A girl named Sophie is homeless and has been through the hardest times a 16 year old girl should not have to go through. One day when she goes into a coffee shop to see if there was any work going, she bumps into a woman who turns out to be Avril Lavigne who is someone she was looked up to all her life. She helps Avril out the way of being hurt by a mob of people wanting her autograph and some who just don't like her... Avril instantly has this weird attraction toward Sophie that she has never felt before towards any girl. When she finally finds out Sophie is homeless and lives on the streets it breaks her heart, but what happens when they kiss...? What happens when Avril starts to find out about the dark things that have made Sophie a cold person...? This story was named Darlin' after the song Darlin' by Avril Lavigne. Even though this story is based in 2010 which is before that song even came out of Avril's 4th studio album Goodbye Lullaby. I thought the song suited what this story


3. America calls for Avril


I start to wake up, my eyes flitter open to the bright light of the white room. I instantly know exactly where I am, I can feel this excruciating pain shooting up my left arm and into my shoulder. I try to move my arms using my full strength I have at this moment, trying to move them both but they won't at all, so I struggle as the excruciating pain gets worse as it shoots up my arm and into my shoulder. Tears stream down my face as I scream and shout out in pain. Nurses come rushing in along with a doctor, the nurses try holding me down as I struggle whilst screaming and screaming at the top of my lungs.

"Miss Scott, please remain still,'' a nurse says to me but I just can't stand the pain in my arm.

"Let my fuckin' arm out! Let my fuckin' arm out!" I scream at the top of my lungs as pain is shooting up my arm.



I flitter my eyes open as the bright light makes my eyes hurt, as I start to wake up. My first guess is that they sedated me, since I wouldn't stay still like they wanted. The excruciating pain shoots up my arm once again, causing me to scream out in pain over and over as I can't help but let tears stream down my cheeks. Nurses once again come in to try to hold me down, as one of the nurses rushes out to go get a doctor to see me, I'm guessing to get them to sedate me once again. 

This woman walks in, she has brown hair tied up into a pony tail and blue eyes. She looks like she is in her early 20's, but looks can be deceiving sometimes. She walks up to my bed in which she tells all the nurses to leave the room immediately, so all the nurses left the room but some are reluctant. She stand next to my bed as she watches me struggle against the restraints holding my arms down to the bed, I still scream out in pain as I jolt myself up and down in pain trying to set myself free. 

"Hey Sophie, I'm Dr Cole but please just call me Bek, do you reckon you could stay still?'' she asks me politely as well as giving me this look I know pretty well as sympathy.

"Let my fuckin' arm out, let it out!" I scream out as loud as I can whilst tear stream out my eyes, I thrust myself around trying to get out of the restraints because of how much pain I am in.

"Promise me Sophie that if I let you out of the restraints you will not hurt yourself or anyone else or run away,'' she said to me looking me in the eyes, I instantly nodd as I try to stop thrusting my body around so she will be able to undo them.

She undoes the restraints and I instantly start thrashing around as the pain is still in my arm. It is one of the worst pains I have ever had before. She manages to hold me down by sitting on top of me as she takes my left arm in her hands.

"Sophie, are you having a discomfort in you arm?" she asks me trusting me as she looks into my eyes, she holds me down firm with her legs whilst I can't help but move under her.

"It is one of the worst pains I have ever felt. It hurts so bad! Please make it stop, please Bek, please!" I beg her whilst tear run out from my eyes and down my eyes.

"I will give you something to ease the pain and something to help you sleep Sophie, so you will feel two pricks as the needles go in for each of them,'' she said as she asks one of the nurses to pass her them.





It has been 3 days now, they had kept her sedated because they wanted the stitches to start to heal, they were scared that if they didn't keep her out when she woke she would make them split open. I went to the hospital everyday whilst she was still sedated to see her, I was allowed to spend an hour a day with her. I went to go see her tonight, they told me she woke up today but they had to sedate her since she was becoming a danger to herself with her thrashing around. 

I haven't been sleeping much lately, I keep having a nightmare of what happened that night but instead she dies. I wake up crying everynight from that dream, I can't help but wonder why none of her family are there. I was told that no one from her family had come to see her, they told me that she will be put in a mental ward for awhile. 



I wake up, I throw the warm covers off my body before I use all my strength to get up. I strip down to nothing, I walk into the bathroom to take a shower. I get in and turn the taps on to make the water shower down over my naked body as I can't help but let my mind wonder back to thoughts of Sophie. It distracts me so long that I totally forget that I am in the shower, I manage to bring myself back to reality just enough to get out the shower.   

I wrap a towel around my body as I make my way into the bedroom, I walk right up to the closet to pick out what I'm going to wear. I grab a pair of black underwear and a bra, I quickly put them on before I continue to try to find something to wear. I settle on a pair of black skinny jeans with a black t-shirt along with a black hooded jacket. 

I get my body guards to drive me over to the hospital, I'm escorted up to Sophie's room. This young looking woman with brown hair tied back in a pony tail and has brown eyes introduces herself as Sophie's doctor.

"So Ms Lavigne, how do you know Sophie?" she asks me looking at me with curious but warry look upon her face.

"I met her since she saved me from getting stomped to death. We started to become friends over a couple,'' I say with a little smile coming onto my lips.

"Ms Lavigne, I will allow to you to go in since I bet you would like to see how the girl you saved is doing,'' she said giving me a smile, I couldn't help but give her a hug which is my way of thanking her.

I make my way into the hospital room, her wrists and ankles are strapped to the bed. I can't help but gasp at what I'm seeing, it brings Sophie to look at me with her gorgeous green eyes that is the only colour I see in her features. I take a seat in the chair that just happened to be placed by her bedside, I look her in the eyes scared to break eye contact.

"How are you doing Sophie?" I ask with a crack in my voice in the middle of my question, I try not to let tears escape from my eyes.

"Why the fuck did you put me in this fuckin' place?" she yells at me, her eyes showing anger clearly, it takes me back but then I put my hand on her own that is held by the straps.

"I called an ambulance. I couldn't just see you bleed to death, you would have bleed to death. I hate seeing you with these things on your wrists and ankles,'' I say through gritted teeth as I try to control the anger boiling within me.




We had been talking for ages now, she realised that I really didn't want this for her. She even said sorry about snapping at me and for do what she did in front of me, I couldn't help but let just one tear fall. 

I had managed to get her to laugh and smile, it was a big shock to me but I was really happy to see her smile. She is really beautiful when she smile, she just doesn't realise it because she can't see it herself. 

"Avril, I'm going to be in here a long time with the whole nearly dying because I cut and I have an eating disorder... they will keep me in here for a long time. I mean it isn't my fault I have been living on the streets since I was 14 years old...," she confesses to me with tears flowing down her cheeks, I quickly get up to wipe them away and leave a kiss on her forehead.

"It will be ok Soph, I promise it will be,'' I say giving her my best little smile, she just gives me that look that I just can't handle, it feels like she is looking right into me.

"Are you going back to America?" she asks in one of the most bluntest voices I have ever heard from her, the sweet voice she normally uses is replaced by this blunt mechanical one that I really don't like one bit at all.

"I'm going back tomorrow, butI will be back in 5 days to see how you are going,'' I say giving her a little smile, I see a quick flash of hurt in her eyes but she covers it up with just a blank stare into my eyes.

"You don't have to come back...," she says as she looks away, I know that I really couldn't not come back to see her.

"I'm coming back to see you, I promise Soph,'' I say giving her a kiss on the forehead.

The doctor walks in with a smile on her face, I can't tell if it is a real one of a fake one she puts on for all her patients and their friends and family. I just can't help but feel like maybe she is just generally a happy person who enjoys seeing people survive to live another day.  

"Well Ms Lavigne, I'm sorry but you will have to go,'' she say with a sad looking smile on her face.

"Doc, I want to come back in about 5 days from tomorrow, will missy here be somewhere else and if so how do I go about coming in to see her?" I ask looking her straight in the eyes, as I stand in front of her. 



I wake up to the alarm on my phone going off, I turn it off instantly before dragging myself out of bed and into the shower. I let the warm water flow over my naked body as I let my mind roam off into my thoughts. 

I come back to reality which causes me to realise I have been in the shower for a long time now, I quickly wash my hair along with my body before I jump out the shower. I wrap the towel around my body and make my way out into the bedroom, I walk into the wall in closet to pick out what I'm going to wear. I decide on a pair of ripped light blue skinny jean with a black long sleeve top where it exposes one of my shoulders. I quickly put my black underwear and bra on before slipping into my ripped light blue skinny jeans, then I pull the top over my head and make sure it is sitting in the right place. 

I pack all my clothes into my bags, I grab my phone and shove it in the pocket of my jeans so I won't forget it. I make sure I have my iPod ready to use on the flight back to Los Angeles, I couldn't help but feel down about leaving. I had bought a nice house that looks like an apartment building but the reality is it is a two story huge house in the middle of Sydney it is so when I come back over here to Australia for me to stay, it is somewhere I can have to myself especially it will help when I come over to see Sophie again.

My security guard took my bags down to the car whilst I made sure I had left anything important behind. I slowly walk to the lift where I'm met by two of my body guards who will protect me from the fans who will try to rip my clothes of my person, which I really don't want. The fans try their hardest to get through my six body guards who are rushing me into a car to be taken to the airport. 


I sit in a seat next to the window with my body guard sitting next to me, it really bugs me sometimes.  I shove my earphones into my ears before cracking up my music, I just let it take me off into my thoughts which instantly go to Sophie... 

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