Timebaby || Complete

After River has her baby, everything should be normal... Right? Wrong. Surely you can't expect the only family of Time Lords to lead a normal life!
The Doctor will do anything to protect his precious little Daisy, even if it means regenerating 7 times a week.
Original cover photo by wrongdimension.tumblr.com


8. Le Varts

'River! Where are you? We've got to hide! The readings that the TARDIS is showing... They're not good at all.' A frantic sounding Doctor called through the baby monitor.

'Sweetie what is it? What do they say?' The baby started crying. 'Doctor!'

'Calm down River, Daisy can sense it! I don't want to tell you what it says.'

'Just tell me, please!'

The Doctor huffed.

'Its... It's the Le Varts. They scatter themselves throughout time and space, and.. I can't say anymore. Daisy can hear me.'

'Well can you at least calm the TARDIS down?'

'She's not taking us to Woman Wept anymore. She's trying to stop us from entering Usonle. It's the Le Varts' planet.'

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