But I Love You - (Larry Stylinson)

"Who's Larry Stylinson?"
"Is it real?"
"Are you gay?"
"What are you hiding?"
"Why don't you come out?"
"Is your girlfriend fake?"
"When will her contract end?"
"Why are you lying to us?"

It's hard pretending you're in love.
Same goes vice versa.
Everybody knows that well.
So why do they expect you to do it?


2. Chapter 2

Louis sat on the couch holding the red cup given to him. He brings the drink to his mouth and chugs the beverage. He tightly shuts his eyes while the alcohol burns down his throat.

Louis then opens his eyes and scans the room.

He finds whom he's looking for and his eyes immediately fill with tears threatening to spill. He knew that when he looked at the happy couple he would regret it. He knew, so why did Louis torture himself by looking anyways?

Louis stared at Harry and Eleanor kissing. They stopped and looked at each other smiling, before kissing once again. Louis couldn't deny that even he felt the love shared between the two. He drowned another drink for the fifth time. The only time he got up was to get more drinks and Louis finally decided to bring the whole pack. His eyes made their way back to Harry and his girlfriend.

He wanted nothing, but to break it apart, but he knew he couldn't do that. Harry loved Eleanor and Eleanor loved Harry. There was nothing Louis could do, but sit and watch it happen before his eyes.

Maybe, it was his fault.

Maybe, if Louis had told Harry how he felt, Louis wouldn't have to witness this. Maybe, just maybe. But it's too late anyways, Harry and Eleanor are already in love.

 Louis loves Harry with all his heart, but the feeling isn't mutual and Louis knows that.

Sometimes the situation made him laugh. How couldn't it? His girlfriend was a beard and not for the reason fans thought it was, but just because Louis was gay and management thought a homosexual would be bad for the band. One Direction were at its highest peak in their career, and if the world knew the truth, it would be bad. He only wished that the fans theories were true. That Harry and him did have a secret relationship, but they're not. What made him laugh most was how fans thought Eleanor just came between him and Harry when in reality there was nothing to come in between of, and that in reality Harry and Eleanor were in love like fans thought "Larry" was in love.

Eleanor first met One Direction through Louis and her job. She was nice and pretty. She had a great personality and was quite the catch, so it didn't surprise Louis when Harry later fell in love with her.

Louis couldn't help, but feel it was unfair. He loved Harry first and he loved Harry more than she could ever have. He knew everything that made Harry happy and sad. He knew why Harry didn't like doing certain things. He knew how much stuff meant to him. And how much does she know? Not even a fraction of what he does.

He also knows that Eleanor makes Harry happy and that was too much for the lad to bear.

Louis gets up and runs to the bathroom. Harry and Eleanor look at each other like Louis wants him and Harry to look at each other.  

He locks himself in the bathroom and turns the sink on. The running water, along with the help of the blasting music, block the sound of him crying on the bathroom floor. Why couldn't he be what Harry loved most? Why couldn't he be loved back? Why couldn't he be happy? Why couldn't he have Harry?

Those were question he always asked himself, but never knew the answer to. Those questions haunted him every night before he cried himself to sleep. Those were questions he wished he didn't need to ask. 

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