Fantastically Lost Much?

4 young adventurous teens innocently wandering the forest stumble across a wonderous lake. While playing one of them falls in and no surprise it seems they must have drowned the other jump in to recover her body to be buried but when they jump in they find and unknown force pulling them down they realize they might be doomed when everything finally goes black they think they died with a smile but nobody is dead yet.


3. The Forest Where the Lake Lies



"This is our new pad!" I announced and Surnura giggled, she was really cute I had had a crush on her for ages but the best i could do was be a 'best friend.'                                                                      "So lets go coronate the club queen!" I announced and everyone gave me weird look           "Um...we NEVER did that before" Darcie said looking a bit upset that I was doing different stuff but I don't care it is for Surnura.                                                                                                                   "Um okay?" Surnura mumbled with a weird look on her face but none the less i took out a tiara i bought a while ago for this.                                                                                                                       "See I was going to do this anyway otherwise why would I have the crown?" I said and everyone just nodded seeing that I couldn't possibly be lying.


We drew straws for our coronation and Darcie won, I was the king. "Lets go down to the lake to celebrate!" Said Darcy. "Geena and Braden are setting up as we speak, they have food and flowers and everything!"                                                                                                                             We were soon by the lake, we would swim but nobody EVER came back after they came to swim in the lake.                     


Author Note 

this is a fantasy book and  i am getting to the magical part so yeah...

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