Short Horrors

A compilation of short stories, that are, shiver, shaking, and scream inducing. Have fun...


3. The Mask

It was time for the masked ball. Sara couldn't wait to see what people thought of her new mask and dress. She got them for a bargain price, the combo, only for £79.99. Considering her dress was a full length black lace, velvet and satin, with the mask matching the materials exactly. The edges of the mask were embroidered, and had diamanté placed in holders around the eyes. The mask would adhere to her face with the aid of black satin ribbon, although, since the mask was moulded almost exactly to her face, she didn't need them. Being vain and the most popular girl in the town, she decided to flaunt the streets half an hour earlier than the party actually started, her dress trailing behind her, mask on her face. Pretty soon, her face started to heat up, but she attributed that to the warm day. Soon she was uncomfortable though, and sweat poured down her face and neck. She stopped to sit down on a bench, as by this time, the pain was almost unbearable. She tried to pull at the ribbon tied behind the back of her head, sure the bow that she tied would be easy to un-do. She pulled at the bow, relieved, and waited for the mask to slide off her face. It didn't. She clawed at the mask, frantic now, the thing felt like it was scalding her skin. It was definitely burning her now. She could feel the blisters start to blossom on her skin. She started to scream and run down the street. Many people stared at her but no-one stopped to help. Everyone though she was a mad-man. And no wonder... there was smoke, and steam, and sparks flying from her face. Her eyes melted, her face was charred down to the bone. She was still stumbling around, almost dead, as her brain fought to get her to safety before the heat targeted it too. She stumbled across a bridge, blind and half-dead when she heard the river. If she could sigh, she would've. She climbed towards the railing and climbed up. She threw herself over the edge, the dress getting torn away from the various bolts on the bridge. She was dead before she hit the water.




I walked into an antique shop, and saw a gorgeous mask on sale. It seemed a little frayed around the edges, and smelt of various things; makeup, sweat, tears. The only downside of an antique, are the countless buyers that have used it before you. According to the shop keeper, there was a terrible history behind the mask. Many tragic deaths invoving lack of vision, blah blah blah. I didn't care really. I was out of cash, and I was on my way to see my girlfriend for Valetines', and as usual, I had neglected to buy her a present. I waited patiently for the man to finish his garbled warning, and I chucked the two pound coin over the counter. It was a fake, obviously, but he didn't know that. So while he fumbled around in the dark for his money, I scooped up the mask, dropped it into a velvet bag, and headed out of there. Just wait until my girlfriend sees this...!

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