Moonlit Date

Two best friends go swimming every time they go rowing. Natalie the eldest is holding back a secret that not even Samantha knows about. When Natalie's secret is out what will become of these two friends? Will it tear them apart or bring them closer together? Samantha, known as Sam is going through magic outbursts has no idea what is happening to her. It all starts when the two girls spot two boys spying on them one day, both boys are starstruck by the sight of them. When it comes down to love they all will be put to the test.
I hope you like the new cover I drew it myself :)


11. Silver Bullet

Sam’s P.O.V.

I spent my day with Klaus after training. Me made out on several occasions and went to the beach and had ice-cream. He took me out for lunch at Helena’s Cafe. I was having a great time, until Klaus got a phone call.

“What up?” He said into the phone. A muffled panicked reply shot back though.

“Where are you? I’m on my way.” He asked and he started over to his car and I followed. When he got the information he hung up.

“Nat’s been kidnapped when Aiden and Nat were having a walk in Moonshine forest. Aiden was badly beaten by the sounds of things. They took her after they had beaten him down so he couldn’t follow.” He explained.

I was shocked and scared for Nat. I couldn’t believe she had been kidnapped. She normally could get out of anything. “Have you told her pack yet?”

“Not yet.” He handed me his phone. “Can you do it?” I nodded. I dialled their number and waited for an answer.

“Hello Katy speaking. How can I help you?” I heard.

“Katy its Sam here. It’s about nat.” I replied in a shaky voice.

“What has happened?” I could hear the fear in her voice.

“She was kidnapped over an hour ago.” I paused for a moment I felt tears running down my cheeks. “She was in Moonshine forest with Aiden and they were just walking around. Aiden got beaten up so he couldn’t follow.” I heard crying on the other end of the line.

“I’ll tell the other’s.” She sobbed then we hung up.

I just could imagine all the horrible things that could be happening to her or what they were planning to do to her. I saw blood, bruises, broken bones, cuts and bad looking wounds in my head covering her from head to toe. I couldn’t bear it. I think Katy’s mind went straight to the worst just like mind had.

Aiden looked in a bad way. You could see that there had been a lot of cuts on his face and through the slashed holes in his shirt and shorts. His right arm was broken, but he had put it back in place. You could see that his arm was obviously pink splotchy swollen and painful. His left ankle was no better. We helped him to the car; he was weak from all the healing he had done. That did not stop him from being on edge and blaming himself for not being able to stop them taking her.

I knew she would survive no matter what and that we would get her back. No matter what the cost is I will do anything to get her back.

We pulled into the Thymari’s house. Katy ran out the front door towards us. The front door slammed behind her as I got out of the car. As soon as I shut the door behind me Katy wrapped her arms around me. Tears were streaming down from eyes.

“Are you all, alright?” She pulled back and gave me a look over. Then she looked at Aiden. “Oh my dear, come with me I think I got something for you.” She was worried and scared, which made her go into full out mother mode. She has been like that since I can remember.

“I think I’ll be fine, Mrs Thymari.” Aiden said. I could see that his wolf instincts were calling to him to go and find Nat.

“No, you definitely are not. You are definitely not going to go and find my daughter like that. You don’t know what challenges you will come across and how would you know if those people who beat you up wouldn’t kill you this time? Like I said I have something for you.” There was no arguing with Katy once she says something it will be done. There is no escaping it.

Katy put an arm around his shoulder and led him inside and into the kitchen. She cut off a piece of a plant that was sitting on the windowsill then ground it in a mortar on the kitchen island with some strange herbs I had never seen before. The result was a thick purple paste. She turned around and reached up into the cupboard to take out a mug. She poured some water into the mug and scrapped the purple paste into it. She mixed it then dropped a rectangular crystal into the bottom of the mug.

“Here drink this; it will make you feel better.” Katy instructed.

Aiden looked into the cup. It was colourless as if it were only water and not a purple herb paste in water. He drunk it as if were water but soon the bruises began to fade and the colour came back to his cheeks.

“How did you do that?” I asked Katy.

“It all comes with being the pack healer. My mother was before me and hers was and so on. It gets passed on from generation to generation. Nat will be carrying it on too. It all works on wisdom passed.” She answered.

Wow, I wish I could do cool things like this. Nat always seemed to always get to do amazing things in her family. They went on skiing trips, surfing trips and holidays at friends places. I had always been travelling around the world my whole life, but I never got the chance to have a bit of fun.

“That’s really cool.” Katy smiled at me.

“Jace has already started a search with the pack. He started it a few minutes after you rang us.”

I felt a little guilty that I haven’t gone straight out to find her. I now that her pack was already out there looking for her. When Aiden felt strong enough which only took a few minutes, he rushed out the door. We hurried after him, it would be better to search as group.

The only thing I knew is that we would find her.


Natalie’s P.O.V.

I woke up in a cold concrete room of an abandon warehouse somewhere. I didn’t know anything else besides that and being tied to a chair with tuck tape over my mouth in the middle of the room. I couldn’t see out the windows they were too high up and boarded shut. The ceiling was at least four stories high. The floor was shiny and chipped.

There was only one door into the room. It is probably guarded on the other side. I know I could not escape this place on my own.

I heard the heavy bolted door unlock and someone came in. “She is awake.” A feminine voice stated. “I’ll get Tristan.” ‘Clunk!’ I don’t know who Tristan is but I don’t like the idea of meeting him considering the circumstances.

I don’t know why her voice sounds so familiar. Vampires liked to hide their present from werewolves and humans.

A man came through the door and straight for me and ripped the tape off my mouth. It stung making my eyes water. I didn’t speak or try to call out it would be useless.

“Don’t make any sound unless you are told to.” He sneered at me and spat in my face. I shook my head to try and get rid of it but it did nothing to get rid of the spit.

The female stepped in front of me. Penny. It was Penny. I knew she was a vampire but she never really caught my eye in the way that I would have suspected her for something like this. I guess she wasn’t as oblivious to this type of stuff as I first thought.

“Where is the white wolf?” Penny growled.

“I don’t know anything about the white wolf.” I lied. She punched me across the jaw. Ow, that was bloody painful.

“I’ll ask you again but this time I will not be as nice. Who is the white wolf?” She snarled. The vampire I assumed was called had stepped back to watch. He seemed to be amused.

“Why would I tell you who they were?” I said sarcastically. She pulled out a gun and shot me in the mid thigh. I screamed. I had never been shot but I though it wasn’t something like that would happen. It comes with war I guess.

“Well, if you don’t speak up. You’re going to shot with a lot worse than a few bullets.” She shouted by which was followed by a wicked grin. She was enjoying this way too much.

I dropped my eyes into my lap and replied to her with silence. She punched be again but this time dangerously close to breaking my nose. My nose throbbed and I could feel my eye becoming swollen. I stayed silent.

Penny growled in frustration. “No need to get angry, Pen. I’ll go get the silver bullets and the serum.” A terrible unpleasant expression appeared on his revolting face. He must be a very old vampire and a lesser vampire. Definitely not a born one they don’t age as fast. The older a lesser is the weaker they are. I guess that is why Penny is the one torturing me because she is a younger vampire.

“You have one last chance before Tristan comes back. Who is the white wolf?” she screeched into my face. I spat into her face and sunk my teeth into her neck and swiftly pulled away.

“Fuck you.” I grimace.

“You bitch.” That was when she broke my arm. I shrieked it was so painful tidal waves of tear washed down my face. It throbbed which made it feel worse than it was. I know that bite would kill her I could feel my wolf glowing in my eyes. “You better have a fuckin’ cure or I’ll kill you. I value my life too much to die for this.”

“But you won’t, you still need me.” I smirked.

“What is the cure!?” Penny yelled. I never knew she was such a hothead outside of school.

“I doubt that you would be able to get it. No one alive has managed to get it yet.” I started, but I stopped there trying to put doubt into her mind.

“Where is it!?” She shook me violently which made me grunt out of the increased stabbing pain in my arm as the bone moved around. Eww gross.

“Why would I tell you? You would kill me as soon as I told you.” My lip curled on one side. Now at least I have a bargaining chip in this.

She swiped me across the face leaving scratch marks from her nails. That was when Tristan re-entered the room. He didn’t seem bothered that she had beaten me up more.

Then he saw where I had bitten her, it looked alright at the moment but it would take long for the venom to work its way around her blood stream. “What did I tell you about interrogating werewolves?” He spoke angrily. When she didn’t answer he continued. “Don’t get to too close or it could be your last.” He growled at her.

“You’ve got the silver bullets then?” she asked shakily.

“I think it is time that I took over the punishment now. You are dismissed.” He waved her off. “I wonder what I should try next. Hmmm, maybe I should do a few bullets first then the serum or the serum first? Or should I torture you in other ways before I go out with the big guns?” He was trying too hard to get to me and it did not work on me. I stay there staring straight ahead, trying to make him believe that he had got to me.

“What is so special a liquid and bullets anyway? I doubt they would do anything.” I acted as if in desperation.

“Well you see here.” He held out a silver bullet in front of my eyes. “This has been enchanted to act as a poison to werewolves, which is fatal.” He slid it back into his pocket and took out a syringe of a pale green liquid.

“This is liquid silver with wolfs bane that is enchanted to burn werewolves from the inside. I am interested to find out whether it works.” I gulped not sure whether I should be scared or not or even continue to act scared. It made me tense up, but I forced myself to relax. It is probably going to hurt more if I tense, it normally does.

He loaded the gun and aimed at my other leg. “Last chance,” I have him a defiant but angry look. He shot the other leg and I ground my teeth. I didn’t scream or anything I didn’t want to give him that satisfaction. “It may not hurt you now but you just wait.” He shot my only good arm.

He was really making me angry. I felt like ripping his stupid head off. My wolf wanted to take over and make me change, but I couldn’t let him see what I was. I felt my eyes glowing bright blue and I snarled more beastly than before.

“You know I wouldn’t hesitate to kill, but it is pretty hard to corn a wolf these days.” He pulled out the serum and dragged its needle along my face. I cringed away from it. “You feel it don’t you. You can feel the poison it contains. All I’ll say is it is unpleasant.” He positioned his hand around the syringe and thrust his hand down at my arm.

I waited but it didn’t enter my arm it stopped only a few centimetres from my shoulder. He tried again but failed.

“For a vampire you aren’t very strong.” I mocked.

“How are you doing this?” He shouted.

I was filled with hope and joy. She found me. She was helping me out. “I didn’t do anything. Werewolves are resistant to that stuff. We evolve more than you do.” I grinned. No way was I going to give my friend away.

Are you alright?” Ava spoke to me in my mind.

I’ll survive. Look Ava this place it crawling with vampires there is no point in trying to get me out by yourself, get the others and made plans. There is no point in getting yourself stuck in here too.”

We’ll get you out soon, Nat.”

I know I have complete faith in you. Ava?”


How much to you know about the silver bullet or that serum?”

Silver bullets enchanted by a dark witch make makes the werewolf irritated as sharp stabbing pains all over the body. It drives most insane. Don’t worry they won’t do that to you.”

Why not?” Tristan stalked out of the room, probably to get something else to torture me with. I shivered not wanting to know what was next.

You are not just a werewolf. The white wolf has some witchy powers that have been given to them but is not given from your blood line. You are part witch in a way and it resists all the poisons that would affect a werewolf to some extent.”

What about the serum? He said something about it having wolfs bane and silver in it.”

I don’t know I have never heard of that before. Look I better go before they find me.”

Thanks Ava.”

Anytime for a friend.”

 The mind link broke and I was there in the room by myself again. I was tired from healing my injuries. My lids were heavy and the light from the windows had faded to a silvery glow from the moon. I knew now why he had left now. He didn’t want to risk being with a werewolf when the moon is up. Luckily it was no were near a full moon yet.


Aiden’s P.O.V.

I had been two days since she was taken. I hadn’t heard any good news yet. I only told the Balticas coven yesterday. I haven’t been to school since Nat had been taken. I hadn’t slept or stopped looking for her. My only focus was to find her.

She was my mate after all. I had really gotten to know her over the short time I had known her. It had been my job to protect her and I had failed. Now it was my job to find her and get her back home, back where she belonged.

She wasn’t in Crystal Falls. I have already searched every single place in town and in the countryside but unfortunately no luck. Not even close. They had covered their tracks so well it made it almost impossible to make out a trail that lead to anywhere. I continued my search further and further out of the city limits.

“You know you should take a brake soon.” I spun around to see Klaus.

“I can’t she is still out there and every second I waste not searching could be fatal. I don’t know what they are doing to her and I really want to lose her.” I frowned.

“You will get her back. Come with me, there is some news on her whereabouts.” Klaus grabbed my arm and half dragged me along.

“What have they found out?” I questioned.

“It’s going to be jaw breaker to get her out.” Klaus replied.


“They got silver bullets.” I didn’t know what they were but I sure hoped they weren’t as bad as he made them sound. I didn’t question him any further and started to run and he let me go.

We sprinted as fast as our supernatural abilities would allow us to. That meant he was a lot faster than me but he slowed down so we could arrive together.

We were meeting at the Thymari’s house everyone was there were cars outside the house and a few motor bikes. We knocked at a front door Katy let us in and showed us into a room that was to the left of the kitchen.

The room must have been the largest room in the house it was massive and filled with witches and wolves of both packs. Chairs had been lined up around a huge ‘O’ shaped table in the middle of the room. The floor was made of marble, the walls were of a dark rich coloured wood, the curtains to the high long and narrow windows were a deep blue, there were banisters that must have held the Thymari’s family crest, there was a grand chandelier hanging in the middle of the room and small marble platform at the end of the room.

I thought back to when Natalie was talking of house not being much. I think she was just being modest because her house was a stunning place.

Everyone now was beginning to take their seats and Klaus and I followed suit. Once everyone had a seat there was a silence at the table at first until Ava spoke.

“We have found Natalie. We used a few tracking spells that led us to a town called Moraine, but the there is a big problem there of us. It is vampire country but not only that but the building she is trapped in is heavily guarded by vampires. Also there is a vampire from one of the Original Families there. The worst thing of all is they have managed to get hold of silver bullets. They are made to cripple werewolves almost instantly. Silver bullets are enchanted by a dark witch, which gives us another problem to the list. There is only one entrance into the room she is held in unless you use the windows that are up many stairs high. We better get to her sooner rather than later she may not be able to hold up. They have got another weapon but all I know is it a type of serum.”

They went into a series of whispers and worried looks were exchanged. No matter what the cost I was going to fight until I got her back. The whispers subsided a little bit, as a man indicated he wanted to speak.

“What else do you know about this places whereabouts?” A man from the Thymari pack asked.

“It is on the outskirts of town in a densely populated vampire area.” Ava replied.

“What is the best way to enter this complex to get her back?” Uncle Chase asked. I was a little surprised that he was even interested in trying to find her. He didn’t normally want to go into dangerous situations to help someone out.

“Depending on what the walls are made of I would suggest going through that way as silently as possible and try not to be seen. My coven and I can work some spells to make as seem to look like vampires.” Ava replied many seemed to agree.

More and more people started to contribute into the discussion, even I did. I was exhausted so I could manage to stay in the conversation for a little bit. The plan only seemed to become more complex and detailed. Everyone had a special part in the plan. It was all coming together very quickly.

When it got close to seven Mrs Thymari left and came back with pizzas from the restaurant in town. She handed out the dozen boxes around the table then left again to get more and soon enough everyone was sharing a pizza. Discussions were still going on. It had been a solid three hours of discussion by the time we all finish up.

The plan was to take place in the morning after the sun had risen enough so we didn’t have to face anymore vampires than necessary. There was no way there was going to be more than a few original families vampires there.

Everyone started to leave but to be honest I almost felt too tired to even try to go home. I think Katy saw that.

“Aiden, you can sleep here if you would like.” I nodded and started towards the living room that was across from the meeting hall. “You don’t need to sleep in here. What would that say about me for denying my guest of a proper bed when we have one?” She shook her head at me and took my arm and led me up the stairs to the first room on the right.

The room was small, painted baby blue with a bed to one side of the room a bedside table next to it. There was a cosset at the end of the bed and a bookshelf in the corner opposite to it. There were a few posters of bands and lots of pieces of art work on the walls. There was one lonely wooden framed window in the middle of the wall across from the door. The door was also a soft shade of wood.

“This is Natalie’s room. I’m sure she wouldn’t mind if you borrowed her room for the night.” She smiled and left me alone in Nat’s room. I lay down on the bed and closed my eyes.

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