Honestly lies are easy

A girl finds the love of her life. Shes been lying to him all this time. Should she tell the truth? Or just go on with her lies?


8. Step Two

  Once I got to the party I looked for a victim to flirt with while Justin was talking to his friends.

"Hey." A  boy approached me.

"Hi." I replied back.

We began talking and every time he said a joke I would over exaggerate and laugh louder than I had to.

"Do you want to go somewhere queit?" He asked me.

I felt Justins' eyes on me. 


He walked me up to a room and pushed me to the bed.

"Wha-a-t are you-u doing." I stuttered. 

He ignored me and attempts to take off my shirt while i struggle.

"Stop!" I cried.  

I tried to push him off but that was the wrong choice.

"Shut the fuck up!" He shouted and slapped me. 

When I finally gave up someone pushed him off me. I couldn't see who it was until the person shouted.

"You little bastard come to her again you'll be sorry." He yelled while giving the man multiple punches. I recognized that voice and the boy looked up to me. It was Chase. 

Chase was still beating the man.

"Chase it's enough just let him go I'm okay." I reassured him.

Finally, Chase let go of the man. The man stumbled away. 

"Chase, thank you." Was all  I could say.

"It was nothing." He said blowing off a piece of hair that got in his eye. I never noticed this before but his hazel eyes shinned in the moonlight. 

"Yes it was something." I denied. "I have to go." I added.

"Let me walk you."  He replied. 

We walked in silence most of the way until I tripped. He caught me half way and looked at me. We stayed like that for a while just staring at each other.

"Your beautiful you know that right?" He said breaking the silence.

I just blushed,. He leaned in to kiss me when someone pushed us apart.

"Where the hell where you!" Justin shouted, "And get off my girl." He yelled at Chase.

"I'm just going home." I told Justin glaring at him.

"Come one babe don't give me that look. You hot. I'm hot. We belong together." He declared.

"Justin you drunk let me take you home." Chase advised grabbing hold of Justin.

"No I'm fine let go of me." He claimed struggling out of Chases' hold but he soon gave up.

"My house is just up there. All see you tomorrow." I said to Chase as I walked off. 

Once I got home I got a message from Katie:

            Katie: Tell me everything!

I was too tired to reply back. Besides I don't think I even understand what happened.

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