Haven of the Mind

They're not imaginary, she tells herself. They're real, because otherwise her life means nothing. Without them, she is nobody.
She is insignificant, without them.


4. Epilogue

Avalon woke to a glorious haven. The air, rather than an odour, was a sweet aroma. Nature ruled here; not the ugly machines, named the 'future' of mankind by the fools that invented them.

She knew, as Dusk landed before her, that this was not the land of her dreams.

This time, it was real.

Her fingertips brushed against the flowers, absorbing the soft, colourful texture of the petals, ears opened to the melody of birdsong. Reaching out for Dusk, she breathed in the air, like the sweetest honey on her tongue. Dusk spread his wings out wide as Avalon reached the saddle.

'Thank you,' she whispered, as he beat his wings, propelling himself into the sky, letting the wind rush through Avalon's hair like caressing hands of motherhood.

'I promised, didn't I?' Dusk laughed, not in her mind, this time, but for real, his rumbling laughter echoing through the valley like waves of joy.

'Welcome to your paradise, little Dragonstar. Welcome to Rolädyn.'

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