A girl named Sophie is homeless and has been through the hardest times a 16 year old girl should not have to go through. One day when she goes into a coffee shop to see if there was any work going, she bumps into a woman who turns out to be Avril Lavigne who is someone she was looked up to all her life. She helps Avril out the way of being hurt by a mob of people wanting her autograph and some who just don't like her... Avril instantly has this weird attraction toward Sophie that she has never felt before towards any girl. When she finally finds out Sophie is homeless and lives on the streets it breaks her heart, but what happens when they kiss...? What happens when Avril starts to find out about the dark things that have made Sophie a cold person...? This story was named Darlin' after the song Darlin' by Avril Lavigne. Even though this story is based in 2010 which is before that song even came out of Avril's 4th studio album Goodbye Lullaby. I thought the song suited what this story


1. Avril Meets Sophie


I walk alone the hallway of this hospital with a nurse and two security guards to make sure I didn't run for it. I just wish they would already let me out of this stupid fucking place. I swear I'm going to take my life as soon as I fool them enough to make them believe I'm ok enough to go home.. well close enough to home which my really home is the streets. 



I walk the streets with a knife in my pocket and a bottle of vodka in my hand. It must be getting late so I make my way towards the homeless shelter that lets me charge my mobile phone there and have something to eat as well, but they never have a bed for me to use. I make my way over there making sure to hide my bottle of vodka in my bag.  

I walk in to see everyone was pretty much out of the kitchen which means that dinner had been and gone, so I make my way to the office where Liam the person who runs the shelter works and sleeps. I knock on the door of the office knowing Liam would come out to make me something to eat for dinner as well as giving me something I can eat tomorrow at school. 


I wake up the next morning and I smell so bad, so I make my way back to the shelter to take a quick shower. Liam always wanted to help me so he let me have pretty much whatever I would need physically. As soon as I jumped out the shower I wiping myself off with the towel so I can change into some of my clean clothes.

I walk all the way to school which is a 45 minute walk away. On the way I take a couple swigs from my bottle of vodka before lighting up a smoke to have since I hadn't had one already that morning like normally would of. I get to school early enough that pretty much none of my fellow students are there so I head for my locker to grab my school bag as well as my school uniform top which is the only part of school uniform I own.  So I take my jacket off before pulling my t-shirt over the top of head, and pulling my school top over my head before putting my jacket back on. I flick my natural blonde hair with its two purple, one pink and one blue streakes out from under my school top and my jacket. I shove my normal bag and take my school backpack.




I land at Sydney airport and I was rushed into a car once we got out the airport thanks to my security guards who protected me so well. I get in the car where my manager meets me, and we ride together all the way to the hotel I will be staying in for my time here in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. I manage to make a dash for the hotel doors in which I made it inside successfully without being seeing by fans. I'm taking up to my room, I walk in to the nice room which is normal size for this kind of hotel room.


The next morning  I take a quick shower and get ready to hide my face since I want to go out and have a look at Sydney without the security guards. I make myself so my face don't show and so my eyes are covered by nice bit sunglasses. 

I make my way outside and down the street towards a local coffee shop. I walk into the coffee shop to grab a coffee because I despreately needed one, I order my coffee and as someone walks in they bump into me making my hood on my jacket fall of my head. Stupid me pulls my sunglasses of to yell at them and that poor girl with blonde hair with a couple purple steaks along with a pink and blue one as well with light green eyes which bug out at me. 

The next thing I know is she grabs my hand pulling me out the coffee shop with great force. She is running trying to drag me along behind her with all her strength.

"What the fuck are you doing?'' I yell at her as she dragging me along whilst I'm resisting her.

"They will trample you if you don't fuckin' start running with me!" She yells at me pulling me along with the last of her saved up strength in which nearly made her fall over since I started to run just after she pulled me harder.

We bolt and she still holds onto my hang and she drags me along since this chick run so fucking fast it totally blows my mind, but what else blows my mind is that she is run and she still looks so damn gorgeous. She finally pulls me into this dead end ally way which had a gate blocking our way.

"Climb!" she yells at me with panic in her voice as she grabs my bum pushing me up as I start to climb up the gate.

Before I manage to get to the top she has climbed over the gate and is waiting on the ground for me. I climb down the other side and when I jump off I nearly fall over but she is quick enough to stop that from happening. She takes my hand pulling me behind her as we quietly make our way into this old building that looks to be abandoned.

"Why did you bring me here?" I ask looking at the girl who is sitting down pulling out a lighter before searching her bag until she pulls out a cigarette and lighting it up.

"This is one of the safes places here in this bit of Sydney. I'm sorry about bumping into you I didn't mean to,'' she says with her light green eyes looking into my own blue ones.

"It's ok beautiful. At least you helped me get away from the mob of people trying to trample me to death,'' I say giving her smile as I look over the girl infront of me who was in faded old black skinny jeans with an old faded pair of red converses, she wears an old one of my Avril Lavigne concert top with me when I was young and playing a guitar on the front, she wears this old black jacket with a hood that is very baggy on her. 

She her stomach growls loud enough for me to hear which made me realise that the poor girl was probably starving after that running from the mob trying to trample me to death. She pulls out a bottle of vodka from her backpack which is filled with some clothes along with a phone and iPod which had its earphones wrapped around it. She takes a swig from the bottle of vodka before stuffing it back in her bag.

"Well Miss Lavigne, where do you want to go?' she asks me pulling a smile to her face as she stands in front of me.

"Just call me Avril, anyway I didn't catch your name,'' I say looking at the beautiful girl in front of me.

"I'm Sophie, so I'm guessing coffee is first so follow me,'' she says moving foward and through this little alley wya which came out at another bigger alley way a block away. 





I walk Avril back to her hotel which is one of the best hotels in Sydney, scratch that it is the best hotel in Sydney. I'm absolutely starving since I haven't eaten all day since one of the bullies at school took my lunch since she still keeps calling me a fatty. Avril really was good company and I hope she liked me since she was a really cool person that I am happy that I did save from the mob of people trying to trample her to death. 

"Sophie, I want you to come to my show tomorrow night so come over here tomorrow and we can hang before the concert,'' she says looking into my eyes once again and giving me that look that makes me weak at the knees.

"Yeah ok, text me,'' I say pulling her hand into my own as I write my number on her hand before smiling up to her after I finish writing my number.

"You live near here?" she asks me with a curious look on her face which looked kind of cute.

"Kinda, I should be getting going,'' I say as I turn around to leave knowing how sad that question always makes me feel, but then I'm turned around with force and pulled into a hug by the Avril Lavigne as in the famous singer that I absolutely look up to.

I make my way out onto the cold street, I make my way towards the abandoned building around the corner which I had hidden a blanket and pillow in just last week so I knew it would still be there. I climb over the back fence and drop down to the ground, I make my way into the building and find the hiding spot where my pillow and blanket were. 



I get a call from Avril that morning around about 10am, I answer it as I'm on my way towards the shelter to go get some breakfast because I'm starving.

"Hello?'' I say into the phone unsure of who it was.

"Hey Sophie, It's Avril, Avril Lavigne,'' she says and her voice instantly brings a smile to my face.

"Oh hi Avril,'' I say trying to sound chilled out which I half successed at.

"I was just wondering if you coming over now?"

"Well... yeah I am,'' I say into the phone as I turn around head back towards the hotel that Avril was meeting me at in the lobby.

She hangs up so I go to text Liam but my phone turns off because it is flat. I feel like throwing the stupid piece of shit of a phone but I could never have enough money to buy a new one. I shove it in the pocket of my skinny jeans that I'm still wearing, I make my way back which really doesn't take me that long at all. 

I walk into the lobby and Avril walks up to me and she looks me up and down.

"Why didn't you text me back?'' she asks with this hurt look upon her beautiful face which I really didn't like at all.

"Sorry my phone went flat, can I charge it up in your hotel room?" I ask since I really need my phone to be charged.

I hand my phone to her and she starts laughing which causes confussion to come onto my face.

"This is so not a phone, well not a very good one at that,'' Avril says as she walks over to her body guard before whispering something in his ear which made him leave.

She starts walking toward the lift and as soon as she realises I'm not right behind her she calls me over. I walk over slowly not sure of what is going to happen, I get in the lift with her since she is so sure that I am going up to her hotel room. Once we are in the room she lets me put my phone on the charger. I join her in the lounge area where  she sits on a nice white sofa so I stand in front of her, which causes her to look me up and down again.

"You didn't change out of the clothes you were wearing yesterday when I met you,'' she says giving me a weird look which I hated.

"Yeah well, I, umm, didn't manage to get home the other clothes I have are dirty,'' I say looking straight down at my feet, I feel so embarrassed at this moment.

"This cool, you can use some of my clothes if they fit you,'' Avril says to me as she smiles at me.

"You go get in the shower and I will get an outfit set out for you,'' She says to me as she shows me to the bathroom and bedroom.





I grab her clothes out of her bag and check the sizes to see that her clothes are size 12 except her baggy jacket which is a size 14 jacket. I take everything out the pockets of the clothes. I got the maid to wash her clothes for her and have then dry and folded on her bed that night when I return. I pick out a pair of black skinny jeans along with one of Abbey Dawn tank tops, I also lay out a pair of new black converses for her and next to the shoes is a brand new iPhone for her since her old phone seems like it doesn't have much life left in it.

I go out into the lounge area with my guitar as I try my new songs that I have written. I sing along as I strum the tune on the guitar, I really get into the song. I don't even hear Sophie come in until she yells at me causing  me to stop what I was doing instantly.

"What the fuck is this?" she yells at me with anger clear in her eyes and on her face which just confuses me.

"It's an iPhone?'' I question her not knowing the right answer to her question.

"I don't need it!" she yells at me as anger seems to fade but something else takes its place.

"You do need it because that phone of yours is going to break soon. I wanted you to at least have a phone that wasn't going to break in the near future,'' I say with an innocent look upon my face.

"I'm sorry. Thanks for the phone,'' she says as she looks into my blue eyes with her own green ones.

I get a chance to look at her in the clothes I layed out for her. Everything looks good, I look her to her shoes which fit her and look good, she is wearing the new skinny jeans that fit her perfectly which means she is a size 10. I look at the tank top I had layed out for her which made her look nice and shows off a bit of her chest. I look to her arms to see bracelet all up her arms up to her elbows, I look up to see her wet hair all untidy.

"Come with me I will dry and style your hair whilst you have a play around with your new phone,'' I say smiling as I lead her into my own room where all my make up and everything is.




I'm wearing my usual wear for my concerts, I let Sophie have her way and watch the concert from the front of the mosh pit. She looks so beautiful so before the concert I let her have a photo with me just for memories sake. I told her if she looks like she is getting hurt in the mosh pit my security guards will pull her out the mosh pit for her own safety. I start the concert like normal but my eyes instantly spot Sophie, in this light she looks so angelic.


My security guards ended up pulling Sophie out the mosh pit which scared me because I didn't know if she was injuried or not. It was late and about 2 am when we finally get back to my hotel room.

"I should get going,'' Sophie says half asleep as she heads for the door.

"No stay. You are too tired to be going anywhere,'' I say with a smile through my sleep filled eyes.


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