You Saved Me

The girl that gets bullied and tries her hardest to stay strong what will happen when her biggest bully Harry sees her in the future after high school ?


2. Harry

As I reach my locker there he Is harry styles the guy all the girls want to go out with but he is my biggest bully soon as I get to my locker I look at the lock and put the code ****** trying to act I don't no HArry Is there put soon as I grab my book and try go walk away I get grabbed and pulled/dragged to the back of the school I. Try to scream but he covers my. Mouth when we get to the back of the school he finally lets go of me so I can. Breath I move backwoods and bump into the. Wall we comes closer oh poor little shaylee is scared he said I just gulped hoping he would not hurt me but was I wrong next miniature I'm on the floor crying in pain as he kicks an punches me and calls me all the horrible names I'm use to soon as he is done I just sit there and cry why me what did I do I finally get up and walk to the bath room and clean my self up then get to class when j get there I see harry in the back smirking at me why does he hate me so much .

Harry's pov

When i saw shaylee walk in all I did was smirk at her but then I felt bad I no she is none of the names everyone call her but the only reason I hate her is because when we were little we went out and she broke up with me I no it. Happened like 6 -9 years ago but I will never forget that I use to love her now I hate her and bully her I bet she dose not even no why she is so clueless

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