Honestly lies are easy

A girl finds the love of her life. Shes been lying to him all this time. Should she tell the truth? Or just go on with her lies?


1. My hobby


           Honestly I don't know what happened first. But what I do know is that there are three cop cars chasing me and my little sister. 

"Look up!" She says to me looking at a helicopter. 

I watch as they film us. Not paying attention where I was running. I turn to see a huge lake in front of me. Me and my sister link hands. 

"This is it!" I yell. 

Me and my sister both jump. And that's' where I am right now. In the heavens.

But the truth is. I'm not dead, Com'on did you really think I was in the heavens writing this. If you did then you are really easy to fool. 

 No, I'm really in a car, Watching as the rode as I leave my home. My friends. Well, if I have any. They all hate me.  I think because their pissed about my latest lie. I told them my mo was going to pay for a trip to Paris. "What the fuck Bri." "Your messed up." "That's all you do huh? You can't ever say the truth you little bitch." I shudder at the hurtful words. While scrambling my thoughts I hear a loud engine. Vroom Vroom! I look out the window and see a hot boy on a motorcycle. I know i can't see his whole face, but I can tell hes hot. He takes a look at me and smile. He soon drives of. Then suddenly he comes back, handing me a note and smiling.  I open the note and see:

 This is all a dream

    Wait did you really think this was real. That while driving 60 miles per hour he can hand me a note? That's hilarious. Did i forget to warn you, I'm a great liar. So great that it's a habit of mines. 

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