Worlds Apart

Life as a teenager is hard enough. But when you are one of six people that stand between normality and a never ending tide of demons, coupled with the threat of a covert government agency tracking your every move, life couldn't be harder for Ash.


1. Worlds Apart

With her hands, she cups the stars, dimming them, making their light wane and falter. She evokes darkness, wherever it is she walks, a cloak made of twilight covering her bare skin. This is the woman I love. The only thing I could ever love... But there is something that keeps us apart. Both time and space, a universe between us. And that is how it will always be.

She told me, once, that before I was born, she knew me. Of course, at the time, I laughed, but now I'm beginning to believe it. She is eternal, everything and nothing at the same time, the air that I breathe and the universe between us. As cold as ice, but with a centre like fire, burning with spirit and passion and all things that make her her. Without her, wouldn't I just be another pinprick on the horizon?


I can scare people. I can vanish and no one will ever know I was here. And that terrifies some people. It's strange to think I can't imagine a world other than this one, but I suppose there must be hundreds. I was thinking as I ran down from school, what have I left for anyone to remember me? If I vanished, who would come looking for me? I truly believe that our world, our Earth, has no future other than this one, that once The End comes, there truly will be nothing left in this universe. I want to save it, but I can't live long enough to see that end. No human can. I want to pass something on, but the thought of it being lost to time scares me... We all want to be remembered, but is it only me that wants to live to see the crimson sun rise for the last time over the barren wasteland that was once our home? I want to stand there at the end, because maybe then I will see her again. She was my only love, my only anything, the constant that kept me rooted to the ground, but now fate has pulled us apart. Crying does nothing to help, only fills the oceans of this world. I heard a story once that that really was the case, that some great God cried into the rivers and seas of our planet and gave humanity water. To this day we can't survive without the Angel's tears. Her sacrifice kept us all alive... A Familiar story indeed. But not one with a happy ending, not one like mine. I will see her again. Even if I must claim a thousand lives to do so.

That's life, and I'm willing to do anything to prolong mine. That's what lovers do though, isn't it? Go to the ends of the earth for each other, sacrifice everything to keep them alive. We shouldn't believe everything we read in books, only fools do that, but one message scattered throughout time remains true to itself. Love needs not names, nor material possessions or even bodies. All it needs is the yearning of two souls, the innate response to another that triggers a chemistry no one can prevent. Love is just that. Love. Four letters. Blunt, to the point. There are no lies in its purity.

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