To The Moon and Back

When Cali Hayes moves into town her world was great. Then she meets who she thinks is the love of her life and her world gets turned upside down.


1. Chapter 1

So it was my first day as a senior at this high school. I moved here maybe three weeks ago. In the three weeks that have gone by I got enrolled into school, unpacked and have already started trying to find a job. I keep my head down as I walk in the halls. No need to draw attention to the new girl. I arrive at the office and almost open the door. Then the door opens and hits me in the face and I fall down. "Shit, I'm sorry," when I look up I see the most gorgeous boy. "Yeah it's ok"I say nonchalantly. "Have I seen you before?" He asks. "Um no I'm new... Well my names not new... Damn why am I such an idiot. My names Cali, Cali Hayes." "Your not an idiot, your cute." He says quietly. "Excuse me?" I ask. "Nothing, The names Daniel Write." He extends his hand. I raise my eyebrow at him. Then grab his hand shaking it. A girl comes up from behind him "Hey babe" she kisses him on the lips. "Who's she?" Looking at me with a sneer. She was slender, brown hair and blue eyes. Her attire was a little, well let's just say there was not really much covering her chest. She was beautiful and carried herself like she owned the place. I should of known such a gorgeous guy could have a girlfriend. "She's new, Lilly can't you at least say hello?" He asked politely. "Um, I don't talk to girls like her. Ok. She's new and I don't associate with the new people." Her voice drops lower "plus she doesn't look very friend worthy." Daniel took one look at her then looked at me. "Um, I have to go get my schedule. See you around." I turn to leave. I look back at Daniel and it seemed as though he was having a really heated argument with his girlfriend. I walked into the office thinking. This has already turned out to be the worst day ever.

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