Unofficial Story of a superhero's daughter.


1. prequel pt. 1

~~~~~~~Flash back~~~~~~~

It was my birthday. My 14th birthday. It was the day. The day my father, Thor, was finally going to let me go to Midgard with him. I was so excited, yet so nervous, at the time. Yes, I am physically 14, and yes, my daddy lets me fight in battles where people could “easily” kill me, but, no, I have never been to Midgard. Apparently, Thor told Nick Fury(whoever that is) about me and a “Fury” wanted to meet me. Something about a soon to be team of a man of spiders, a tiger, a strong man, a human rocket (some mortals are just strange), a boy with fists of iron. I didn’t know what to think of it but I trust my father. My father says he is a good man so I am going to trust him. Somewhat.

I was saying my good-byes while Thor was talked to Heimdall, the gatekeeper. The warriors three were there: Fandral promising to save the action for when I get back, Hogun (as usual) looked his morose self, but at least we get along (trust me. You don’t want to be on his bad side), and Volstagg, well, being Volstagg. Gotta love them all. Sif was there, and she didn’t want me to leave because she is my mother. “Be careful, my daughter, Midgard is a strange and dangerous place. Come back to me safely.” She whispered into my hair while hugging me tightly. I nodded while hugging her back. I walked my toward my father, who was waiting for me on the bi-frost. Right before I was about to take my fathers hand, Loki came riding towards us on a horse. All of them tensed, execpt myself and father. I smiled and waved. I was one of the very few who didn't see him as a monster.

He dismounted and strolled over to us. He hugged me and whispered in my ear, "Jezabel, remember the fighting style I taught you. Not all brute force. Stay safe. Here." He finished by putting the hilts of two sheathed daggers in my hands. I hugged him once more, nodded, and wrapped the sheathes around my waist. "Bye. Loki, don't get into to much trouble. With out me." He laughed and looked at me with his green eyes, lastly he nodded.

“Come Jezabel. We must make haste to Midgard.” Thor told me while grabbing my hand. I heard the farewells of my friends that were probably more than twice my age. I waved as they started to disappear.

Every color imaginanble was swirling around us.It was so bright I had to close my eyes but I almost had to immediately reopen them because of the instant wave of nausea. If it wasn’t for the VERY firm grip I had on Thor’s arm, I probably would of passed out. It seemed to have gone on for hours, but it was probably only a few minutes. Just when I thought I couldn’t handle it much longer, there was an even brighter flare before it all faded until it was replaced by the bright blue Midgardian sky. I could see 3 figures running towards us. I could tell by Dad’s relaxed composure that I didn’t need to worry, if there was any chance there was any danger he would be the first to be fighting.

“Thor!” some lady yelled as she jumped on my dad. Ok. Learn to cope. At least I didn't get ran over. “Oh, Sorry ,” she started smoothing out her outfit and hair and extending her hand,” you must be Jezabel. I am Jane. Jane Foster. I am a friend of Thor’s. Welcome to Earth.”

“Thank you. Yes, I’m Jezabel.”

“I’m Dacry.” I girl with blackhair said. While Thor was talking with Jane, she asked me,"So how's space?"

"Space is good. " I nodded with a small smile.

“And I am Eric Selvigg. Lovely to meet you.” He said with the kind smile only a elderly man was capable of.

“I would love to stay and visit, but Nick Fury is waiting.” Thor said.

A few hours later.

We arrived at the heli-carrier at about noon. It was amazing. About the size of a huge sea vessel but still floated in the sky!

“Thor.” A tall colored man said with a curt nod towards my father. “You must be Jezabel. I am Nick Fury. I wanted to offer you a position on an elite team of young Super-heroes. We, being SHEILD, will train you to fight criminals that ordinary people can’t handle by themselves.” He explained to me. “ Don’t worry. You don’t have to choose right now. I will give you time to decide.” He chuckled noticing my wide eyed expression.

“I will show you the Heli-carrier and let you meet your possible new team mates. Let’s go.” He showed me everything from the cafeteria to the sick bay to the high tech labs. Finally he took me to a large training room, where I saw a well-synchronized team. “Okay. The boy in the red and blue suit with a spider on it is Spider-man. The one in blue and gold and wheres a bucket on his head that flies is Nova. The one in the green and yellow with a dragon on his chest is Iron-Fist. The one in the white-cat suit is White Tiger. And last but not least is Power-man. He is in the black and yellow. “ He finished. Well that was a lot different than what I expected. The Tiger is a human girl. “Team. Take a break. I have someone I want you to meet.” Fury’s voice boomed through out the training room. It was loud enough to be heard where we were. The team filed out and up a pair of stairs to meet us. “Team, this is Jezabel. Daughter of Thor. Possibe new teammate. I’ll let you all chat while Thor and I talk about... other things.” Fury introduced me as I stepped out of my previous position, where my small form was completely hidden, behind my father.

“We can talk in the lounge. Ok?” The one called Spiderman told me.

“Ok. I have honestly no idea where that is.” I stated. I have never been one for shyness. They all laughed at my pure bluntness. I laughed with them. Anyway, we made our way to a lounge with a large TV, 4 couches, a small kitchen, and a few tables.

“Want a drink?” Nova offered going to the large box that was filled with food and drinks.

“Uh. Given that I don’t know what more than half of that is, so do you have any water or tea?” I asked. He nodded and tossed me a bottle of water. I opened it and took a sip of it.

“ Thank you.” I told him.

We all took a place on a couch or chair. I sat last mostly because of my "alpha status". A thing of pride. I made sure to hold eye-contact until they broke away. I take my role as "royal" very seriously.

“So. If you’re the daughter of Thor how are you so…uh…-“ Power man started to ask but I cut him off.

“Small?” He nodded with an embarrased smile. “In all honesty, who even knows? Neither of my parents are very small. IN all actuallity they are all large. Very Large. Oh, well, I can still beat them in IQ and skill. " I rambled and made gestures all around with my hands.

“ Wait. If you’re Thor’s daughter, aren’t you like a princess or some kind of royalty?” White tiger asked. I smiled at her.

“Yeah, but royalty. Is more of a formality. Odin is most powerful and then Thor. They mostly disrespect me, but I take it with a grain of salt. If they every tried to hurt me, well, let's just say, I am very skilled and agressive.“ I answered honestly, shrugging my shoulders, and remembering what Loki had taught me. The daggers strapped to me seemed to get a pound heavier.

“Oh, hm. Who knew? A princess who kicks butt. Nice.” Nova thought out loud.

“So this is your first time to Earth?” Iron-Fist asked me.

“Yes. My dad has let me fight in many a gruesome battle since age 7, but, no, he hasn’t let me come to Midgard. “ I laughed at my own father. “He is a tad bit protective, considering I am his only child. ” I told them while taking another sip of my water.

“So, this might be intrusive, what are your powers?” White Tiger asked nervously.

I laughed, “ No, it is fine, really, I have the power to manifest, diminish, give , take, etc. fire and heat. When I use my powers for a continued amount of time, my eyes will start to glow the color of fire color would depend on the heat of the fire. I can raise my body temperature, and lower it. Here watch," I picked up my now-empty bottle, and melted it but not only melted, but heated the liquid so it evaporated. I knew my eyes were atleast orange,"Usually, my heat levels are around 107 degrees. Severe fever for humans, but it’s ok for me. Ok, your turns. Powers?” I turned the table.

“ My tiger amulet gives me enhanced skills, strength, senses, agility, and stamina. I have also been taught many types of martial arts and acrobatics. That’s where I get the name White Tiger.” White Tiger told me with a prideful smile. I returned with a smile and a nod.

“I spent my early years in the immortal city of K’un Lun. There I was taught every type of martial arts there is. At the end of my studies, I faught the Dragon, Shou-Lao the undying. When I defeated him I earned the iron-fist and returned to New York to continue my education.” Iron-fist explained smiling a goofy smile at me. I giggled at his grin and looked at Nova.

“Oh. Well mine is simple. My helmet gives me the powers to: -Fly –Give energy blasts –Absorb energy. I am the human rocket.” He said pumping his fists in the air. I laughed somewhat nervously at him as others shook their heads. I swear I heard someone mutter –buckethead you’re scaring her-

“I am power-man. I am strong and I have unbreakable skin. That’s it.- Oh and I don’t like wearing my underwear on top. ” He said awkwardly. I chuckled and smiled at him.

“ We saved the best for last. I am spider-man. A radioactive spider bit me. I now have proportionate strength to a spider. Spider-sense. Enhanced: Speed. Stamina. Senses. Etc. etc. etc.” he said nonchalantly. I nodded and gave him a confused smile not knowing what radioactive was. I need a dictionary.

“So have you considered Fury’s offer?” Power-man asked after a minute of silence.

“A little bit. I am not sure though. Midgard. I mean Earth, is so new and strange to me.” I told them blushing a bit because of my embarrassment of my little knowledge of Earth.

“Well, you should really consider it. I was the same way. Asgard sounds similar to K’un Lun. Lots less technology. But we can’t go back to the past just because it’s familiar.” Iron Fist told me. I nodded and smiled as Fury and Thor walked in. I looked Nick in the eyes.. er.. eye.

"I'll do it."

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