Timebaby || Complete

After River has her baby, everything should be normal... Right? Wrong. Surely you can't expect the only family of Time Lords to lead a normal life!
The Doctor will do anything to protect his precious little Daisy, even if it means regenerating 7 times a week.
Original cover photo by wrongdimension.tumblr.com


2. Movement

River stirred as she woke up from her short nap. She gasped as she found what had woken her.

'Sweetie, come here!' River smiled.

'What is it? Is the baby alright?' The Doctor asked.

'It's wonderful, my love,' River placed her husband's hand on her stomach.

His smile grew to his ears as the baby kicked.

'Perform full body scan on River Song.' The Doctor ordered the TARDIS. A blurry photograph of a foetus showed up on the monitor. 'Determine sex of the baby.'

'It's a girl...' A tear fell from the Doctor's eye.

'Sweetie, what's wrong?'

'It's nothing, just... My baby... The one from Gallifrey. She was a girl. I never got to see her grow up. Now I can.'

River wrapped her arms around the Doctor's body.

'I love you.' She whispered into his ear as he sobbed quietly into her dress. 'I love you, I love you, I love you.'

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