Partner's In Crime

Abigail Evans Is the baddest blonde in Texas. She currently lived with her Boyfriend until a huge physical fight happens between them but what happens when some one witnesses it that happens to have a reputation them selves? Abigail Evans Meet Edward Styles, the best of the best Hit men .


3. Him Again!?

 Laughter, Colorado


   Three men driving beyond speed limit, " Mother Fucker, came out of no where." One of them named Renevor says nervously, and gathering the bullet's for his shot gun. " I could of swore his ass was dead." The other says, named Oliver. " We'll he fucking ain't."  " You see him?" The Renevor from the driver's seat asks, trying his best to get away from what ever they started. The last guy i havn't named yet, Troy turns around trying to observe everything behind them, but he recieves nothing. " I think we're lost. " Troy says. " Drive the fucking car faster." Oliver says frustrated, i mean you would too if you we're running from a well known hit man like the guy they were running from. " I'm fucking trying to drive the car as fast as i can, stop bitchin' " Renevor says scratching the back of his neck nervous. Soon the car was making smoke. These guys were damn scared.  But little did they know Edward Styles was 5 steps ahead. They drove faster, and faster until they all came to witness Edward Styles already made it with the hugest grin on his face. Screams left they're mouths as his shot gun was already aimed at them, shooting at they're head lights. " Awh, sh*t!" Oliver shouted trying to pull the breaks, but right when he did they already crashed into Ed's  black Charger. But he was in the position in front of them to where they flipped over his car and they're truck landed upside down.

  He made his way sharply out of his car, walking over to Oliver gripping a caracal pistol but before he could even get his hands on the trigger, Edward shot him in his wrist only to have Oliver shouting in pain and agony Styles walks up to him and hits him with the end of his shot gun in his nose harshly. As Oliver falls to the ground, Styles flips Olivers coat side over & gets on one knee and checks his pockets. He pulls out his wallet and checks for money , and happens to recieve 47 dollars with some old high school ID cards. Troy makes his way up and wobbles away trying not to get Style's attention, But Ed didn't need to see him to know he was walking away, he pulled his shot gun up from the side of him while his eyes were still glued to the money, He pulled the shot gun in Troy's direction and shoots the lads knee. " Arghhh!!" He groans clasping to the ground. Getting up with the money he just collected he walks over to the now broken down truck the three of them were riding in until Ed caught sight of it. He bends down to see Renevor trying to escape. " I ain't telling you anything prick." Renevor says still trying to get out. Ed only laughed from such words the older man made towards him " I know." Was all Renevor could hear before Edward shot him in the head, getting back on his feet. 

  Styles walks towards his car only getting approached by Troy resting against it in pain. " Uhh, you shot my leg you fuck." Troy groans. Styles walks to the front of Troy. " Where are they?" Styles asks straight forward. " I-i dunno man." Troy speaks in such a thick southern accient. Styles makes a devious grin as he presses the tip of the shot gun on top of Troy's Manhood. Ouch. " Uhhh." He squints his eyes biting his bottom lip trying to ignore the pain he was already in.  Oliver was still in consious reaching in his pocket for a gun he gets on his feet.  " One sec." Edward says shooting Oliver once more but this time in his chest right between his rib cage. Troy jumps & starts to hyperventalate. " Hay! Hay ! Dickens street man, still water marges Texas, okay. But there isn't any point. She's dead, you can't bring her back." Troy makes an obvious point that gets Styles to place the tip of the gun harshly against Troy's cheek. " You tell them i'm coming, Tell them i'm coming to get revenge." Styles says before removing the gun from Troy's face and lighting a cigarette. He only takes two hits before dropping it in the trail of gasoline leaking from the cars. Walking away it became a huge, big, bright explosion, but that wasn't even the beginning. Haha, that was just a warm up.



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