Haven of the Mind

They're not imaginary, she tells herself. They're real, because otherwise her life means nothing. Without them, she is nobody.
She is insignificant, without them.


2. Chapter Two

Sometimes, she would close her eyes and pretend that she wasn't in her maths lesson. She'd look out the window at the bird, and suddenly, the bird would become Dusk, swooping gracefully towards her, wings outstretched as he came closer.

And Avalon would be free, free of the taunts and the mockeries and the endless torture of people, asking why she was so obscure, so different and strange. Occasionally, when she mounted Dusk, feeling his smooth, calming scales beneath her hands as she pulled herself into the saddle, the classmates at school would be transported from her maths class to Rolädyn, and she would be there, free, joyful, astride the midnight blue dragon to whom only she could belong.

And they would stand there, gaping in awe as girl and dragon spiralled through the sky, weaving in between clouds.

But the moment came, as it always did, when the teacher snapped, and Avalon looked up slowly, dragged from the blissful daydreams that set her free.

Once again, she was a nobody, the one who sat at the back in the shadows, who meant nothing to anybody, who was about as important as a stone in somebody's shoe. A waste of space, a hinderance.




But Dusk's voice, as sweet as a lullaby, always found her. Always promised her, in that deep, calming voice, that she would soon meet her true realm. Rolädyn - the land of dragons.



'Don't worry,' he soothed her, and she could picture his beautiful wings spreading, catching the flickering sunlight as he took to the skies. Ýou will fly with me soon, little one.'

Avalon's eyes flitted to the window once more, and she smiled as the bird soared through the air.

'I will fly with you soon,' she agreed.


That night, she could almost feel Dusk's cool scales as he curled his body around her, snout exhaling warm air onto her face as she closed her eyes to the demonic world, created by humans, letting her mind free to the beauty of Rolädyn. Dusk's tail, curled around her protectively. Dusk's wing, covering her sleeping body with a duvet of glorious colour. Dusk's heart, beating in sync with her own.

Yes. This world was the one to which she belonged. This world was hers.

No pollution, no corrupt wars, no machinery to destroy her paradise.

A tear of contentment and happiness rolled down her cheek, dropped - in her head - to the beautiful scales beneath her head, landed - in reality - to the pillow on which she would breathe her last.

'Dusk,' she whispered softly, oblivious to her breathing slowing, her heart pumping weakly. 'Rolädyn...'

And yet her heart, in her mind, felt stronger. Because she was with Dusk. She was happy.

Avalon's life faded away.

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