Honestly lies are easy

A girl finds the love of her life. Shes been lying to him all this time. Should she tell the truth? Or just go on with her lies?


4. School >.<


       Okay, so after my mom rudely interrupted my dream I searched up my school. Did you know what I saw? A huge school! Great a bunch of snobby rich kids is all I need. I don't even know how my mom could afford it? Oh wait, shes probably the janitor or a lunch lady. When i asked her, Lucky shes working for a another school but in my district. I look in my closet, Ugh,  I have nothing to wear. I found my favorite obey snap-back, a white tan-top with a black strip, black tights, and some black booties. This would do.

          As I walk out my car everyone is staring at me. Which I don't mind. I'm not much of a shy girl. I walk into my first class and wait for my teacher to introduce me.

"Hello Skyler. I'm Mrs.Green and I am your homeroom teacher." She greets to me.

"Hello class, this is Skyler. She's new please help her feel welcomed." The teacher announced to the class. "Skyler please sit in the table with Kathryn and Roseline. " She says pointing at two girls. One redhead who looks like a rebel, the other with dirty blonde hair who looks pretty shy.

I walk over to them. 

"Hi." I say trying to begin a conversation. 

"Hi." says the red head. "I'm Kathryn, but they just call me Katei."

"Hello." says the blonde. "I'm Roseline, you can call me rose." "I mean if you like to." She quickly added.

"Hi Katie and Rose I'm Skyler. But call me Skye."

I made up that nickname but I like it. 

We sat in silence the rest of the class. I was ignoring the teacher playing Candy Crush. Damn that game is addicting. When suddenly i hear footsteps. I quickly put away my phone, but i wasn't quick enough.

"Mrs.Clark we have a strict rule against phone usage during class. I'm sorry but i have to take it up till the end of the week."

"Im so sorry." I say trying to act sincere. "I didn't know. My mom was just telling me how my uncle just passed away. She's devastated. That was her only brother.  And that was my only uncle." I say a tear falling from my eye. Sometimes I'm so good at lying I actually believe myself. 

"But thats not an excuse." I continue. "Here take my phone." I say reaching to hand her my phone.

"Well since this is your first day, and such a tragedy  happened. I guess I'll let you go this time. But Skyler if i see that phone again it's gone for a week. You got it young lady?"

"Yes Ma'am."

She walks off and starts writing something on the board. I look up acting like I'm paying attention when I see this boy staring at me. He has dirty blonde hair and dark brown eyes, He looked kind of cute in a way. He must've saw me staring at him because he winked at me.  I rolled my eyes and got my stuff together because their was only one minute untill the bell.

While I was walking in the hallway Katie catches up to me.

"You have to teach me that tear trick! It was pure genius." she says in amazement. 

"Well if i told you I'll have to kill you." I say with a chuckle.

While she is complaining we see some kids huddling around a girl. 

"Hoe" "Slut." I hear them call out.

"Hey, leave her alone!" I yell. 

"Yeah, you bloody bastards leave before i make you." Katie threatens.

They back off and walk away.

I see a girl crunched up to a ball. She has dirty blonde hair just like Rose.

"It's alright their gone." 

"We aren't going to hurt you." Katie reassures.

The girl looks up and I see Rose.


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