Read This With Your Parents

One Direction Imagine.


1. Read This With Your Parents

"Urgh why do I have to film it?!" Zayn whined.

"Because I filmed last time!" Harry shouts back at him as he undresses fully. The tan boy grunts and turns on the camera.

"Niall baby! Come on now! I'm ready for ya!" Harry seductively whispers with his raspy voice. The curly headed boy rips of the Irishman's clothes, pushes him against the wall and inserts in him hard. They both let out loud moans and Niall softly tugs on Harry's chestnut curls as he thrusts in him harder and he begs for more. They are both about to hit climax when the bedroom door bursts open. In comes Louis and Liam naked and they jump on to the bed. Louis pushes Liam underneath him and started to thrust in him as Liam clutches the bed sheets and moans in pleasure.

"Louis?! WHAT?! BABY WHY?!" Harry screams in shock as he pulls out of Niall.

"WHAT ABOUT YOU AND NIALL?!" Louis retaliates as he pulls out of the muscular brown eyed man. They both take small steps towards each other. Both sweaty, breathing deeply and covered in cum. There chests touch and they both charge at each other and passionately kiss. The kiss gets heated and they have have gay sex on the floor. The other three boys stare at them in shock. At that moment little mix come bursting through the door and pull up their skirts revealing their giant whale cocks. "WOAH?! THAT'S BIG!"Niall exclaimed excitedly with his Irish accent. Not long later Zayn positions the camera on the night stand and he joins in with the group sex that was going on, on the bed with little mix and Niam and he left Larry have their fun peacefully in the corner of the room.

The end.

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