Marcy Mabel and tegan the adorable cat demon

Marcy Mabel is a girl who's parents were brutally murdered. Marcy and her parents were held hostage in a meat locker. Marcy's parents froze to death and Marcy died last. Marcy used to be happy. Her mom was a artist and her dad was a musician and Marcy was their prodigy. She was furious with the people who claimed her life. She made a deal withe the devil, selling her soul, so she could avenge her parents death and stop this from happening again. This is Marcy lee Mabel's story about her and her demon, Tegan Cheshire as her maid.


1. ch1

The cold is I feel. It's colder than dry ice, and it hurts. I have been in here for a day now, trying to stay warm. I am the last Mabel now. I look around the large ice box trying to avoid the sight of my parents lifeless bodies slumped against the walls with the frost beginning to creep over their skin. The white walls are going dark and my vision starts to blur. I begin to cry because I am admitting to my defeat. I Marcy Lee Mabel, last of the living Mabel's, forfeit to the cruel cold that surrounds me. "I give up" I say quietly, but I hear no reply. "I SAID I GIVE UP YOU BASTARDS!" I shout angrily. I feel light headed from yelling and the edges of my vision go dark, but I continue. "YOU ARE EVIL, VILE PEOPLE! YOU KILLED MY FAMILY AND I WONT FORGET IT! YOU MURDERED MY SISTER! SHE WAS ABOUT TO TURN SEVEN,BUT NOW SHE WILL NEVER LIVE TO SEE IT, SHE WONT GROW UP, SHE WONT LIVE TO MARRY OR HAVE CHILDREN OF HER OWN! YOU MALICIOUS, SOULLESS FEINDS!" I stop ranting because the lump in my throat is to big and my tears are beginning to freeze my eyes shut. "I take it back, I don't give up. I will kill you all. I will never let you hurt another family it scar another child. Death won't be able to stop me, I will kill you all. I will hunt you down and kill you, and you will all burn in hell." I say darkly and deathly quiet. "I-I will make you fee-feel the p-pain I d-do. I wi-will..." My voice fades and I begin to fade. All of the pain vanishes and the bitter cold is replaced by a warmth spreading through my body. It's pure bliss. I hate it. I don't want to forget about what these murderers did to me, I don't want to lose the feeling. I am a human of my word, and dead or not I am going to make them pay. "Where am I?!" I demand angrily. "You are nowhere and everywhere all at once my young Marcy" a disembodied voice that sounds like silk feels replies calmly. "Don't play games with me! I have a very low tolerance for games! So tell me where I am!" I say louder. "Marcy, I already told you where you are: You are nowhere and everywhere all at once. You are in what some call limbo, purgatory, the rift. It's been called so many things, I'm not really sure what this place is called any more." The voice says sadly as if he was disappointed in himself. "I'm dead then?" I say pointedly to get the conversation back on track. "Well you could be dead, and you could be dying. I'm not sure. The rules of entering nowhere and everywhere all at once could have changed. I am not well informed, you see my dear Marcy" the voice says and I realize it's female. "Show yourself!" I yell. "As you wish my dear Marcy. I have been awfully bored of disembodied voice act. It's quite hard you know" the voice says growing closer. Out if the shadows steps a young girl,around 17 or 18, with curly orange hair. I recognize her slightly but I don't know her. Her green eyes scan me and she smiles. "Oh my dear Marcy you have grown! I have watched you grow up and my you have become so tall!" She says through a grin. "Who are you?" I ask. " I am everybody and nobody all at once, but as in names, I am Tegan Cheshire." She says with a polite little bow. She is about 5'2 so I look down slightly. "What are you?" I ask which a frown. "I am nothing and everything all at once." She says in a 'duh' tone. "What is your species? Are you human?" I ask frustratedly. She frowns " I would say I was your guardian angel, but that would be a lie. I'm a demon, your demon to be exact. I heard your last words dear Marcy. You want to make them pay and I know you never break your promises. I will help you with them in return for freedom. We are held in here like genies are held in there lamps! I haven't seen the sun for 200 years my dear Marcy! I've nearly gone mad!" She says in a sad and angry tone. Almost gone mad! As if. This girl was crazy. But then again, she's not human. "What do I have to do to free you?" I ask firmly. "You have to... Mmmmm.... You have to ummm... Well you have to give the warden of the gate a cookie and a hug " Tegan says uncertainly. "Cookies and a hug? Really? That's what demons like?" I ask. "We demons are soulless so we can only to feel four emotions: rage, happiness, sadness and Love. But the last two are basically the same thing so technically, that's only three. We Love to feel just as much as humans do if not more. We basically are the slaves of anger and death so we rarely feel the other three emotions. And humans rarely pass through here. Many demons waste away after their human die on earth. I don't want to waste away, Marcy, my dear Marcy are my ticket out." She says sadly. "That explains the hug thing, but the cookies?" I say raising an eyebrow. "Cookies are as close to joy a demon who guards the gates of everywhere and nowhere all at once can get." She says twirling an orange curl around her pale finger. "Where would I get a cookie?" I ask dumbfounded. "Everybody gets a cookie when they die, it's like a consolation prize for dying. Each cookie, You have a sugar cookie, makes you forget about your death and all pain and emotions that went along with it". How odd is this place. It's like wonderland and Tegan is like the Cheshire Cat and the mad hatter combined. "I don't want to forget anything. Will you take me to the guard?" I say with a poker face. She nodded and begins to skip away. She is wearing an black loli dress and a black bow in her orange curly hair. "One more thing: I will become your servant if you allow me take your soul. If you accept, I will protect you and care for you. However if you lose your soul you will have to Live here in nowhere and everywhere all at once and become a demon like me as soon as you die for the second time, this being your first!" She says with a smile. "I want nothing more than to avenge my family's death" I say solemnly. "Let's go then!" She claps and draggs me through this strange place.

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