Fantastically Lost Much?

4 young adventurous teens innocently wandering the forest stumble across a wonderous lake. While playing one of them falls in and no surprise it seems they must have drowned the other jump in to recover her body to be buried but when they jump in they find and unknown force pulling them down they realize they might be doomed when everything finally goes black they think they died with a smile but nobody is dead yet.


2. The Mystic Unicorns Club?



I had no idea what Damerae was planning but I followed it anyway, I could have just said no but i don't know what came over me I just wanted to know. I climbed onto the roof to find three other boys and girls already there, something was going on. "Can somebody please tell me what the hell is happening? Why so many others?" I begged for a most pleasant answer but I must have jinxed it. "You are a member of our club, we are the mystic unicorns, girls idea. Now today's activity is: we wag school. "They said in unison."...WHAT? I didn't ask for this! Why me?" I knew I was asking too many questions. "Um...You're just cool enough for it heh heh. No other reason!" Damerae said slightly blushing, I knew there was another reason. "Oh well what would you do if I didn't want to be in this club and wag school?" I smirked as i saw them look slightly shocked at my question obviously they thought that everyone would just say 'yay lets be part of this awesome club and wag school.' "Um well we could arrange something to keep you quiet about our activities so we don't get in trouble and also about the club we erm....need just one more member that is and uh.....pretty and..." Damerae seemed obviously embarrassed at saying this as he mumbled it and scratched his head implying he was nervous and really didn't want me to misunderstand the 'pretty' and 'cool' part of that speech. "Are you kidding me?" I said getting them all nervous and cowering back towards the edges of the roof in shame of asking such a popular person as me - ok not so popular that if I started wagging school that everyone else would, but you get it i have a lot of really good friends and all the guys just want to be my boyfriend, ugh i hate it. "Well then go tell on us if you really must!" Damerae said flatly, he obviously thought that by that i meant i was on no terms going to keep it a secret and on no terms was going to join their group. Oops. "Of course I'll join! I have ALWAYS wanted to wag school, though my parents are gonna kill me. Heh screw 'em." I said and they burst out laughing at their own reactions.

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