Timebaby || Complete

After River has her baby, everything should be normal... Right? Wrong. Surely you can't expect the only family of Time Lords to lead a normal life!
The Doctor will do anything to protect his precious little Daisy, even if it means regenerating 7 times a week.
Original cover photo by wrongdimension.tumblr.com


5. Home At Last

River and Daisy were allowed home three days later.

'Hey there little munchkin! Look what daddy got you!' He pulled out a pink spotty blanket, which Daisy grabbed immediately. 'Thank you, but you can call me daddy, not just boy.'

'Sweetie, what-'

'No! Daddy, not floppy head! River, she's making fun if my hair!'

'Doctor... You can speak baby?'

'Of course! I speak every language! Yes! That's right, daddy! I'm your daddy. Hello!'

River was cradling the tiny baby in her arms, but she handed her over to the Doctor, who treated her as if she would break if he made a single wrong move. He bent down and kissed his newborn baby on the forehead.

'I love you.' A tear rolled down his cheek. 'Now, come along ladies. Let's get home.'

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