Honestly lies are easy

A girl finds the love of her life. Shes been lying to him all this time. Should she tell the truth? Or just go on with her lies?


7. May I?

  They were their just as Rose said. I walked over.

"Boys love a good push and pull. Make them feel like they have you then give them a challenge." Katies' words echoed in her mind.

As she walked closer she heard one of them whistle.

"Damn girl where are you from." A boy with brown hair stated

I just ignored him and punched in the button for a bottle of sprite.

When I was going to bent over to get my drink the band boy got it from me.

"I don't think you and bend with that on." He pointed out while handing me the drink.

"Thank you,  I don't think we know each others names yet."  I responded.

"Yeah we didn't, I'm Chase."

"I'm Skye and I got to go." I added. 

While I was walking away I handed Justin a note and left. While I was leaving I saw him check me out.

Justins' P.O.V

"Ohhh." the boys echoed. "You have a hot one coming at you."

"I call dibs." another called out.

"No way shes mines." Another fought,

"Boys please, she's just like the others I hit then swish." I said making a Swish sound.

They walked over to the locker room and when Justin was alone he opened the note:

                          Its Skye,

                            Call me its: xxx-xxx-xxx


Its nothing like all the other notes the girls took their time in. Matter fact she's different from all the girls. Maybe because she's confident. Unlike all those others who stutter so much. I hesitated but sent her a text anyways.


    Skyes' P.O.V

 I felt my phone vibrate so I checked.  

       Justin: Would you like to go to a party with me at 8 pm?

I didn't know what to do so I showed Katie.

"Say Yes!" She yelled. She then grabbed my phone and sent him a text.

It read:

         Skye: Yeah sure. :) 

After a couple minutes, probably trying to play hard to get, he messaged me.

        Justin: Great, Cya then :)

"If i do this I'm getting to pick what I wear." I protested.

"Fine." Pouted Katie.

Once I got home it was 7:45. Shit. I took a quick shower, curled my hair, and took a shower, When i was looking through what to wear I saw a black silky dress. I tried it on. And it complimented my body with some curves. When someone knocked the door I went downstairs so get it. 

"Wow..You look wow." Hes amazement made her blush.

"You don't look too bad yourself." I took the time to acknowledge what he was wearing. A superman snap-back, a blue shirt, and some black jeans.

"May I?" He said linking his arm next to mines.

"You may." I said grabbing hold of his.

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