Through The Dark

I bring the blade to my wrists, and slide it across my wrists. A weird over-whelming sensation seeps into me, something that I am already used to but can’t get enough of. I do a bit more in different places on my wrists and watch the blood flow out. I clean it up and walk to my bed, sink into the mattress and fall into a deep sleep, wishing I would never wake up…


1. Bethany Katrina Scotts

Bethany Katrina Scotts Hello there!! I’m Kat. 

ight from the drain... pssh! So let me tell you a bit about me and my sad sad life!! Which is like shit... just so you know! I had a big brother, Max, who was my most favourite person in this entire world! No one could match up to him any day, but he died when he went into the army. After that, my parents kept fighting with each other. My mom is always drinking and my dad is trying to be both the mother and father of the house at the same time. With his low-paid job and having to take care of myself and little sister, i feel really bad. I started working at a close by cafe’ and try my best to do as much as I can for my sister and father. I hate my mother and she most certainly hates me back so I don’t give a fuck about her. My little sister Hailey, who is 9, is always so scared when mom and dad fights. Sometimes I am too, but I have to stay strong for her, she is my priority. More about me: Colour: Purple Best Friend: Leah Celebrity crush: Zac Efron and Logan Lerman Music: Taylor Swift, Fifth Harmony, Demi Lovato, Ed Sheeran and so so much more! Do I like school? No, not at all! Age: 18 Twitter? Yes, @BethxKat Do I love myself? No Favourite song of all time: She Looks So Perfect, 5 Seconds of Summer I love... Reading and listening to music. Single/taken: Single Do you know One Direction: Seriously, who doesn’t? They are pretty cool I guess, don’t listen to them much though. Hobbies: To dance my stress awayyy... Enough of me now!! Tye Tye for now xx!!

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