Over Again

Holly Burton. Liam Payne both similar people. Holly thought she would never met One Direction but when One Direction come back home for there break before WWA Tour. He bumos into Holly and and OVER AGAIN!


3. Two

Holly's P.O.V

Liam. Actually. Text. ME. Back! I freaked. He called as well! Anyway enough Fan-girling, i packed my little purse with a notebook (my diary), a pen, my iPhone and a miniature poster. I put on my favourite dress i got from Paris, tights underneath and shoes my mum gave me, also a little cardigan if i get cold.

My mum drove my friends and i to the address Liam told me but she waited outside, she didn't believe me, i wouldn't believe me either! I knocked on the door and a blonde boy opened up, Cherie literally screamed instantly hugging him.

"Is this Cherie?" He said with his husky accent, i nodded. I waved to mum giving her the thumbs up and he blew me a kiss driving off as we walked in.

"Girl!... I met at the bus stop." I laughed as he hugged me and i hugged back.

"My name is Holly, This is Rachel, This is Harmony And thats Cherie." I pointed to each one.

"Can you get Cherie off me?" Niall asked, Cherie Fainted but Niall luckily caught her.

"Im sure you know all of them." Liam says, We all nodded.

"None of us can believe its true." Harmony said showing her dimple so i lightly poked it awkwardly.

"DIMPLE!" Louis screamed poking Harmony's dimple as well then Harry's after. I didn't really like Louis, i dont like loud people, but i guess then why am i friends with Harmony?

"So ages?" He asked politely we all nodded.

"Im 18 and so is Erica but these three are 19, by a little bit." I said Erica agreed.

"And we are all single!" Harmony added and winked. I just rolled my eyes.

"No Cherie's not neither is Niall by the looks of it." Replied Rachel looking over at Niall carrying a fainted Cherie bridal style.

"Well since your all here who wants to go to the beach?" Zayn suggests we all look at each other then nod.

"Of course we will Zaynster!" Harmony said so she could say her nick name for him.

"I'll drive." Liam says grabbing the keys, me and Erica whisper fight who was going to be in the front with Liam. Harmony agrees to sit next to Harry, he would sit next to Zayn but Rachel already put dibs on him.

Niall really wanted to come but he said he would stay until Cherie woke up. I got out my phone and called Cheries mum.

"Hi, um Cherie has fainted and i am wondering if you could pick her up?" I try to say as nicely as i can. She says yes with a polite voice and i give her the address.

After Cherie's mum picks her up we all get into the black car. Me and Liam in the front. Louis, Harmony and Harry in the middle. Rachel, Zayn and Niall sat at the back. We couldn't fit Cherie anyway.

"Im glad i met you... Holly is it?" Liam says with his british accent. I blush and nod.

"Yes. And thanks! I cant believe i met you!" I basically scream.

"Sorry..." I respond after.

"No its okay we're kind of used to it, except louder!" He chuckles to himself keeping his eyes on the road.

"Are we nearly there?" Louis moans. I look back Louis has his head out the window, i roll my eyes at that... Harmony is talking to Harry and is secretly holding hands. I smirk at Harmony. I cant see what the others are doing.

"Harmony and Harry are holding hands." I whisper to Liam smiling he soon smiles after.

"Is it getting a bit hot back there?" Liam smirks looking at Harmony and Harry.

"No its actually quite cold, Louis put your head back the window! You'll get hurt!" Harry says Louis brings his head back into the car.

We soon get to the beach and I get taken off my feet by Liam as he runs onto the beach with me followed by everyone behind.

"PIGGY BACK!!" I hear Harmony scream behind.

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