Partner's In Crime

Abigail Evans Is the baddest blonde in Texas. She currently lived with her Boyfriend until a huge physical fight happens between them but what happens when some one witnesses it that happens to have a reputation them selves? Abigail Evans Meet Edward Styles, the best of the best Hit men .


2. His Mission

      Camille's POV: 

   Walking into the gym only to have the smell of sweat & ran-out deodorant fill my nostills. I've been in this cold business for a while i'm pretty much use to anything life has to throw at me. I comb my hair back with my fingers only recieving glances, & flirtacious words being thrown at me along with the oh-so-obvious whistles. Keeping my mind set on what i came here for i walk up to the front desk receptionist who looked around my age which is 19, resting my elbow on the desk while pulling down my shades a bit only to ask the following question. " Have you seen a curly headed guy, Deep cheek dimples, seductive smile, about 6'1?" I ask waiting patiently for a response. " Um, Jeffrey Micheals? He's a member here, do you know him personally because any further acusation will have to be with some one who isn't a stranger?" She asks with a bit of attitude, i can tell protecting the member's in this  community gym. A short laugh leaves my mouth. " He's my fiance' " I challenge& lie waiting for her to give me a taste of what she started. She glides her tounge over her four front teeth forcing the fakest smile right then after. She motions her head to his direction over by the weight's. " Thanks." I reply satisfied with her unnecessary envy over me. 

  Walking over to " Jeffrey " suprisingly getting other's attention from the sound of my heels clicking against the hard Floor, i must really look revealing because the words these men delivered towards me where determined to try and get me to do something for them. Pigs.


  Finally setting eyes on no other but the curly headed guy pulling weights. I couldn't help but notice his muscles. " Ermm, Ermm.." Clearing my throat no other than obviously trying to get his attention, i still don't get it. My eyes travel two his ears that happen to have beats, covering them. I roll my eyes, bending down, slightly tugging them off only to get him to jump and drop the weight on top of him. A gasp fell from my mouth as a groan came from his, quickly helping him pull it off of him but he just pushed me away. As he finally got up he glanced at me with a gigantic smile plastered on his cheeky face. I knew exactly what he was thinking of.. Look all i'm saying is that me and him got a little out of hand this summer a few months back. But what happened in Vegas, Stays In Vegas. " Camille, what brings you out here darlin' " He says gliding his tounge against his bottom lip, observing me. Nothing's changed. " You tell me ' Jeffrey' " I laugh at his Name. " Haha, i needed a name & that was the first thing that popped up, problem?" He asks walking towards the treadmill only to have me follow along. " I heard you were going to Texas tomorrow." I get straight to the chase. " You heard right." He responds getting on the treadmill, starting it to a start-off speed. 

   " Fantastic, you get to pick up the new girl." I finish off getting ready to walk off. " Wait, what, no,no,no,no i thought she was assigned to Chase?" He asks turning up his speed higher. " Bosses order's, I don't think you heard that right because she is assigned to you, everything you need will be in your charger tomorrow morning, wake up early." I smirk knowing exactly how he feels. No one wanted the newbe in this business, you have to teach them everything they don't know, stay by they're side for 24 hours, & deal with they're confusion about the whole experience until the next day. Ughh, i swear it's a drag but the best thing is that they have potential, so it's sort of a bittersweet moment in this life time.

  He groans, annoyed. " Why are you going to Texas anyway?" I ask curious. " Handle a few personal things, i was planning to be back in two days but damn." He says frustrated. He's actually been through alot this past month. This was the same month his sister died, Gemma, but it was last year. It really dragged him down, i mean wouldn't it drag you down knowing this is the same exact month your family member died. " Look your the best in the business, besides me of course-" He & I both laugh aloud. "- It's just one little assignment, then she's out of your hands." I reassure him. He just shrugs. " I guess." I smile before beginning to walk off to only have him grip me by my wrist. " But before i go-" He starts, as his long fingers travel along my waist pulling me closer, only to have my hands clasps on his chest. " Let's take a trip to my house." I look up only to have lust fill his eyes & his canine teeth bite down on his lower lip.




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