But I Love You - (Larry Stylinson)

"Who's Larry Stylinson?"
"Is it real?"
"Are you gay?"
"What are you hiding?"
"Why don't you come out?"
"Is your girlfriend fake?"
"When will her contract end?"
"Why are you lying to us?"

It's hard pretending you're in love.
Same goes vice versa.
Everybody knows that well.
So why do they expect you to do it?


7. Chapter 7

"What do you mean temporary?" Zayn raised an eyebrow while talking through the phone. Eleanor sighed and answered, "That Harry will be staying at my house a few weeks or two-three months, tops."

"What? Why?" Zayn sounded frustrated. "Because... we decided that he should," Eleanor explained.

"The both of you? Or just you?" Eleanor rolled her eyes even though Zayn can't see her. "Look, it's for the best. It seemed like Louis really hurt Harry. Besides Harry can use some change in something."

"This is ridiculous. Harry and Louis live together, without Harry, Louis will be by himself. Me and the lads have our own homes, so we can't stay here with him."

"Louis' a big boy. He can handle living by himself." Zayn, already losing his patience, ran a hand through his hair.

"You don't get it. Harry and Louis can't live without each other," Zayn explained hoping Eleanor wouldn't force Harry to stay with her, but in the contrary, it made her want to accomplish her decision with much more eagerness.

"Harry and Louis can't live without each other..." Is that true? But that's so wrong. I'm supposed to be the one Harry can't live without; not Louis. It's supposed to be me with whom lives with Harry and It's supposed to be Louis who Harry can go to after a fight with me. It's not supposed to be the other way around. Harry always comes to me when him and Louis get in a fight, but it's supposed to be the opposite, isn't it. And they are always by each other or touching each other in some way: a tap on the shoulder, high five, hand holding, and so many more. Is that even normal? Their friendship, I mean. They're just best friends, but not even my best friend and me act like that...

"Eleanor!" Zayn interrupted Eleanor from her thoughts.


"First we find Louis and then we can decide where Harry stays. And can't he decide by himself? You're not his mom and he's an adult."

She scoffed ignoring Zayn's last remark, "Where did Louis go this time?"

"This time? You make it sound like he does this every other day?" Zayn couldn't believe he was wasting precious 'looking for Louis' time on Eleanor.

"He does. There is always something going on with him and it's annoying. Like am I the only-" El was cut off by the beeping noise indicating Zayn hung up. She cursed at the phone.

Zayn returned to looking and calling Louis. He has been calling Louis endlessly until Eleanor decided to drop her little surprise on him. The phone rings 3,4,5,6,7, times before he's taken to voicemail.

"Your call can not be answered at the moment. Please leave a message-beep-" Zayn decided not to leave a voicemail this time. He's probably left about 50 of them.

"Fucking Louis, where are you?" Zayn cursed at the phone. He decided to call one of the other lads just in case they have found him already.

Zayn tries Liam, "Hello?"

"Liam. Any luck?"

"No and I've looked all over. Where are you anyways?"

"At the neighborhood park. You?"

"Somewhere in the city," Liam answered. Zayn sighed, "Has Niall had better luck?"

"I don't know, I haven't called him yet- oh wait, hold on. I'm getting a call from him. I'll call you back," and with that, Liam hung up.

Liam answered Niall's call and was happy with the news.

"I've found him," Niall said happily, but there was something else in his voice.

"Where?" Liam anxiously asked.

"Tell me so I can go over there. Look, I'm starting my car already just tell me where."

"At a bar," Niall nervously answered.

"A bar?" Liam couldn't believe that Louis would be at a bar. Louis never does that type of thing when there is something wrong. He usually takes a walk around the city or something, but never a bar.

"Yeah and he's pretty wasted. Wasted enough to pass out," Niall sighed shaking his head.

"Passed out?"

"Yeah, when I first found him he was sitting all alone and mumbling something about an Austin and then BOOM he's passed," Niall explained while biting his fingernails.

"Wait, an Austin? Do we even know an Austin?"

"I don't know, but are you on your way? I can't be standing in the parking lot of a bar with someone passed out just inches away from me."

"You never told me the name of the bar," Liam annoyingly said.

"Oops. That's right," Niall chuckled even if Liam wasn't in the mood.

Once Liam got there, Niall and him both carried Louis to the backseat of Liam's car. They struggled a bit, but they managed to get him in with possibly only a few bruises.

While on their way to Louis' flat, Niall dialed Zayn and told them about what they found. Liam still wondered who Austin was. Apparently Niall didn't really care because when Liam tried asking Niall about who it could be all Niall said was, "It beats me."

Liam's pretty sure this Austin guy had something to do with Louis ending up in a bar and Liam will find this guy. He doesn't know why it's so important to him, but he just feels like he needs to know.  

"Wait, how did you even know to look in a bar?" Liam asked Niall.

"Lucky guess," Niall shrugged while trying to contain his smile. 

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