You Saved Me

The girl that gets bullied and tries her hardest to stay strong what will happen when her biggest bully Harry sees her in the future after high school ?


3. I ve had it

Shaylee pov

I went to sit down but with my luck the only seat left was next to HARRY guck I mutted to myself I sat down and buried my face in my arm when I felt something soft hit my head Iiffted my head and saw a not on my desk the note said ..........

Dear shaylee

Your r worthless no one cares about u y r u even still alive ?

From your bully

I turned to HARRY I had tear about to fall I watched him laugh at me a grabbed my stuff an ran out of the school I have had it I'm done

I went home and grabbed mg razor and cut my arms and legs why I cried I felt dizzy and feel asleep I woke up the next morning at 10am I changed into a long sleeve white shirt and black short shorts cause it was hot to day. But they where long enough to cover the cuts on my legs I grabbed my stuff and ran to school I had missed first period so I ran to second fuck I said to my self when I realised I have science with Harry today i. Walk into science to see no HARRY after science It was recess I went to sit on the oval still no HARRY my only friend in the school Sumeya came up to me and said have u herd ? Heard what I asked HARRY got into X factor and has left. I was so happy he is gone I can't believe it.

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