Partner's In Crime

Abigail Evans Is the baddest blonde in Texas. She currently lived with her Boyfriend until a huge physical fight happens between them but what happens when some one witnesses it that happens to have a reputation them selves? Abigail Evans Meet Edward Styles, the best of the best Hit men .


4. New Girl

                                                Abigail's Job: Fat lou's roadside Diner
                                                        Johnson City, 1:47 pm


Abigail  walks into the busy kitchen about 15 minutes late throwing on her apron & tying her hair into a quick messy bun. " The Later you are, the more comes out your pay, blondie." Lou(boss) snaps at her with a few deep, coughs from the tobacco he's been smacking on & holding it in her right cheek all morning. Abigail rolls her eyes excusing herself while walking to her destination as everyone else busy in the kitchen walked near her direction. Reaching in the pantry for a long length pan. " Do me a favor? pull your panties out your a** Lou, i had problems with Bell today." Abigail responds in a rude southern accient tone while setting eyes on the exact pan she needed. Bell, was her black 1869 dodge charger R/T she got when she was only 15, a young southern bell her self. Her daddy passed it down to her right before a horrible gun out at her house with her father and these guys. He was always known as big papa before he left this earth, but he left legendary, by defending is daughter. Since that very day, she actually saw her Daddy's blood drip along her chest as she could do nothing them but hold him as he began a deeper slumber, she's become a lot stronger and aware of life her motto was and still is. "Life is a bitch. Makes you feel trust at one point in your life. Then it ends up f*cking you over, near the end like any other bastard who walks on earth. Keep your guard up? You'll never get f*cked up."  Who could blame her.

  She opened up the egg carton that was left on the counter, and grabbed two eggs, & cracked them both as they fell onto a hot skillet on the stove that had melted butter already layered on top. Betsy ( Abigail's Co-worker/ best gal) walks in and throws her short towel on the counter as she grabbed the menu off the string that was hanging up. 

                                                                       ( PRESS PLAY)                  












 Edward Styles opens the door into the busy diner, getting a few females attention. He was defnitley going to wash down all that action from earlier with a hot coffee first before even telling Abigail about the "job" But I mean obviously the guy is a sex symbol rookies. He wipes the side of his cheek with his thumb, smearing light blood that leaked from a cut due to his little " Conflict" earlier. Walking towards a empty table, taking a seat and crossing his legs on top of the table in front of him beginning to use his phone. Abigail glances at him before placing the hot cakes in the oven. " Bets-" She tapped her on her shoulder getting her attention. " Open table." She points towards Styles himself. Betsy nods while grabbing her mini sketch book and walking over towards him, pulling out a pen from her bun, ready to write his order. She then glances up at him noticing how attractive this guy was. " Hello handsome, Coffee?" She asks. He looks up from his phone biting his lip from the view of her exposed cleavage in her uniform. " Black, with sugar." He replies only to stop her as she nods and begins to walk back to the kitchen. " Have you ever heard of a stil waters marsh or a deakens tree, in Texas maybe?" He asks in a raspy yet stern voice. " Stil waters marsh yeah i heard of it, but it ain't in texas it's in Louisiana." " Small town?" He asks pulling down his Ray bans. " Honey, it's a prison  my daddy did some time there before it closed, i'll go and get you that coffee." She says before walking off, as his eyes trailed on her until they land on Abigail getting an order at a table. " Here's some muffins and more milk." She says warmly placing them infront of a young girl and her parents, who look a bit unwealthy. The young girl gave a thankful towards her. " But, we didn't order for more." The woman who looks like must be her mom, said. " It's on the house." Abigail responds walking back into the kitchen.

  Betsy arrives back with his coffee at his table before he could finish watching Abigail walk away. She was beautiful. " So, you gonna ask me what time my shift ends? Full moon tonight, i don't know why but i'm always feeling a bit randy when it comes around." She adds with a bit of flirtatious. " Full moon's two days off." "Sure about that?" She challenges only to receive a wide smirk from the charming lad. He grabs her hand intertwining it with his, and focusing on they're hands linking peacefully together. " Pretty sure, damn that's a hell of a ride out there, that yours?" Eddie asks her while his attention is landed on Abigail's ride out front. " The Charger?Ha, i wish." She replies." Hers?" He asks glancing at Abbi. " Sure, but if your looking for a ride." She makes it obvious what she wants to do to him. He pulls her by her hand and kisses her deeply. They're tongues danced into each others mouths, slow and forcefully on Eddie's end of the part .

 He pulled away, gripping her neck only to let Betsy focus on his seducing yet dangerous emerald Orbs. " He presses his lips along the edge of the coffee mug that poured warm enough, coffee into his mouth. " I thought i said to add sugar." He spats releasing her chin. She looks at him shocked by his actions towards her, she walks back slowly into the kitchen. 

                                                                     Press Play      





   After seeing all that drama go down with Lou & Abigail, Betsy quickly runs up to Abbi to see if she was alright. " Jesus, such pervert! are you really leaving?" She asks while running after Abigail walking into the kitchen quickly to grab her stuff. " Damn right, you know how little i can take of an annoying fly, bothering me Bets." She says throwing her gown onto the floor , opening the door and quickly moving out of there. Betsy groans understanding how she feels, and how much she's been harrassed by Lou but Betsy had a strong head & needed the money pay rent. Betsy turned back to see if Mr.Handsome was still there after Abigail walks straight out the door, but she saw absolutley no sight of him. 
                                                Press Play            






  As Abigail's pulls over on a near by building off the road, from all the rucus from her Car Bell. " Ahh Mother fuck." She says to herself getting out the car that had smoke coming from underneath the hood. 

   Opening the hood of Bell, only to have a bunch of smoke hit Abigail in her face. She coughed and waved it away while trying to manage seeing what the problem was. Eddie was quick to finding her nice looking Charger parked out on the edge a couple buildings away from Lou's diner. " Need help?" He asks walking towards the hood, only to get her attention from his unfamiliar British accient. You don't really here them often out in Texas. " Umm-" She begins, and inturrupts herself by coughing from the smoke that meets her breathing passage, before finishing her sentence. " Sure." His eyes wonders off of her onto the car's battery that was wired all wrong. " Who does your car work & when did you get it checked out?" He asks curious by how everything was in place. " Big Will, down the road & sometime last month, why?" She asks placing her hands on her hips watching what he was doing. " We'll big Will doesn't know when a costumer needs a new battery, luckily i have one at a motel a few streets away from here, in case my battery died out my visit here." He offers. " Sure, jest let me make a stop at home first." She responds observing him to make sure he's not some sort of a rapist or Serial killer, but honestly by the way he looks, she couldn't tell. He was yet attractive but also mysterious. 

      He closes the cars hood before making his way to the passenger side. " Do you  mine taking me by Stil waters marsh after wards?" He asks biting on his bottom lip. " Why do you wanna go all the way out there for it's basically a ghost town." She informs, kinking her neck. " Personal business." He says shrugging the question. " Your business is my business, since it's my car." She challenges a bit sassy catching Eddie by surprise by her remark. " You barely know me sweetheart." " Names Abigail, & Exactly you could be a rapist for all i know, bend by my rules we wont have a problem." She replies , with a fake bright smile plastered on her face. " Ha, you could be a bitch for all i know." Eddie spats just trying to see her reaction. " You have no idea." Actually he does.

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