But I Love You - (Larry Stylinson)

"Who's Larry Stylinson?"
"Is it real?"
"Are you gay?"
"What are you hiding?"
"Why don't you come out?"
"Is your girlfriend fake?"
"When will her contract end?"
"Why are you lying to us?"

It's hard pretending you're in love.
Same goes vice versa.
Everybody knows that well.
So why do they expect you to do it?


5. Chapter 5

The next morning turned out to be really quiet. Seemed like there was nobody home. Nobody wanted to get up. After what happened the day before, everyone was emotionally and physically tired. Louis, once again, cried himself to sleep on the bathroom floor after he locked himself in there. It was hard enough to try get Louis out and then Harry decided to take a "walk". After he was gone for quite a long time, two of the three stable boys; Zayn and Liam decided to look for him while Niall stayed home knocking on the bathroom door hoping Louis would open it and didn't try anything stupid. The boys wouldn't normally go after Harry, but considering the situation they were in, the boys looked all night at every bar in the city. They didn't find him and they were quite worried so they called his girlfriend. Sure enough, Harry was with Eleanor. Harry had stayed the night with Eleanor, Liam and Zayn crashed in the couch, and Niall fell asleep with his back against the bathroom door.

Louis was the first to wake up. His back ached since he spent the night on the cold, hard floor. He stood up and wasn't surprised to have found himself in the bathroom with the water running. Louis washed his face and he brushed his teeth. He was really tired, but he rather try to sleep again in his own room, even if he never finished cleaning it. Louis tried opening the bathroom door, but something heavy was leaning against it. Louis knew it was Niall. He remembered how much Niall begged him to open the door. Niall eventually got tired and Louis thought he left, but no, here he was sleeping against the bathroom door. Louis tried pushing the door one more time, but failed. Louis didn't want to keep trying, he was too tired so he decided to just give up and wait for Niall to wake up on his own. Fortunately, Niall woke up to the feeling of being pushed. "Louis, is that you?" Niall asked standing up. Louis didn't answer him. Louis didn't have the energy to speak. Niall moved out of the way and Louis was now able to get out. "Sorry man, I just fell asleep here," Louis didn't want to be rude and not answer his friend, but he lacked energy so he just nodded and dragged himself to the stairs. Niall cautiously watched Louis go up the stairs. He noticed how upset Louis was, but Niall didn't know what to say and sure enough, his opportunity was already gone. He knew Louis wouldn't be coming out sooner or later.

The Irish lad sighed and walked to the kitchen in hopes to get rid of his hunger. The next to wake up were the two other boys. Liam made breakfast and had the hope that Louis would join them, but he didn't. Nobody said anything while they ate and Liam decided to go upstairs to bring Louis his breakfast. Liam carefully knocked on Louis' door, but nothing happened.

 "Louis, are you there? I brought your breakfast, though you might be a bit hungry." Once again, nothing came from the other side of the door. Liam sighed knowing it was helpless and just left the tray of food on the floor next to the door. "Louis, I'm going to leave your food here just in case you get hungry, okay?" Nothing. "Okay," Liam quietly said to himself and walked away. The boys still had no clue what happened, but they knew Louis needed some space before explaining anything.

Meanwhile, at Eleanor's house, Harry was still in deep asleep. Eleanor had no idea what had happened since Harry was drunk when he went to her. El tried asking the other boys what had happened, but all she got from them was that Harry got in a fight with Louis. Nothing physical happened, but Eleanor couldn't help but feel angry towards Louis for putting Harry in the state he was currently in. Harry rarely drank, only on special occasions or when bad stuff happened, just like the one from the day before. Eleanor was ready to give Louis a piece of her mind so while Harry was still asleep, El decided to pay Louis a little visit.


Eleanor knocked on the door. A minute or two passed and still no one opened the door. She started getting impatient and started tapping her foot on the concrete ground. Tired of waiting, El decided to ring the door bell this time. Sure enough, a second later Eleanor is met with Zayn. "Is Louis home?" Eleanor asks. "He's not available right now, come back in a week or two," Zayn responded.

Zayn didn't like Eleanor at all, even if she was nice and pretty, he just didn't. He felt like she would end up hurting the band sooner or later.

Eleanor frowned, "I need to see him." Zayn shook his head. "Why not?" Eleanor started getting impatient again. "Because he's not feeling good," Zayn wanted her to go away. She would just make things worse for Louis. "Not feeling good?" Eleanor scoffed. "Louis never feels good! And now Harry doesn't feel good either and it's all Louis' fault! Louis isn't the only one that matters here! What about Harry?" Eleanor barged in pushing past Zayn. "Hey!" Zayn yelled. "I told you, he's not feeling good so will you just leave and go take care of Harry?" Zayn said with clenched teeth. El ignored Zayn and ran up the stairs till she reached Louis' door. "Louis!" she knocked. Nothing. She frowned and tried again, "Louis, please open up. I just want to know what happened." Silence. 

Niall came up the stairs and was now standing next to El. "He's not coming out, I'm not even sure he's in there," Niall told her. She looked at Niall in anger.

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