The World Today

A simple explanation on how I see the world today.


1. The Unseen

Nowadays, nobody cares about the world outside of the internet, outside of their phones. It’s all about social networking sites, and sending tweets or texts to the person sitting right next to them. It’s surprising that people actually know how to breathe with years of seeing nothing but an electrical screen.

Yes, of course I am on one now. But it’s only to get through to the generation of today, as it appears I am the only person left in the real world - the world that is unseen to anyone under the age of 60, with me being an exception. Obviously, I cannot tell you what to do, and even if I could, it’d be wrong. We’re all meant to make our own choices in life, and be trusted that we’ll make the correct decisions.

Taking advantage of what we’ve been gifted with isn’t a correct one.

Okay, having to open your mouth and have a full worded conversation with your friend may not be quite as appealing to you as having an abbreviated one with your thumbs through the internet, but it’s the way our ancestors have made things so that people don’t grow to become lazy or more importantly, unhealthy.

I guess people don’t mind wearing glasses these days as of course, having square eyes is trendy, but I don’t get why people just aren’t bothered about potential cancer… you do understand that could lead to death right?

What about being fat? I mean, your not exactly moving about whilst updating your status are you?

My main problem though is what it will lead to in generations to come. Before too long they’ll be no use with our mouths other than to consume the odd fast food (ordered from the app on our mobile phones clearly), and therefore we’re wasting something we were gifted with for vital use. Whilst we’re on the subject of importance, if we can’t use our mouths how can we contact an emergency service in time? Typing is much slower than speaking so your friend, or yourself, may be dead before you’ve even contacted someone, never mind having them arrive.

Mobile phones were invented to notify someone on an important matter, not to have a casual conversation - you can speak to them face to face for that.

If your bored, do two things - 1. Blame it on your mobile phone. 2. Try to use what’s left of your imagination.

Perhaps you could go outside and see the world for the first time?

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