You Saved Me

The girl that gets bullied and tries her hardest to stay strong what will happen when her biggest bully Harry sees her in the future after high school ?


4. 5 years later

I moved out of my dads house cause I had enough so being beaten I am now living with my auty I am now 20 and today is th day I move to England as u got a new job being the stylist for one of the biggest boy bands ever one direction I'm so happy I not sure if the people who r in the band but I excited.

Have to got every thing my aunt asked yes I replied I gave her a hug and said good bye she told me to call her everyday bye I yelldd as I gif on the plane I Slepted most of the flight when we landed I stepped of the plane to see five boys with paparazzi surrounding them one of them was holding a sign with my name on it I waked I've to them and said I I shaylee they interdouched them the boy with light brown short hair said hi I Liam the next boy had blonde dyed hairs he said his name was Niall next was a boy with light brown hair named Louis next was a guy with tan skin and dark hair who was zany when I turned to the last boy I felt scared and when he said his name I wanted to cry hi I'm Harry

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