The Fallen King

Elessar the Elf assassin has just murdered the Emperor of Hagstonne, the realm of Mankind, and now he has to escape.


1. The Fallen King

            Elessar stands up and pulls the sword out of the emperor’s chest. He had just assassinated the ruler of the land Hagstonne, The realm of mankind. The humans had betrayed the elf’s peace treaty and invaded while they were most venerable. Elessar looks around trying to find a way out as a guard bursts through the entrance of the throne room; he was holding a crossbow and was about to fire at the elf. Elessar had realized that he was probably a good shot considering the stars on his uniform ranked him at major. He had to think fast. He takes the throwing knife off his belt and throws it at the stained glass portrait of the emperor. Elessar never liked art.

Elessar runs and dives through the gaping hole as a crossbow bolt whizzes past the back of his head narrowly missing his neck. The drop from the throne room was about sixty meters before the courtyard, which would be fatal for the average human but Elvin bones are stronger and a fall like that wouldn’t even cause a fracture.

He lands in the middle of the courtyard and brushes the dust off his pants and begins to run to the gates. He tries to open the gate but it is locked. Elessar takes the lock pick out of his satchel and begins to pick the lock. He couldn’t climb the gate since at the top of the bars were spikes to prevent people from breaking in.

Before he can finish unlocking the gate a dozen guards kick in the secondary gate at the back of the courtyard and swarm in towards Elessar. He stands and draws his sword as the guards surround Elessar he notices that the guards he was about to battle were amateurs, probably with minimal experience, wielding spears. His target was the emperor so he didn’t have to kill these men.

One of the guard’s lunges at him and Elessar quickly slices the spear in half and grabs the half the man was holding and smashes him with the side of his arm, dislocating it. Another guard out of anger for his friend charges recklessly, Elessar grabs the side of the spear and kicks the man in the chest and he stumbles into and pond. The armor starts dragging him deeper into the water. Two of the guards run to his assistance to drag him out of the water so he doesn’t drown.

The last eight guards circle around Elessar and starts to close in. Elessar slashes at the ground around him in a circle sending dust in all directions blinding the guards. He jumps over the guards writhing on the ground and starts kicking at the gate. After a few kicks he breaks open the gate and sheaths his sword. Before he can start to run through the gate he gets shot through the calf with a crossbow bolt.

He looked up and saw the major from the throne room reloading his crossbow for his next shot. Elessar looks around for some sort of weapon that he can throw at the major. The only thing he could find was the sword on his belt, it would be a difficult shot to make, but it was the only chance he had.

“Are you ready to die? You killed the emperor and now it’s time to pay!” the major says aiming his crossbow.

Elessar throws his sword at the major pegging him in the shoulder sending the sword flying. Elessar grabs the bolt and rips it out of his leg; before he can bleed out he grabs the ring out of his bag and puts it on his index finger. His wound seals and the gem in the ring darkens

“Great, now I only have one spell left” Elessar says to himself. The ring he had was a gold band with a blue gem on top, it was magic. Every time he used a spell the gem darkened until it was black and then it was useless. And the gem that was in the ring was dark blue, it was running on fumes.

Elessar gets up and starts running; he couldn’t go back to get the sword since he had no weapon and the guards from the pond had gotten ready to attack. So he just decided to run through the gate and get to the border.

Elessar runs through the streets shoving people out of the way. He sees a man on horseback, so he pushes the man off the horse and gets on. Instead of shoving people out of the way the people sprint to get out of the way of the horse.

Elessar rides as fast as possible towards the border where his boat was. Behind him in the distance were the military’s finest soldiers, a lot tougher than the average guard. They had thick steel broadswords and mythril plate armor that was near impenetrable. There weren’t many of these soldiers because of the costliness of the armor and weaponry. The only thing tougher than mythril is dragon scale, but they have been extinct for centuries now.

The military soldiers manage to catch up to Elessar and load their crossbows to attempt to kill Elessar, they miss and hit the horse which didn’t matter since he was right at the beach where his boat was. As the horse gets shot down Elessar jumps off the saddle and keeps his momentum going so he can run down the beach and get to the boat so he can get ready to set sail.

Elessar jumps onto the boat and unties the knot holding it to the peg and kicks off starting to set sail but he realizes that the only way they could take him down is through their crossbows, which they could easily do.

The Soldiers line up on the beach and the edge of the water line loading their crossbows and getting ready to fire. Elessar knows that there is only one escape, using the rest of his magic ring to kill the soldiers.

Elessar takes the ring out of his satchel and places it on his index finger the dark blue gem glows bright for a split second and then shatters sending tiny bits into the boat and ocean. Just as the soldiers are about to fire a beast emerges from the water and the bolts slam against it bouncing off and shattering, spraying the men with shrapnel. Before they have a chance to draw their swords the water dragon breathes heavily and breaths freezing cold water over the men, freezing the men and armor soild.

The beast sinks into the water and swims deep into the depths of the ocean never to be disturbed again. Elessar stares off into the sunset standing on the front of the boat feeling the wind in his hair. He realized that he just assassinated and emperor, escaped from his castle, and took out his military and summoned a dragon to wreak havoc on whoever tried to follow him. He was finally going home, finally able to enjoy life once again.

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