Timebaby || Complete

After River has her baby, everything should be normal... Right? Wrong. Surely you can't expect the only family of Time Lords to lead a normal life!
The Doctor will do anything to protect his precious little Daisy, even if it means regenerating 7 times a week.
Original cover photo by wrongdimension.tumblr.com


1. Pregnant

'Sweetie, I need you!' River called groggily from the bathroom.

'I'm coming! Don't worry,' the Doctor called from underneath the TARDIS control panels.

River heard the clatter of his feet running towards the bathroom.

River's stomach lurched as she ejected the contents of her stomach into the toilet.

'Oh my love... Why are you so sick all of a sudden, eh?' The Doctor played with her hair and handed her a glass of water.

'I don't know, but none of your strange medicines are working. It's worse than anything I've ever felt... Well, not quite,' River started. 'Honey, you know how we... Slept together the other week?' The Doctor nodded slowly.

'I think... I might be pregnant.' The Doctor lit up and kissed River on the forehead.

'I love you and I'm going to find some tests!'

The Doctor jumped up and ran into the room of everything-ness.


'Are you done?' The Doctor called from outside the bathroom door.

River emerged, looking down.

'Sweetie...' She stared at her bare feet. 'I'm.. PREGNANT!'


'Nope! Four tests! Every single one of them say positive! I'M PREGGERS!'

'I'm going to be a daddy again...'

The two of them hugged, before the Doctor kissed River's tummy.

'I love you, little timebaby.'

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