But I Love You - (Larry Stylinson)

"Who's Larry Stylinson?"
"Is it real?"
"Are you gay?"
"What are you hiding?"
"Why don't you come out?"
"Is your girlfriend fake?"
"When will her contract end?"
"Why are you lying to us?"

It's hard pretending you're in love.
Same goes vice versa.
Everybody knows that well.
So why do they expect you to do it?


1. Chapter 1

A smile.

A fake smile.

A fake smile is all that came from the One Direction's band member, Louis Tomlinson, as he walked along the busy, loud streets with his girlfriend.  Hand in hand they walked the city of London, in hopes to fool everyone surrounding them.

Just like the sky, Louis and Eleanor were miserable. They didn't enjoy any of it, but it had to be done in order to keep a secret. A secret that didn't need to be known.

Louis had been unhappy and will always be unhappy as long as he has to lie and pretend he's not in love with his best friend.

As long as he has to pretend that the girl standing next to him is the one he loved, as long as the one he loves is loving another, there is no hope for happiness.

"All you have to do is pretend you're going out with her. No harm done, besides, he doesn't really mind. You were doing a great job, why stop now?"

The couple kept walking and all the lad wanted was to go home and be alone. He wanted to be away from the lies, the controlling, the pretending and everything that made his life miserable. He wanted to be with his family, friends and the one who made him smile in the worst of days. He wanted to be with Harry. 

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