But I Love You - (Larry Stylinson)

"Who's Larry Stylinson?"
"Is it real?"
"Are you gay?"
"What are you hiding?"
"Why don't you come out?"
"Is your girlfriend fake?"
"When will her contract end?"
"Why are you lying to us?"

It's hard pretending you're in love.
Same goes vice versa.
Everybody knows that well.
So why do they expect you to do it?


6. Chapter 6

Eleanor ignored Niall and furiously knocked on Louis' door. Zayn came up the stairs, "Would you stop that?" El huffed in annoyance and opened the door. It was empty, but the window was opened. "Told you," Niall said while walking away. "Where is he?" Eleanor asked.

"Well, whenever he was upset he'd leave somewhere and would come back without us realizing," Liam, who also walked in, explained.

"Then how do you know he'd leave?" Eleanor asked. "Well, there would be a ladder just outside the window and a trail of tracks leading to the street. We always found out the next day," Liam answered. 

Eleanor sighed and ran a hand through her bangs. "I guess I'll be leaving now," she started to walk away, but Liam stopped her. "How is Harry doing?" Before turning around, Eleanor smiled. She smiled at the fact that someone asked how Harry was.

Until now, it's only been about Louis. 

She turned around and said, "He's still asleep. I better go back," she left. 


Once Eleanor returned Harry was already awake and had a terrible hangover. He had an absolutely splitting headache. His mouth was all dry and sticky, and the slightest bit of sunlight seemed unbearable. Eleanor made sure Harry drank plenty of water and had lots of rest. To make it easier she gave him some ibuprofen she had stored up for those painful mornings. Harry decided to stay at Eleanor's for a bit, he didn't want to go back. He was still really mad at Lou, and a bit sad too. 

Eleanor tried getting Harry to talk, but he just wouldn't budge. Harry wanted nothing, but to know why Louis would think like that. Aren't they supposed to be best mates? Did Harry overreact or was Louis out of hand? Sadly, Harry didn't know the answer to none of these questions. 

Harry finally got tired of El asking so he explained what had happened. Eleanor was confused. She knew Louis and that didn't seem like him. Louis was always so supportive of her's and Harry's relationship and Louis always said that if the love was real and sincere then one is never too young for marriage. 

 Eleanor decided to talk to Louis. Not talk with what she had in mind; which was to yell at Louis, but to actually ask Louis what's going on. Eleanor believed her and Louis were great friends. They were, but one was constantly filled with envy and sadness. Since Louis was obviously not available Eleanor decided to wait a few days. 




Stupid. Stupid. You're so fucking stupid Louis,  Louis thought as he laid under the blooming cherry blossom tree. Louis' been at the park for a while now. Maybe a few hours; just thinking about what he did. 

You should've just agreed with him! Why are you so stupid? Louis kept face palming his forehead.

But you can't lie to your best friend...

What do you mean? You have been lying to him.

...I know...

Louis knew that mentally talking to yourself in third person is not what he needed to do. 

He sat up and got his phone from his back pocket. He went to his contacts list and his thumb hovered over the contact name of Harreh; debating whether or not to call. He took the chance and clicked the Call button. It ringed a few times before going to Voicemail. Louis huffed in frustration. He was frustrated with himself. Why did he always make mistakes? 

Louis sat up and started picking at the grass as he deeply sighed. He heard light footsteps against the grass behind him so he turned around. 

A tall handsome brunette stood before Louis. The stranger smiled and asked, "Can I sit?" Louis nodded. The guy took a seat next to Louis on the ground. Louis was a bit confused, but didn't say anything. They each looked at the sunset before them, just staring. Finally, Louis looked over at the guy. Sparkling hazel eyes, plump lips, and a toned body. The stranger noticed Louis staring and laughed to himself. 

"What's your name?" The stranger asked with a low, husky voice. Louis noticed he wasn't from Britain.

"Louis. Yours?" The stranger smiled and replied, "Austin."

Louis smiled back and asked, "Are you from America?" Austin nodded and said, "Quite obvious, isn't it?" Louis chuckled and nodded. 

"So, why are you sitting here all gloomy?" Austin asked and Louis bit his lip remembering the night before. 

"Had a fight with my-,"

"Girlfriend?" Austin cut in. Louis shook his head. "No. We're just friends at the moment. I wish we could go out though."

"What happened?" 

"it's pretty complicating," Louis answered.

"Isn't it always?" Austin asked with a small smile. Louis laughed and said, "Yeah."

"You like her?" Austin asked raising an eyebrow. Louis didn't bother correcting Austin and telling him that his best friend was actually a guy. 

Louis smiled widely, "Yea..."

"Well, then what are you doing here? Go talk to her," Austin shooed Louis. "It- She doesn't want to see me. I tried calling and I think she hates me," Louis said. 

Austin thought about that and suggested, "Wanna hang out with me then? I know we barely know each other, but I'm sure a few beers will be fun." Louis considered his options; sit there all gloomy or go out with Austin and drink a few beers. Louis decided on the latter. 

"Sure," with that Louis and Austin headed out to a bar. It was good for Louis to get his mind of off things. Harry had his turn, it's Louis' now.

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