Through The Dark

I bring the blade to my wrists, and slide it across my wrists. A weird over-whelming sensation seeps into me, something that I am already used to but can’t get enough of. I do a bit more in different places on my wrists and watch the blood flow out. I clean it up and walk to my bed, sink into the mattress and fall into a deep sleep, wishing I would never wake up…


2. Leah Nina Rosely

Sup mah peeps!! That chicah over there is me!!

I am 18 years old and best friends with Kat right there!

We knew each other waaaaaay back and we are the closest things alive!

I love One Direction, Taylor Swift and Little Mix.

I go to the same school as Kat and there are some real mean people at school to her!

As you can see I have light brown hair and greyish/greenish eyes.

I am in-love with Harry Styles! I think he is perf xx

Twitter obsessed

Twitter: @1dful_leah

Movie: Anything scary then I am cool!

I love romantic things even though I have no boyfriend whatsoever which sucks.

Kat and I call each other “Wifee” since... you know, she is my wife.

I normally pop into the cafe she works in to give her like 5 minutes company before her boss comes.


I have nothing more to say so BYYEEE!!!


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