But I Love You - (Larry Stylinson)

"Who's Larry Stylinson?"
"Is it real?"
"Are you gay?"
"What are you hiding?"
"Why don't you come out?"
"Is your girlfriend fake?"
"When will her contract end?"
"Why are you lying to us?"

It's hard pretending you're in love.
Same goes vice versa.
Everybody knows that well.
So why do they expect you to do it?


4. Chapter 4

"What are you doing?" Louis looks up and sees Niall standing in front of him.

"Nothing," he simply says.

"You are obviously doing something, Louis."

Louis rolls his eyes. "I'm just cleaning my room."

"Woah, what the heck? You, Louis Tomlinson, are cleaning your room? Did someone die?" Louis and Niall both laugh.

"Shut up, I just thought it was about time I start disinfecting my sleeping area," Louis looks around disgusted with what he saw.

"Yeah, it's about bloody time!"

"Are you going to help me?" Louis asked Niall.

Niall looked at Louis in horror and said, "What? No way! You're on your own!"

"Then leave and let me clean. You are distracting me."

Niall scoffed and said, "Fine, I'll be going now."

Liam then came in the room and Louis rolled his eyes, already knowing the same thing was about to happen.

"Louis?" Louis looked up.

Liam stared for a moment before saying, "Who are you and what did you do to Louis?" Louis just stared at Liam and shook his head, "I saw a cockroach in my drawer the other day." Liam laughed.

"You guys, come in here! Louis is cleaning his room!" The rest of them came and seeing Harry made Louis smile despite the fact that they were about to make fun of him.

"I saw this first!" Niall pointed out.

"Mate, you alright?" Zayn asked putting a hand on Louis' forehead making sure he wasn't sick. Louis swatted Zayn's hand away.

"Leave him alone," Louis couldn't help but smile while Harry spoke, "he was obviously abducted by aliens," Louis' smile turned to a grin while he rolled his eyes. "So let's be friends with it!" Harry and the boys laughed while Louis just smacked Harry on the arm. The crinkles under Louis' eyes were now showing.

After a while they left Louis to his cleaning, all except Harry. They cleaned in silence and Louis couldn't help but feel like a school girl who is in the same room as her crush.

"Louis, can I ask you something?" Harry looked at Louis and Louis felt nervous all of a sudden.

"Yeah?" Louis couldn't help but feel paranoid over the idea of Harry knowing.

"What if I got married?" Harry asked in all seriousness. Louis blinked. Did Harry love Eleanor so much to consider getting married?

"What? Marriage? Are you serious?" Louis looked away from Harry's eyes and decided to work on the opposite side of the room.

"Why wouldn't I?" Harry was now confused on why his best friend would ask him such a thing.

Louis felt a familiar sting coming from his burning eyes. He knew Harry was being serious, but Louis refused to face it.

"I-I don't know. It's just that, don't you think you're still pretty young? And besides being in One Direction is quite a busy job, you don't have time for that." Louis still didn't turn to Harry and kept his back to him.

Harry frowned at the fact that his best friend just said that to him.

"Don't you want me to be Happy, Lou?" It was getting harder for Louis to hold in his tears. He clenched his fists to his side and clenched his teeth as well.

"I do, but-"

"But? But what Louis? What's wrong? Don't you want me to be married to the person I love?" Those words stung him and the tears finally spilled.

"Yes, but-"

"But? What's with the 'but'? " Harry was now mad.

"Say something, tell me." Harry didn't yet know that Louis was crying.

"Are you jealous Louis?" Harry's words spit like venom.

"Are you jealous of Eleanor and me?" Louis was now sobbing, and it was now visible to Harry, but that didn't make him stop.

"I-it's just t-that I don't t-think she's t-the one." Louis stuttered while crying harder.

"You're supposed to be my best friend. You're suppose to support me. Are you mad that I found someone and you haven't? Why are you crying? You're not supposed to be crying! I don't understand you! I thought we were best mates! I wanted you to be my best man! I wanted to share this important moment in my life with you! Why won't you accept it! Why don't you want me to get married, Louis? Tell me why? My career isn't an excuse. Give me one good reason why I shouldn't get married!" The rest of the boys have now heard Harry's yelling and were on their way to Louis' room.

"Tell me!" the boys were now outside the door.

"I can't say. You'll hate me," Louis' crying became uncontrollable.

"Tell me Louis!" The boys opened the door.

"Harry, stop." Liam came towards Harry.

"No!" He then turned his attention to Louis.

"Tell me!" Harry was beyond pissed.

Louis looked at Harry and the boys and shook his head.

Louis began panicking. He had to tell Harry.

Harry came closer to Louis and had his fist ready. Louis just backed away and started hiccupping at the need of oxygen. He was still crying which made it harder to breath and keep control. 

"C'mon Louis!" Harry yelled.


"Harry, stop! Leave Louis alone!" Zayn yelled and went to Louis who was now sobbing on the floor.

Zayn helped Louis up and Harry stared in disbelief.

Zayn took poor Louis to his room since Harry and the rest were still in Louis'. Louis knew he had to tell Harry sooner or later. Harry had to know, but what if Louis told Harry years from now? Would Harry already be married? Louis couldn't bear the thought of that. 

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