Honestly lies are easy

A girl finds the love of her life. Shes been lying to him all this time. Should she tell the truth? Or just go on with her lies?


3. Finally Here.


            I put my bag in my new room. Out of all the places in the world my mom had to pick here. There is nothing beautiful about this place. For god-sake its called No Wheres-Ville. Okay maybe i exaggerated a bit. This place is called Texas. Who calls a place Texas? You know how it was named? By Native Tribes, the meaning is Friendship. How corny is that! 


     My moms telling me how I'm going to a school called McKenzie High. I don't even know who McKenzie is. All i want is for my mom to get fired from her job so we can move somewhere else like Paris. I always wanted to go to Paris. The accent. The food. I love everything about it. I was interrupted by a loud Vroom.  I look out the window to see the hot guy I saw last time. I go to my purse and search through it till I saw my lip-stick and mascara. I quickly put it on and run downstairs. 

 As u run I went  and stared at the guy. He grabbed me  by the waist and took off his helmet. As he takes it off I see his sparkly blue eyes and black shiny hair. He pulls me closer. So close that our lips almost touch and says "Wake up honey its time for school."

      Hey, can't a girl dream?

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