emily. You seemed fine a few minutes ago. Really fine. Ranting about fake rumors, that you made up. Remember?

EMILY: Speak for yourself.

LUCY: (Cries out loud) It's going to hit us! Cling yourself to something! (Fastens herself on the railing, and covers her head with her arms, knees bent.)

ANDREW: Okay, okay! We're fine Lucy! (also hanging onto the the railing, and gesturing Emily in front of him.) Are you alright? What are you holding on to??

LUCY: The railing (yells through the commotion).

EMILY: (Yells, just as the windows break.) What's going on?

ANDREW: Wow. I think... The buildings sliding down... (says in disbelief.)

EMILY: What?!

LUCY: The building isn't collapsing!

ANDREW: No- no. The building is going underneath the surface of Earth.

EMILY: What are you talking about.

ANDREW: Don't you see!

EMILY: Oh my, you're right Andrew. There's a roof in this building right?

ANDREW: Yes. I'm certain of it.

EMILY: Okay! Time to hustle. HUSTLE! (They boy start climbing the stairs, running.)

ANDREW: Lucy! Run up to the roof as fast as you can! We're right behind you.

LUCY: Okay. Hurry!

EMILY: (They hadn't made it to third floor when the windows shied away with only darkness, and mud smudging like makeup on the glass. Both stopped for lack of breath and panted.) It's time to use your powers Andrew! Now! (She encourages him.)

ANDREW: (Also panting.) What?? No. I- I don't know what it'll bring out this time. I can't-- I'm not ready.

EMILY: It won’t bring death at least! Or that's what we hope for.

ANDREW: You can't be serious.


ANDREW: Stop yelling at me! (clutches his head with his hands.)

EMILY: (stones breaking and loud banging are heard, with loose dangerous glasses all around, blocking their path.) We don't have time to think! GO!

LUCY: Andrew-- You can do it. (Also encourages him.)

ANDREW: (takes a breath first and sets his two hands out, palms facing down, then speaks Witch language.) Nego-Nego. Briski femela franki. (The building still continues to decrease under the soil.) Kashka ledge meli izin verme. Bizi ukariye at! (his right arm goes up in superman style, then he opens his eyes.)

GOD OF THE UNDER EARTH: (Enters to where ANDREW and LUCY are). You have called upon me.

ANDREW: What? Wait, wait. No. I asked the clouds to pulls us up.


EMILY: Mind you? Who exactly are you?

GOD OF THE UNDER EARTH: Excuse my poor manners my Siren.

EMILY: Siren? (disguises her shock in a cough).

GOD OF THE UNDER EARTH: I am God of the Under Earth, of course you silly.

EMILY: We still have Gods? Wasn't that like a billion year ago- in ancient Rome or Greece or so they call it?

GOD OF THE UNDER EARTH: A billion? Oh, no my deary. It was at the most two thousand years surly.

EMILY: Okay- Okay. Whatever. Just tell us how we get back. (Sigh's)

ANDREW: OH MY GOD NO! What have I done! (throws his hands up and then covers his face with them.)

GOD OF THE UNDER EARTH: Yes, your God here. What have you done my brethren? (ironically).

LUCY: (Screams in a high piercing pitch.)

EMILY: What’s going on?? Are you okay Lucy? (In a truly concerned and frightened way for LUCY.)

LUCY: Andrew! What spell did you use! (Yells as if in pain).

ANDREW: (Suddenly looks up, trying to hear LUCY clearly though the commotion, his pulse high and he's sweating.)

LUCY: (Yells something else, but her voice is muffled.)

EMILY: Answer her Andrew!

ANDREW: (As if suddenly conscious of his surroundings, puts down his arms from his hips.) Uh-. Yea, yea. I used the Cloud Matrices one! (yells at LUCY.)


ANDREW: What? What'd I do?

LUCY: (Only growls.)

ANDREW: Tell me. C'mon Lucy!

LUCY: There is NO clouds underground! Clouds are replaced by mud and dirt here! So therefore, it can help nor save us. And since you're no Underground Witch, your spells from Above Earth is totally different! You've ruined everything! You made the complete opposite effect.

GOD OF THE UNDER EARTH: Oooh. A Above Earther are you! AND an Above Earther Witch, are you now?

ANDREW: What did you do. (looks at GOD OF THE UNDER EARTH very angrily, and suddenly suspicious of him. He snarls, like he is a betrayer.)

GOD OF THE UNDER EARTH: Perhaps the question is, what have you done.

ANDREW: Is this one of your kitty traps or something 'God'?

GOD OF THE UNDER EARTH: (sights.) Child, in my world the spell you spoke of earlier was the Fourth Unforgivable Token. There are seven.


EMILY: What does it do? (asks impatiently, tapping her foot.)

GOD OF THE UNDER EARTH: It is originally for the use of wartime. To ruin the enemies premises. But, since you are not a fully developed Witch yet, the spell... It was like it was hitting walls during it's process. Trying to enter... break through a strictly prohibited and private sanctuary.

LUCY: In other words it was like blue and green crackling fire! (mad.)

ANDREW: You mean- you mean, I- I used the Auroras?

EMILY: (In shock, brings her hand up to cover her open mouth, as understanding rolls over.) Just like sticks of dynamite. (she whispers.)

ANDREW: Oh! No! The Aurora Brothers are going to kill me. (Brings his hands up to his face to hide his fear and frustration. Then, he starts to murmur to himself).

LUCY: Does this mean I can use my powers now? (breaking the conversation.)

EMILY: Ahh- I think so. You are a Underground bred Witch after all.

LUCY: Okay I'm coming down.

GOD OF THE UNDER EARTH: The Aurora Brothers can't kill you.

ANDREW: What are you talking about. Shut up. You know nothing!

GOD OF THE UNDER EARTH: I know enough.

LUCY: (Enters.) Phew! Feels good to use my powers again. It's like I've finally found my gravity. (says in a dreamlike rage.)

GOD OF THE UNDER EARTH: Oh! Another Siren! Let me introduce myself. I am God of the Under Earth. If I can be of any help, please-.

ANDREW: (Rolls his eyes at him, with crossed arms). You were saying?

EMILY: What's up with this whole Siren thing Lucy? (Pokes LUCY.)

LUCY: (Smiles sweetly.) It means 'Lady.' The Underground gave a fancy and abnormally old-fashioned way if talking. (Turns her gaze back to the man across from her.) Thank you sir. But, I will let you know if there is any trouble.

GOD OF THE UNDER EARTH: (smiles back.) Yes- yes. As I was saying. They can't kill you, because everybody's dead.

EMILY: Huh? Excuse me, mind you repeat that please?

GOD OF THE UNDER EARTH: The spell you used. It brought down the city and living. No matter how wrong done, it is known for eras even if used by toddlers, to ruin and collapse the civilization.

LUCY: So… You’re telling me now that… My parents are dead?

GOD OF THE UNDER EARTH: I’m truly sorry.

EMILY: (Breaks down crying).

ANDREW: Okay, okay! Stop it everyone! Where is the cameraman? Huh? Yea! You heard it right! I figured it out! What -what station is this from? You guys think this is funny? Well, then you had your laugh! C' mon now. Stop hiding you filthy pigs. (The last line, more to himself.)

EMILY: (Stops crying.) How dare. Oh -I will show them all right. How dare they mess with me!

GOD OF THE UNDER EARTH: (sigh’s). Ugh- STOP! If you think this is some joke, you’re not getting anywhere far from here.

LUCY: Okay. OK. Can -can. You pleasse explain?

GOD OF THE UNDER EARTH: Remember this day as the end of Earth. The last day Earth faces it's Sun and day. The world you come from has ended. Or is facing it’s destruction at the moment, as we talk.

EMILY: WHAT? Shouldn’t we go help them? You guys have all the power ever needed!

LUCY: Yes. We have to find a way up.

ANDREW: Yea we have to help them!

GOD OF THE UNDER EARTH: No. Since this fellow here, cursed Earth. He must… in other words be kidnapped… To keep him safe and tucked away from public. He must be blindfolded, so he doesn’t know where he is being taken. Because, the High Witch’s in Earth could track his brain down, and also curse the Underground Earth.

LUCY: Wait- What is your name?


LUCY: The name you were born with. The name your parents gave you!


LUCY: (Gives out a sigh of relief, runs to him and throws her arms up to Lucas.) Oh Lucas!


LUCY: Yes, it’s me silly.

GOD OF THE UNDER EARTH: Oh I’ve missed you so much! You’ve grown so much!

LUCY: (Blushes).

GOD OF THE UNDER EARTH: I swear I fought so hard not to get you sent away. And after that I tried and tried, over and over again, to find you. But, my father you know- he didn’t let me. He locked me up in a cell for three years after my mother’s sudden death! And he, himself died shortly about two months ago.

LUCY: (Puts her finger og Lucas’s moving lips to hush him.) I forgive you Lucas.

EMILY: Wait, wait. What’s going on here? You guys know each other?

LUCY: (Turns away and around from Lucas, smiling.) Lucas and I used to be childhood friends before I was sent to Earth. It’s a very long story.

ANDREW: (Nods and looks down to his feet, arms crossed.)

LUCY: Have I changed that much Lucas?

GOD OF THE UNDER EARTH: Oh, no my deary. I would never forget your face. All the lines that form when you smile wide enough, you know I them all by heart. It just seems that... This Earth has changed you a lot.

LUCY: Changed? How changed?

GOD OF THE UNDER EARTH: No matter. You'll still and always be my Lucy. My Love.

LUCY: (smiles). And you will always and forever be my Lucas. My Love.

GOD OF THE UNDER EARTH: (Holding Lucy’s face in his hands, he smiles.) My heart, Lucy, can I ask you something crazy?

LUCY: You can ask me anything.

GOD OF THE UNDER EARTH: Would you marry me?

LUCY: Can I say something even more crazier?

GOD OF THE UNDER EARTH: (Smiles wide). Anything.

LUCY: YES! (She jumps up and down.)

EMILY: (She looks frozen at the new couple, her mouth half open and drooling.) Uhh- What kind of friends are these?

ANDREW: (Laughs).

EMILY: Deciding to marry each other. And they say that they're friends...

(Suddenly, the building starts to collapse).

GOD OF THE UNDER EARTH: Oh no. We have to run! Fast. To the square. Follow me!

(And they all start running, Lucas and Emily holding hands, and escape the destruction taking place above.)

EMILY: And that was how Earth ended. And the story passed on.

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