Timebaby || Complete

After River has her baby, everything should be normal... Right? Wrong. Surely you can't expect the only family of Time Lords to lead a normal life!
The Doctor will do anything to protect his precious little Daisy, even if it means regenerating 7 times a week.
Original cover photo by wrongdimension.tumblr.com


7. Hide

'Daddy. What on earth is that NOISE? I cannot sleep with that therefore I shall cry.'

The doctor was flying the TARDIS to Woman Wept, when the most horrible sound erupted from her engines.

Daisy had started crying and River was trying to stop her. She attempted to breast feed her, but she turned her head away.

'River, she's not hungry! She's trying to tell you!' The Doctor called.

'Well turn that bloody noise off then!' River shouted back.

'I can't! We're being towed away so-' he stopped talking as a look of worry crossed over River's face.

'I need to hide Daisy. Please, try to stop that noise!' She ran to the safest room in the TARDIS, which had been conveniently moved closer to the control room.

'Thank you, dear.' River muttered to the TARDIS. 'I don't suppose you could take us further away again could you?'

The TARDIS shifted about and river was as far away from the awful racket as possible, although still in contact with the Doctor, thanks to some 51st century baby monitors.

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