A girl named Sophie is homeless and has been through the hardest times a 16 year old girl should not have to go through. One day when she goes into a coffee shop to see if there was any work going, she bumps into a woman who turns out to be Avril Lavigne who is someone she was looked up to all her life. She helps Avril out the way of being hurt by a mob of people wanting her autograph and some who just don't like her... Avril instantly has this weird attraction toward Sophie that she has never felt before towards any girl. When she finally finds out Sophie is homeless and lives on the streets it breaks her heart, but what happens when they kiss...? What happens when Avril starts to find out about the dark things that have made Sophie a cold person...? This story was named Darlin' after the song Darlin' by Avril Lavigne. Even though this story is based in 2010 which is before that song even came out of Avril's 4th studio album Goodbye Lullaby. I thought the song suited what this story


17. She Can't Move


Chapter 17


All I see is Avril's eyes look up me, those blue eyes just make my heart beat quicker. I smile down the beautiful angel called Avril Ramona Lavigne.

"Av....," is all I can manage to say, her eyes still stare at me in disbelief.

I can't move my limbs as I try to touch her face, but I can't. I try to move all my limbs, but nothing moves and I start to freak out.

"I can't move my limbs!" I scream at the top on my lungs.

"Calm down Sophie..," I hear Avril say as what I'm guessing is a reflex.

"I can't move my limbs!" I scream again.

A nurse comes running in a I continue to scream that my limbs aren't moving. She doesn't say a word to me, she grabs out a needle jabbing me in my arm with it.

My eye lids become so extremely heavy. They close, drawing me into the world of sleep in a matter of no time...

I wake, opening my eyes I see the familiar white ceiling I have gotten so use to. When I look around I realise it isn't the same room I had woken in before they had put me back to sleep. I blink my eyes trying to focus in on my surroundings.

Looking to my right, an asleep Avril lays in the chair with a hospital blanket over her body.

I try to move my limbs but they refuse to move. I can't feel my any of my body, but what is even worse is that I can't even move any of my body.


She screams,"I can't feel my limbs!"

A look of panic as well as extreme sadness fill her facial features. I can't believe it at all, I have never seen her look so scared.

"I can't feel my limbs!" She screams once again, throwing her head from side to side.

"Calm down Sophie...," I say traveling off as I realise this is most likely because of brain damage.

"I can't feel my limbs!" She screams at the top of her lungs.

A nurse comes running in, getting a needle. She stabs it into Sophie's arm within a matter of seconds. Sophie starts to fall asleep within minutes of having the injection in her arm.

She looks so peaceful and calm. They put oxygen mask on her once again. They were scared that she might slip back into a coma if they didn't give her enough oxygen and putting her to sleep by medicine.

A doctor walks into the room, he walks over to me smiling as he stands in front of me,"Ms Lavigne, we are going to be moving Miss Sophie Scott from here in ICU down to the teenage ward."

"Will she be staying sedated?" I ask not really wanting to know.

"If she is aggressive then yes. But we don't want to do that since she has only just come out of a coma and sedating her could put her back into a permanent coma and maybe never wake up again or could cause her to die..," he says trying not to sound bad about the way they are handling things.

"Does she need oxygen constantly for awhile to make sure she gets enough?"

"Yes to make sure her heart is beating properly so she doesn't slip back into a coma."

"When are they moving her?"

"In 10 minutes so get ready to move down stairs. You won't be able to stay every night like you have been here so just keep that in mind."

"Okay. Thank you for looking after Sophie, Doctor."

"You're welcome," he says with a smile before walking out the room leaving Sophie's lifeless body in her hospital bed and my wrecked looking body, face and clothes.

It took an hour but we are now down in the teen ward, there is mainly only teenagers in the ward. The doctor explained I have been staying with Sophie constantly since I arrived the first time. They understood, they put myself down as a visitors as well as Jordy.

We are in a room with a TV, I have a single bed as well as a very comfortable arm chair they bought in especially for me. I paid to get the TV connected for when Sophie is awake long enough to watch it.

For her pain she is on morphine through her drip in her hand. She is being quite heavily sedated, not even letting her wake up to see how she reacts this time or even talk to her. They have to take her up to have more x-rays of her legs, arms, ribs, collarbone and a MRI of her head.

They suspect that her right leg is shattered, her right arm is shattered, her collarbone is broken and maybe 1 or 2 of her ribs. They think she might have brain damage which may be causing her to not to be able to move her limbs at all.

I sit in the arm chair, watching TV since I'm paying for it. I didn't realise it was so boring watching TV, I check my Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr.

In walks a female doctor, she has blue eyes and brown hair tied back into a pony tail. She smiles at me as she walks to the Sophie's bed, only for a look of shock as she looks over Sophie's chart. She walks over to me smiling, she extends her hand out to me,"I'm Dr Cole. The two times Sophie was here I have been her doctor at times. I'm Bek."

"I'm Avril," I say not even caring to explain since most people expect it.

"Nice to meet you Ms Lavigne," she says with a smile, I can tell it is honestly a fake one.

"I was wondering what your plans are on how to deal with Sophie?" I ask bluntly.

As she looks a taken back she asks,"what do you mean?"

"The other two doctors have kept her sedated since she woke up screaming she couldn't feel her limbs. She was in a coma for quite awhile. She wasn't meant to wake up or even live. She was on a ventilator which was the only thing keeping her alive. They took her off it and after a bit she started breathing by herself. They told me there is a high chance of her slipping into a coma and dying," I tell her everything that I had seen happening since my time being here with her through so many milestones already, but I know there is way more to come.

"No. We are going to wake her up slowly. Keep her medicated for her injuries. Get her suspected brakes x-rays and her suspected brain damage scanned," she says confidently as she smiles at me with a determined expression upon her face.

She walked out with a strut she hadn't had when walking in the room. All I can say is that I'm happy she is doing what I really think Sophie needs but I do not like her at all. I lay on my single bed, I quickly drift off to sleep, no notice at all just straight to dreaming of spending the rest of my life with Sophie Skylar Jasmine Scott as Mrs Sophie Skylar Jasmine Lavigne...



I start to feel like the pressure on my eyes are being lifted up, way into the sky. My eyes start to squirm around, not quite ready to be opened, but exploring their movement ability once again.

It is now ready for the moment I have been waiting for.. I open my eyes wide. I see a beautiful pair of blue eyes looking down on me, trying to reach up and my arm doesn't move at all. She leans down kissing me on my forehead, leaning back up with this fantastic smile radiating for her gorgeous face.

"Hey Soph," Av says with a huge smile, as I look down to where I see my hand it has her hand firmly gripped to it.

"Av.. I can't.. Move.. ANYTHING!" I says so out of breath.

"It's okay bubba. We will work on that, but first you need to stay calm. They need to take you for x-rays of your suspected brakes then your off for an MRI scan to see if you have any brain damage...," she says with no emotion showing but I can tell it is beyond hard for her not to show the way she is actually feeling.

"Wake me up when I have to go Av...?" I ask as I drift comfortably back into the world of dreamland.

I start to wake once again, this time to be looking at a different face, but one I knew.

"Hey...," is all I manage to say, causing her to give me a big smile.

"Long time since I saw you stranger!" She says joking around, making fun of just how often she comes upon me in her hospital

I just smile, I look to my side to see a very nervous looking Avril. She still had a right hold on my hand but I just can't feel it!

"Soph, you going for the x-rays first then MRI," she says shyly smiling, I can tell she is beyond worried about what is going to come back on the results.

They wheel my bed off to the X-Ray department. I knew I wouldn't feel a thing which I was beyond greats up for, but I knew of the feeling returned I would regret having X-Rays.

Finally being wheeled back into my room on the Teenage Ward. I have a right leg and arm which need to be operated on, but for now just are bandaged up. I have five broken ribs on my right side and a broken right collarbone.

Walking in Bek walks straight up to Avril with no smile in sight,"She has broken collarbone, five broken ribs on her right. She has shattered leg and arm on her right side which will need surgery really soon on them."

"After the surgery will she be able to walk again? Will she be put in plasters?" Avril asks in a panicked tone.

"Not sure if she will be able to walk. But she will definitely be in plasters until it is fully healed."

"What are the results for her MRI?"

"I will make a physically examination then tell you the results of her MRI."

Uncovering my once covered body she explains the test to me. I agree as she starts the test, she tells me to close my eyes.

After what feels like forever she tells me,"open your eyes."

"How did it go?" I ask impatiently.

"You didn't feel a single touch or squeeze I made of your arm and leg..," she says with a wave of sadness falling upon her face.


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