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2. prequel pt. 2

“Why did I do this?” I thought to myself as I silently ran down the east wing to my room. I could sense Sam behind me “Sam, I am gonna kill you, if Daddy or Fury doesn’t get us first!” I whispered yelled at him. I was only half joking.

“Jezabel! Sam!” Nick yelled furiously into the intercom system. “ Jezzy, we need to split up!” whispered yelled to me.

“ Your right! At the next fork.” I whisper-yelled back.

“Of course I am right! When am I not right?!” He whispered-yelled to me.

“When you told me this would be fun. When you told me we wouldn’t get caught. When you told me this was a good idea. Shall I keep going? ” I ticked off reasons on my fingers.

“ Harsh.” Was all he said as we split up.

I kept on running until…………I ran smack-dab into Daddy. Sh*t.

He sighed “ What did you do this time, Jezabel? He asked. Double Sh*t.

“I-I –uh-uh-um-uh Girl stuff?” I answered in more of a question than an answer.

“With Fury?” He inquired further. Triple sh*t.

Crap. He heard. “ Yes?” I answered-ask again.

That earned me another sigh, just as Fury ran down the corridor. He was donning the besparkled eyepatch that BucketHead and I left him. Thor, my father, and I started to laugh but we both quickly disguised it as a ‘cough’. Fury glared at us both.

“ You both better be glad I have something for you. Or else you would be in huge load of trouble.” He said as he went for the rest of the Avengers. The junior-avengers (or that’s what some people call us) were on a mission that I couldn’t go on. It involved ocean. Ugh . Water and I don’t mix. At all. What-so-ever. Considering I was a fire elemental. Just like Thor is a lightning elemental, being God of THunder and all. And Loki , well he’s just a Loki.

A/N NOw I will be uploading the actual 1st chapter now. This is for anyone who give a crap.

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