Milly & Molly

Milly is popular, beautiful and a boaster. Her twin sister Molly is the total opposite. When their parents leave them at their uncles house for the summer, will it be a tragedy or a great thing?


2. Chapter 2

The drive to school was awkward but better than my sisters car. When Milly drove to school I had to sit in the back with Casey (one of her little minions). My sister drops me 1 block away from school, so i don't get out of the car with them.
So I was sitting in the car with old people music playing.
"So what are you doing in the holidays?" My father asked.
"I was going to study, why?" I was telling the truth, I'm going to study for next year's exams.
"Oh, we were going to go down to moona moona creek and visit uncle Andy" My dad replied.
I mentally groaned and smiled at him then turned to face the window. Great! Moona Moona creek is where my cousins Sam and Jake live with my Uncle Andy (my auntie past away last year). We visited on holidays and long weekends but in the end we always took two cars because my mum and sister went home early. 'It's too gross' My sister would say 'it's good for you people but not us'. I loved how she exaggerated the phrase 'but not us'. Anyway, my mother, father and sister would stay inside in my uncles house while Jackson, Sam, Jake and I would camp outside in their tent. It was always fun for us and we enjoyed it! By we, I mean Jackson and I. Mostly, because we never saw our mother and sister. I went on adventures and just had fun. It was one of the only times I had fun. My uncle Andy is my mother's brother and he's my favourite uncle. I used to talk to him when I was lonely or when my mother was 'bullying me'. Except, when I told him, he went straight to my mum and told her off. I ended up getting in a lot of trouble and now I don't call my uncle, I pretend my mum is nice to me. The only time I actually wear a bikini is there, with my cousins. I feel comfortable with them. 

We turned around the corner and I saw my sister step out of her car. She grabbed her newest boyfriends arm and walked into school. Her little minions trailing behind her. Dads car came to a stop and I got out. "Thanks," I said before closing the door and jogging across the car park. I started walking towards the door and noticed everyone staring and laughing at my appearance. All the girls wear skirts and dresses. I wear skirts sometimes but not dresses unless I am forced by my mother. I walked through the door into the hallway. It was nearly abandoned with only a few people getting books and other necessities out of their lockers. I instantly spotted my best friend Ariana in the hallway, getting books out of her locker. As I walked closer I saw her long brown hair in a pony tail. Well thats new! I saw she was texting someone.
"Who are you texting?"
"Sarah, she's sick" She answered.
Damn, Sarah's sick. That sucks. I looked at Ariana's outfit while she was staring at her phone ( The bell rung and Ariana turned off her phone and put it in her pocket.
"Come on stop eye raping me and lets get to homeroom".
I chuckled but followed her until I was walking next to her and we entered homeroom.

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