Milly & Molly

Milly is popular, beautiful and a boaster. Her twin sister Molly is the total opposite. When their parents leave them at their uncles house for the summer, will it be a tragedy or a great thing?


1. Chapter 1

My morning started like usual. I woke up at 6:00am and had a shower, brushed my teeth and got dressed ( I walked back into my bedroom and packed my bag, pulled on my shoes and walked downstairs quietly (I would never want to wake up my darling sister - note sarcasm). I walked into the kitchen to see my dad sitting at the kitchen table having breakfast.
"Mum gone to work early again?" I asked
"Yep" He replied and went back to his newspaper.
So let me tell you a story.
Hi, my names Molly and i'm what people at school call me 'weird'. So I was born in 1996 as well as my twin sister, Milly. Most sisters have little fights and love each other. Most twins are identical or at least look nearly the same, yeah not us. Milly is the opposite of me. She is a popular girl in school. She fails classes, goes to parties and sits with all the 'hot' jocks. Yeah well not me. I get straight A's, stay home to study/don't get invited to parties and I sit with a group of three friends. My sister hates me and so does my mother. She calls me the ugly child. I have a brother, his name is Jackson and a father that keeps me living in this house or living at all. My mother is stuck up and believes beauty should be put first, not grades. So while I get good grades my mum takes my sister shopping, to the beauty salon and beauty pagents. She wanted me to compete but I said no. So now she says it was a good decision because I would have lost anyway (because i'm ugly). Yeah I have a wonderful mother. My mother is the mayors assistant and everyone knows (except my poor father) that she's having an affair with him. My brother Jackson (as i mentioned before) is in the marines. My mother wasn't very pleased and said she wanted to have him here so our family looked good. But my brother left anyway. There you have it. Story of my life.

About half an hour later my sister walks into the kitchen. She looks at me then turns around to look at my father. She walks up to him and hugs him from behind.
"Morning Daddy," she says a bit to loud and i think i see dad wince. I scoff and walk into the lounge room with my toast. I hear a "thanks daddy" as Milly walks into the room. She sits down on dads recliner and smiles at me. I look at her like she's gone mad and then she says
"I don't have to take you to school today because daddy's staying home so you can get him to drive you to school." After that she stands up and starts walking back into the kitchen, but stops just before the doorway and says.
"And if I were you I wouldn't be eating all that toast. I mean you don't wanna put on too much more weight." Then she turns around and walks away. Ouch that hurt - note sarcasm. Well I guess I gotta ask dad for a ride to school.


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