Moonlit Date

Two best friends go swimming every time they go rowing. Natalie the eldest is holding back a secret that not even Samantha knows about. When Natalie's secret is out what will become of these two friends? Will it tear them apart or bring them closer together? Samantha, known as Sam is going through magic outbursts has no idea what is happening to her. It all starts when the two girls spot two boys spying on them one day, both boys are starstruck by the sight of them. When it comes down to love they all will be put to the test.
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10. Ava's Secret

Klaus's P.O.V.

Last night I confronted my half sister with Aiden. It went reasonably well considering it was my sister we needed to get information out of. We managed to get her to slip up on some information that seemed important.

I walked up to her when school finished. I didn't want her to get away and manage to find any backup. She knew I was coming for her. "We need to have a talk."

"No we don't." She said in a whiney voice. She tried to continue walking away from us but Aiden grabbed her shoulder.

"Yeah, we do." She gave me the evil eyes. I didn't care, I don't like her either. "What are you doing in Crystal Falls this is my territory and you aren't welcome here." I growled a little.

"Got your own pack now I see. You even got someone to restrain me from getting away. Are you scared of me now, Klaus? Can't you do it yourself or are you chicken? Wouldn't be the first time." Mya mocked.

"No, I'm not scared of you. I have him here because he ordered it and I will not give in to any of your games today, sis. This is purely business and I will do anything to make sure I find out what you are doing here." I glared at her.

"Oh, you take orders from this guy? That is ridiculous, Klaus the five thousand and three year old hybrid that orders. Is this some kind of joke?" Mya taunted.

"Very funny, sis. After all this time you still remember how old I am, but you still didn't answer my question." I said sternly. She just stood there with a bored look on her face. "I'll ask you again why are you here?" I commanded.

"I don't have to tell you. It is my business and I don't need to explain why I'm here to my half-brother." She said like snobby little brat she was. She was used to being able to get whatever she wanted. Not with me though. 

"I think you'll have too otherwise this is going to get a lot messier." Aiden and I had discussed what we were going to do if she refused to tell us. We had a plan to take her to the abandon warehouse on Noelsar Street. I'm sure went we get there is will be a lot easier to get information. "If you don't talk we will take you somewhere and make you talk." I gave her a steely look.

"Fine, I'll tell you. I have come to Crystal Falls with a group to get rid of the werewolf race." She spat at me. She knew I would have tortured the information out of her. She normally didn't like to do anything that required messing up her makeup.

Once upon a time, a long time ago she wasn't so cruel and snobby. She was sort of nice, but that came with a cost. Going against fathers orders around me. She used to sneak over to see me every now and then in the basement. It was my room but barely, I was confined to it during all times but mealtimes. It never felt like a room or a place to really call my own. Father made sure of that. The basement was grey, dull and cold. Water always seemed to be dripping down through the cracks in the wooden door. Mya didn't really understand why father kept me in the basement.

Father punished her when he found out she had been seeing me. She never visited me after that. He did punish me for letting her see me as well, but he beat me everyday anyway. But that day he did it twice as bad.

“What happened between us it wasn’t either of ours fault? I didn’t mean to do what I did, I didn’t even know what I was until it was too late. I am sorry that about it and I will apologise a million times again. I am truly sorry; I didn’t mean to kill him.” I wanted the sister I knew before it happened I know what happened was hard on her. Father adored her and was really all she had besides me. I hope now that I can have the sister that loved me back. It’s been a lonely four thousand years without her.

“Maybe I am not ready to accept it yet.” Her facade slipped up momentarily before she put up all her walls once again.

“I now it has been four thousand years since both of us have talked to each other properly. I hope that one day we will be on the same page and talk more.” I searched her face for anything but her walls were up sky high. I smiled momentarily as she did slip for a few seconds. It was all the hope I needed to know that I could have my sister back. “You can let her go now, Aiden.” He released her as I said and she stared at me as she walked over to her pink Suzuki.


We all arrived at the same time at the clearing. Ten o’clock sharp. I wasn’t surprised to see that Sam was there. She seemed to be everywhere Nat was. There was nothing wrong with that though don’t get me wrong. I do like Nat she is a great person. It is just that she seems to be around a lot.

Nat and Sam went into the middle of the circle that everyone had formed. I didn’t really expect to see the Balticas coven at the training. I guess Nat had invited them for some important reason.

“Today we will be going over defensive moves and a few offensives. We will be training in groups of two so everyone will have to split up. I want everyone to find someone with a similar fighting ability.” Sam said nodding towards us to see if we understood.

“I’ll be training with Natalie,” Ava said a little too quickly. Not that it mattered we all understood what she had said. It seemed to be a bit of a long shot. Nat didn’t seem to like the idea that much. “You know you have to train with your abilities some time.” She seemed very sure of herself.

“Nat, you know she is right. After what we found from the second handbook, you know you have to be trained by the one who knew from first sight what must be done. She is clearly the one.” Sam said. Sympathy filled her eyes as if apologising for not being able to train together.

“Ok, I will but we need to have a few trainings together on fighting every now and then.” Nat said reluctantly. Nat walked over towards Ava and they went away from the group.

Sam started to give further instructions to the rest of us and we grouped up.

“Sam, can we go together?” I asked her, hoping that I’d get to spend some time with her.

“Do you think you’ll be up to it?” She asked cockily. I could just see her taking down anyone but maybe not me. I have thousands of years of experience.

“Definitely,” I replied with confidence trying not to sound cocky.

“We’ll see about that.” She said with a grin. I hope I am better than she expects. I’m sure I’ll know a few more moves than she does. Especially the old ones that have long been forgotten over time.

She widened her stance into battle position. I did the same and we started squaring off. Sam came in and started in offensive position. I am really good at defensive so I managed with ease to block all her punches and kicks. She seemed to be impressed and it seemed to take her by surprise. That was my opportunity. I went in with fast jabs and a faking technique I learnt from a friend of mine about two thousand years ago. It was one of the times I participated in war.

It caught her in exactly the way I thought it would and I grabbed her arm and flipped her onto the ground. She pulled me down with her which I didn’t expect but was surprised in any way.

We rolled over and over on the leafy moist ground. It was difficult to get the upper hand in the situation. We were attracting an audience I could feel it. After a while of randomly rolling around on the ground somehow Sam managed to pin me down. I couldn’t believe it no one in all my days on earth had ever beaten me in a fight.

Now I was outdone by a girl, but not just any girl. She was my girl. I’m supposed to be the one who protects her not the other way around. I’m supposed to be the dominate one. I guess with all the training she has had, she is very experienced.

“Damn, you’re pretty good. I haven’t had a fight like that in a long time.” I complemented.

“You’re not too shabby yourself.” She said pulling me up from the ground. I wasn’t going to admit to her that she is the only one that has beaten me in a fair fight. I am not counting my father, in that time I was not strong enough and he had a lot more experience than me.

Everyone started to applaud us as we stood next to each other. Sam raised a hand to silence them.

“Wow. I’ve never seen Klaus bettered in a fight, not even when you fight dirty with him.” Aiden joked. I could see that he was in owed but he could never past the opportunity crack a joke.

“I can still beat you in a fight.” I stated.

“You probably could, not that you have ever fought me before.” He was just being cocky now but I know how to show him up.

“Fine, then. Let’s have a fight.” I rebutted. He agreed and we engaged in a fight. It didn’t take me long to get him on the ground. I put a foot on his chest to hold him down. “There now you know.” I smirked at him and he shook his head at me in disapproval. He took the loss pretty well though.

Soon he was up and smiling again. I could see he was planning on a way to get back at me for this. I will be interested in what it will be this time.

Natalie’s P.O.V.

After I had left the group with Ava, we started to get talking. It was sort weird though I must admit. Some moments she seemed really far away.

“Why must I be trained by you? Aren’t you a witch?” I asked.

“No I’m not. I just belong to a coven of witches because they are my family. I am a fairy just like my father. The fairy blood line started a long time ago it was a gift to a witch that had done great things in his or her lifetime. Kikimora made an arrangement for them to be the ones who train the white wolves. There is only difference though. A fairy is a reincarnated witch that has far more power than any regular witch. A fairy cannot be bad; if they were they lose their powers.” Ava answered.

“Why is that, I thought I was getting trained by a witch, vampire hunter?”

“Where I come in is, I protect you from things that your friend Sam cannot. I train your magical abilities and how to fight with them. I always have the same mission added to my roll of the trainer of the white wolf and I will complete it every time no matter what cost.”

“Do you remember who you were, when you are reincarnated?”


“Who were you?”

“The thing is I remember it yes but it is like a very distant dream, but I know it happened. I believe I was the witch Kikimora confide in for finishing her spells. My name is never mentioned in any books because it hasn’t changed since then.”

“But fairies don’t exist. I have never heard of any before. How can they exist all this time and no one knows they are? Why wouldn’t have anyone found out about them yet?” I said unable to grasp the concept of their being fairies out there. It seemed pretty unreal to me. How could there be fairies out there and the supernatural not know about it?

“But they do. They have for a long time. Lots of people know we exist but are sworn to keep it secret; they speak of us as little as possible to their families. Only witches know of us because if they are pure enough they will be granted the ability to reincarnate if they wish and become a fairy in their next life.” Ava replied as if she had rehearsed it a million times. It was possible that she has said the same thing over and over.

I still couldn’t quite grasp the facts but I decided I would just get on with this training. “I guess we should start before the others finish their training.”

“What do you want to start with?” She asked.

“I don’t know, what is there? I know there is siring but that is not exactly a sort of power that is easy to practice. It is even harder to reverse.”

“Okay, then. We will start with the cloaking power.” Ava stated.

“What’s the cloaking power?” I wasn’t too sure of what it was.

“The cloaking power allows you to make yourself and others invisible to anyone, but with concentration needed for it you are rendered defenceless. Only the best that have this power are able to concentrate and fight at the same time and still have cloaking working. It can also use it so you are hidden from other supernatural. What I mean by this is supernatural creatures will just think you are nothing but an ordinary boring human.” Ava explained.

She sort rambled on and it seemed to get even more and more boring by the moment. I listened enough to catch on how it was done. You had to pick a place in your memories that was truly peaceful and no matter what I was to stay there as long as possible. It sounded difficult and so not fun but if I thought about it could a fun prank to pull on Aiden later if I was any good...

I was a bit lost in thought for a moment or two then got on to the task Ava had set me. I tried hard to find a place of peace I managed to get a little bit closer each time. After a good half hour I managed to concentrate on my peaceful memory enough to become invisible for a minute or two. I didn’t think this was going to be such a work out. I am so sweaty I know I am definitely going to need a shower after this.

I pictured myself back when I was little I was wondering through a forest by myself. I was on vacation with my family and I liked to sneak off to the same spot every evening. I don’t think they ever found out where I went off to. There was a clearing in the forest where a large meadow of pansies, daisies, daffodils and long lush grass. It was beautiful. I would see lots of fluttering butterflies; blue, pink, yellow, green, orange, red and purple. They seemed to float around the meadow playfully, bright colours flashed all around the meadow. The meadow had a light happy and peaceful air. The sun streamed down into the meadow lighting up all the colours available. You could hear the cheerful chatter of the birds in the forest, the gentle trickle of water from a nearby stream and the soft rustling of the smooth bottle green grass.

I used to dance and play all evening until it started to get dark. I would make daisy chains and lie in on the soft ground watching the clouds roll past. I would try and make them out into shapes of animals and flowers. I never shared my meadow with anyone because a few years after we camped in that forest, there was a fire. A fire that took out my meadow and quite a lot of the forest. I never went back thinking that if I did it would ruin the beautiful paradise I had experienced in that spot. I knew what had happened there but never seen. I refused to look at the news papers we received that had pictures of the terrible tragedy.

What had caused the fire was well known to be started by a group of campers that had been staying in the area. Their camp fire wasn’t controlled the way the law stated open campfire should be. It was a fire caused on accident of course but that is what everyone says just so they don’t have to take the blame.

Ava was impressed with my progress after a few hours of practice. I managed to hold my concentration for more than ten minutes! It was exciting stuff I must admit. We continued for a further ten minutes before stopping.

“I think we have done enough for today.” Ava said. I was definitely exhausted cloaking seemed to be more physically draining than I thought it was going to be. “We should go and join the others and see how they are doing.”

We walked together slowly taking our time. I sensed through the pack link that they were still hard at it. I started to wonder about Ava. I didn’t really know a lot about her besides the fairy thing. She seemed to be a nice person a little bit spoilt but there was something that was drawing me to her.

“Did you go to school around here?” I asked. I thought it was a good start.

“No, I was home schooled.” Ok that was a bit of dead end. It sort of explained why she seemed spoilt at times. “I was home schooled with the other kids in my coven.”

Okay then maybe not. “What’s it like being home schooled?” She thought about it for a few moments.

“I guess it is sort of like going to school but it is at home and there are only fifteen students at the school.” She paused. “But, it doesn’t really let you meet anyone outside of family. We do go on family trips to visit other covens every now and then.”

“Oh, that sounds lonely.” I stated.

“It is when we aren’t visiting.” Silence seemed to grip us after that. She didn’t seem to want to talk any more. I decided that it wasn’t far until we were with the others and it would be best if I just let her be.

By the time we joined the others they were just finishing up with a warm down run. I quickly asked, “Do you want to hang out after this?”

“Sure I’ll ask my dad. It should be fine.” I wanted to find out more about Ava see seemed like a nice enough person, even though she was a bit snobby in this life.

Klaus beat everyone of course trying to impress Sam. She did challenge him though they raced to the finish. I smirked at Sam hoping to get a reaction from her. She rolled her eyes and shook her head at me. “Try hard.” I snorted. She blushed a little trying not to give herself away.

“Nat.” She whined. I smiled but didn’t tease any further.

Aiden jogged over to me as he finished. The others started to leave after Sam said that practise was over. Ava asked me when she could come over just as she was leaving. So I ended up inviting her to stay the night and she would come over for dinner time. Aiden seemed a little bit surprised about it but he didn’t say anything.

Soon it was just Sam, Klaus, Aiden and I left. “You doing anything after this?” Aiden asked as he loosely wrapped his arms around my waist.

“Not until 6,” I replied.

“Would you like to go out on a date?”

“Sounds good.” I smiled up at him. I looked over Aiden’s shoulder to see that Sam and Klaus were doing the same thing. When I was about to look away they started to make out. “Do you want to go now? I think it would be wise, next they will be taking off clothes and I don’t want to be here when it happens.” They didn’t seem to notice us leave.

We took off in Aiden’s car; I didn’t bring a car this morning I just ran to the clearing. “Where are we going?” I asked.

“You’ll see.” Aiden answered.

“Is it a surprise? Should I be excited?” I smiled.

“You should,” He glanced over at me with a small grin. There was a moment of silence before he spoke. “When you were training with Ava, I was watching over you though the mind link. I saw you as a little girl in the meadow that burnt down all those years ago. It used to be a place I used to go camping when I was younger. My parents that week when fire happened hadn’t looked at the news and we went to the Moonshine Forest. It had been three days since the fire. We camped there for four days before the full moon.”

“What was it like?” I asked even though I wasn’t sure I was ready for the answer.

“It was quite dreadful. The camp grounds were really bad as well as everything in a two hundred metre radius. The meadow some of it survived. The creek saved a little under half.”

I was sort of surprised. Even though I didn’t read up on it to see how badly it had been. I haven’t even gone back after all these years. I don’t know if the meadow has grown back yet. “Where did you camp if the grounds were all burnt down?”

“The remaining part of the meadow,” he replied. “Have you been back since the fire?”

“No, I don’t want to ruin the memory.  It’s the only one I have where I was at absolute peace.  I have never felt anything like it since.” I explained. The thought of the meadow being damage and partly destroyed saddened me.

“Just because the place changes, it doesn’t change the memory. Even though it will no longer be the same, nothing ever stays the same. We live in a changing world and there is nothing you can do to stop it. You can either accept it and live with it or ignore it all but you still have to live it.” Aiden assured. I knew he was right, but just didn’t want accept it yet. I’d always value peace highly. Crystal Falls was misleading to new comers it seemed like a peaceful small town but it wasn’t. We had a high crime rate because of vampire and werewolves not getting along. I know that vampires and werewolves will probably never get along to a point where both sides could be friends. The idea is practically laughable. If only we could compromise.

“You know it has been ten years since it has happened. I would have all grown back by now.” He looked over at me for a moment before returning them to the road.

“I know, maybe I’ll go back there one day. I’m a bit scared to see how it has changed.” I frowned. I knew it could be so different that I would no longer feel the peace I once felt there.


We drove in silence until we got close and I then knew why he had brought up Moonshine Forest. It was where he was taking me. I tensed.

“It’s ok we are only going for a picnic and we don’t even have to go to the meadow. That’s if you don’t feel up to it today.” He said to reassure me. “I think you can do it. I have faith in you.” He said as he took out a chilly bin and blanket. Then we started to stroll over to where camp grounds were.

Everything was diverse. Trees had been replanted to replace the old burnt down ones on the outskirts of the camp grounds. Most of the old trees had been removed and some were overgrown stumps. The stumps didn’t look that bad, they weren’t even burnt to the core. Other small plants seemed to be growing out of the stumps. New life sprouted from the dead. There were a few tents up and a couple of caravans parked on the grounds.

“Do you want to have the picnic here?” He indicated to a petite patch of grass under a sapling.

“Ok.” He laid out the blanket and sat down next to me. He started unpacking lunch from the basket. There was potato salad, sliced ham, Panini’s with lettuce salad, chicken and cranberry sauce. “How did you know that I liked chicken Panini’s?” I smiled, giving him a questioning look.

“It’s my favourite thing to have for lunch.” He replied pulling out a bottle of fruit juice and two cups and plates and cutlery. The food was great. He even brought dessert, friands! They were just as scrumptious.

When we were finished, Aiden started packing up. I helped and we small talked for the majority of the time. It was good getting to know him better. We were engaged to be mated after all. The more I got to know him the more in love I fell with. He was a miraculous person inside and out. He is unlike the few boyfriends I have had. I’m glad that I meet him.

“Do you want to see the meadow while we are here?” Aiden asked. I thought about it for a moment. Then I knew being me, if I didn’t do it now I wouldn’t at all. No place like the present.

“Ok then.” I exhaled. He walked me down to the meadow in silence as if not scare me off going.

On the way to the meadow it all looked strange to my memory. The trees were all very short even the path to the meadow was altered. There were different types of flowers and grass growing on the path and it wasn’t as worn down. The meadow wasn’t as diverse as I originally thought it would be. The grass was more abundant and the flowers were more vibrant. There weren’t as many butterflies about though.

I exhaled heavily; I must have been holding my breath. “It’s almost exactly how I remember it.” I said just before I heard rustling.

Out of nowhere a group of men dressed in black ambushed us. Taking us by surprise, they separated us. Three grown men against one sixteen year old, the odds were against me. What made it an even worse situation was that they were vampires.

By the time they had pinned my arms behind my back, my face was bloodied and I had accumulated quite a lot of bruises. It was nothing compared to Aiden. He was in a heap on the ground, covered in blood that wasn’t just his own, a black eye and many cuts. He had killed two of the four vampires that had attacked him by beheading them.

“Aiden!” I cried out. He stirred, relief washed over me. He is live. They may have had a tight grip of my arms but that didn’t stop me from running over to Aiden. I kneeled beside him and set my hands on either of his cheeks. He looked up at me through the small slit his swollen eyes allowed him. I kissed him tears streaming down my face. “I love you.”  I said in the mind link.

“I know.”  He replied just as they ripped me away from him.

“No!” I screamed. I couldn’t leave him like this. This time they bound my hands together and gagged me. Tried to get back to Aiden, it was my last.  They knocked me unconscious after that.

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