Moonlit Date

Two best friends go swimming every time they go rowing. Natalie the eldest is holding back a secret that not even Samantha knows about. When Natalie's secret is out what will become of these two friends? Will it tear them apart or bring them closer together? Samantha, known as Sam is going through magic outbursts has no idea what is happening to her. It all starts when the two girls spot two boys spying on them one day, both boys are starstruck by the sight of them. When it comes down to love they all will be put to the test.
I hope you like the new cover I drew it myself :)


8. Training & Alliances

Aiden's P.O.V.

I got to the school office and made sure I could take the same subjects as Nat. I even sorted out what locker I'd have which was the one next to Klaus's. I had Maths first, I hope this is worth it. I walked into the Maths block and into the Mr Fernet's class. I had hoped that I wouldn't have to come back to this class with a witch. He never really liked me anyway, at least I can have Nat there with we to make it bearable. When I got in the class Mr Fernet spotted. I was hoping he wouldn't.

'Mr Fylakas, come to join us again? Will you be staying this time?' Mr Fernet asked.

'Yes, sir.' Nat turned around in her seat in the third row in the middle. She looked at me in surprise.

'How do we owe the pleasure of having you Mr Fylakas?' Mr Fernet asked with no emotion.

'I decided I wanted to get out of the family business.' I answered. I sat down next to Nat.

'Very well,' He turned around and started to write starter questions on the board. I gave Nat a cheeky grin.

'Why are you really here?' Nat asked through the mind link.

'What to have an education isn't a good enough reason.' I replied through the mind link in a joking tone.

'But you hate school.'

'Yeah, I do.'

'Then why are you here? Is there something wrong?' She asked.

'Well there is something wrong. An uprising has started up against the werewolves. Vampires have some plan to get rid of all werewolves.'

'Really? Already I haven't even had any training yet.'

'What training?'

'White wolves are supposed to be trained by a witch, vampire hunter. You know for their powers.' She replied.

'What has happened so far is the Eucalistus pack has been under attack for a few weeks now. They have lost three members. There are only eleven of them in their pack now. Their pack leader Peter saw me this morning he told me there are twenty nine of them. I have offered the Eucalistus pack assistance from my pack but the vampires will still outnumber us.' 

'So you came to see if my pack could join?'


'There are fifty-six in my pack. I'm sure that they would want to help but you would have to run it by my father first.'

'No problem. I can do that.'

'Come home with me after school?'

'Sure, that sounds great.' I started the questions, damn quadratics I never understood how to do them.

'Can you help me with number one?' I asked aloud. I saw that Nat had already finished all the questions.

'Sure can,' She replied. 'I see what you did wrong. After you but it in brackets you expanded it again, you should do that. The brackets are enough to get the answer. You have (x+4)(x-5)=0 and all you need to do is make one of the brackets zero to get the answer. For the first bracket if would be negative four because negative four plus four equals zero. Do you get it?'

'Yeah, so that means that the second brackets x equals 5 then?' I said but still a bit uncertain.

'That's right.'

'Great, I think I get it now. Thanks, Miss Mathematician.' I smirked. She rolled her eyes at me.

'Whatever you say.' She shook her head.

'After you are finished. Please raise your hand so I can have a look.' Mr Fernet. Nat and I raised our hands with a few others. He went and looked at Nat's work first. 'That's all correct Miss Thymari. Good work.' He said to her. Then he came over to me, he looked like he was expecting me to get them all wrong. When he looked down at my answers and looked up at me looking a bit surprised. 'I think you chose a good person to sit by Mr Fylakas. Well done, all correct.' He walked off to the next person.

That was the first compliment I have gotten from Mr Fernet ever. It's a bit of a surprise for me but I'm sure it will not last that long. I really rubbish at maths.

'Have you had Mr Fernet before?' Nat asked.

'Yeah, a couple of years back when I was still at school.' I said.

'He doesn't seem to like you much.'

'He doesn't.'


'Because he knows.' I gave her a look. I knew I couldn't say it aloud, there was a vampire in the classroom.


'He is a witch,' I said in the mind link.


'Yeah, that is how he found out he tries to track them all. He would probably know all the vampires in the school as well.'

'He doesn't know about me yet does he?'

'I don't think so, he can only track those who have already changed. He could suspect it since your brother goes to school here. He may think you are adopted since you changed so late.'

'Good I don't want him to know just yet. Do you think he would be able to help a friend of mine, Sam with her witch powers?'

'I guess he would you could just ask he after class. Does he have a class after this one?'

'No he doesn't.'

'Good you can ask him then.' We got down to our work for the rest of the lesson because if I didn't concentrate I wouldn't have been able to finish the work. I must admit it was a lot easy with Nat at my side to help me. The lesson ended and everyone filed out with much haste. Nat and I on the other hand were quite slow, trying to wait it out until the other students were gone.

'Mr Fernet. I was wondering if you could help a friend of mine?' Nat said.

'Of course I can. Is this a maths related matter?'

'I'm afraid not sir. You see my friend needs training and I can't do that for her since I'm not like her.' She explained.

'What type of training does she require, Miss Thymari?'

'Witch training and I know you are one but don't worry I will not use it against you. Please help sir, it's urgent.'

'Who's your friend.'

'Sam Hulls.'

'I thought so I heard from Mrs Todd that things had been happening in her class and also that unexplained fire in the Maths department. Mrs Todd had her suspicions and so did I. Very interesting.' Mr Fernet scratched his head in thought.

'She isn't just a witch though. She is witch, vampire hunter and she needs immediate training as soon as possible. The vampires are declaring war and we need her. I need her.'

'So how do you fit into all of this, Miss Thymari?'

'I'm a white wolf.'

'The one of legend?' I nodded. 'I see.'

'So will you help us, sir?'

'Alright, I guess I can find the time.' She rushed up to him and hugged him.

'Thank you so much, sir.' She released him and backed away.

'Tell her to met me at the abandon warehouse on Noelsar Street at six o'clock.' 

'I will,' she replied. Then we ran out of the class together hurrying to get to the next class on time. The rest of the day went by more quickly then I expected. Nat and I talked a lot of the time. I found out her middle name was Arianna and her favourite classes was textiles and Biology. She told of her dream to become a Physiotherapist or a nurse if it didn't work out. She was so intelligent I knew she could accomplish anything. I told her that and she blushed and said 'maybe.' 

We took the bus to her house. It was a two story building with white paneling, a dark gray roof and a picket fence. I was surrounded by paddocks of grass and grain. The garden was full of lots of different colours. It was a nice place. She opened the door. 'Come on in.' She said.

I walked into house and she led me into the kitchen where her mother was. 'Who have you brought home with you today Natalie?' Mrs Thymari asked.

'Aiden Fylakas, he is my boyfriend. He come with me to ask dad something. The vampires are declaring war against us so we are forming alliances.' Nat replied.

'I knew it was going to happen but I didn't think it would be so soon.' Mrs Thymari stopped for a moment then continued. 'Do you think your father will approve of your choice of boyfriend.'

'Mumm,' Nat said exasperatedly. 'You know it isn't very nice to talk about someone like they aren't in the room.'

'It's ok, Nat. Mrs Thymari can I still see Mr Thymari please. There has been attacks on a pack for about a week and they have lost three members. We need to form an alliance so the vampires don't stand a chance, so we don't have to worry about getting attacked for a long time to come.' I said, putting all my conviction and confidence into my words to make me sound as serious and authoritative as possible.

I know sometimes it is hard for others to believe I am Alpha of a pack, being so young and all. My Dad was Alpha but he was abusing his power to lead us. He wanted to take over more land from others packs. I knew it was a bad idea as I knew that most of our small pack would have been taken out. I challenged because it was the right thing to do. I did win after I tired out my dad. I stopped all the plans my dad had made on claiming land and I've been Alpha ever since. It has been two years since then and we all live peacefully as a family. My father may not like me for what I did but he understands now that it was in the best interests of the whole pack that we didn't.

'He will be here in about five minutes.' That was her answer, good at least I know I will be able to ask.

Nat sat on a bar stool at the kitchens island so, I sat next to her. 'You have a nice place.' I said trying to start some small talk.

'Thanks, maybe someday soon you can take me to your house. To meet your parents.' Nat replied.


'How long have you two been together?' Mrs Thymari asked as she started making dinner.

'Five days.' Nat said. She looked at her mum to see her response.

'That's not very long is it.'

'Mum, he is my soul mate. It happened the night of the full moon. The only reason it took me so to come and join you guys was because I was with him getting to know him better.' Nat explained.

'Well, that explains a lot. Aiden what is your pack ranking?'

'Mum.' Nat said like she thought her mum was being very nosey.

'What so I'm not allowed to find out if he is the right classing for you?'

'Seriously, mum.' Nat rolled her eyes.

'I'm Alpha. I don't mind sharing, it's not that big of a deal.' Mrs Thymari seemed surprised like she was expecting me to be a lot further down in the rankings.

Mr Thymari came in the front door straight into the kitchen. 'Mr Fylakas, what did you want to ask me about?' He asked.

'There have been attacks on werewolves by the vampires for about a week now and three have been killed. My pack and the Eucalistus pack are forming an alliance but it is not enough to overtake the vampires. We need another pack to help. Would your pack join us to stop the vampires before they get all of us?' Mr Thymari seemed to consider it for a moment before answering.

'We will join you but anyone under the age of sixteen in my pack will not be in any of the battles.' He replied sternly. 

'Thank you. There is a plan to train everyone starting tomorrow at ten o'clock clearing on the other side of river. Nat, knows where it is so she can show you the way.' I said. Mr Thymari nodded. 'I better get home, I got some stuff to do. I'll see you all tomorrow.'

'Good-bye.' Nat fare-welled giving me a peck on the cheek which I returned. I walked out the door. Nat's parent's didn't respond, but it didn't matter too much because I had somewhere to be, things to do and places to go. I am a busy guy every seems to need me at moment. I should be able to get all done today.


Natalie's P.O.V.

After Aiden went out the door and he was further enough away so they could be unheard, they started asking me lots of questions.

'Natalie Thymari, why are you with a boy without my permission?' Dad demanded.

'Don't worry dad, he's my soul mate. He really is a great person. He always does what he think is best for everyone. He is kind, strong, confident but not cocky, smart and a great leader. Honestly you couldn't have asked for anyone better for me. You knew it would one day anyway. Why isn't it ok now?' I was a bit annoyed by his over protectiveness. 

'You're my little girl. Who's suppose to think boys have cooties and enjoy playing games outside.'

'I'm not your little girl anymore, I've grown up. I'm sixteen and already know what I am aiming for in the future. Having Aiden around will not distract me from my goals he will just be there for me every step of the way to make sure I live my life to the fullest.' I shook my head at them.

'I think our daughter is right. She is grown up, look at the commitments she has taken up in the last week alone. You know being a werewolf is a full time commitment and on top of that she has coped very well with the white wolf stuff so far and I know she will not let us down.' Said mum backing me up. It is really good to have at least one parent on your side when it comes to things like this.

'Thanks mum.' I said sincerely.

'I apologize. It's just you have grown up so fast is seems like it was only yesterday you were taking your first steps.'

'Nawh dad.' I gave him a big bear hug. 'I'll always be your little girl, just more grown up.'

'Just one thing if he hurts you in anyway, I will kill him.' 

'Dad.' I rolled my eyes. 'No you wouldn't, not even if I wanted you to kill him.' I broke away from the hug. 'Thanks anyway, dad.'

'What are dad's for.' Dad stated. I started towards my room.

'I'll see you later. Sam and I have plans in half an hour so I'm going to get ready to go.'

'Ok well, have fun.' Mum said.

'Will do.' I got up to my room and texted Sam about her training and the warehouse's address. I told her to meet me a block down. I still didn't know if Mr Fernet was someone to trust on this sort of thing but seemed to be able to get me through Maths but that's different. I was going to go with her since it would be the safest option. I grabbed my things and walked out the door.

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