Fantastically Lost Much?

4 young adventurous teens innocently wandering the forest stumble across a wonderous lake. While playing one of them falls in and no surprise it seems they must have drowned the other jump in to recover her body to be buried but when they jump in they find and unknown force pulling them down they realize they might be doomed when everything finally goes black they think they died with a smile but nobody is dead yet.


1. Patience Much?



"Surnura C'mere for a sec" I yelled from the other side of the school yard, earning Surnura's undivided attention...and a glare. She walked over and yelled "what the hell do you want?" it seems as though she doesn't care who hears her...or gives us the evil eye. I must have an amused look on my face because she is getting kinda mad "what? is there something on my face!?" she questioned her face suddenly turning white as if she'd seen a ghost. "DAMERAE!!! PAY ATTENTION!" she suddenly yelled which made everyone in the school yard turn and stare thinking a fight was gonna go down,which it wasn't.  "Uh sorry i was....thinking anyways lets go somwhere private" I said, stupidly. "Geez, you'd think you could just tell me stuff right then an' there once in a while" she said kinda loudly which made even more people stop and stare.




"So where are we going? we have already skipped two classes ya'know?" Surnura was starting to get on my nerves with all these questions. "In here then it'll be like 5 minutes unless your scared of heights" I said making her turn white. Again. "H-Heights?" I saw her gulp a little and told her it would be totally fine if she didn't look down. We entered an old storage room, Darcie was already waiting for us with the big window propped open. "hurry up ya'll I missed my favourite period to be here on time and ya'know what! I got here 10 minutes late which makes you half an our later than me which, in turn makes me LATE" she said quite angrily hopping out of the window and climbing the ladder onto the roof. "Well? what do i do now?" Surnura asked with impatience in her voice. "climb out of the window and then climb up the ladder it isn't rocket science when someone else does it before you!" i said and she did as i said quickly, without complaint. I followed. 

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