Zayns little sister

Zayn Malik's little sister aaliyah has a big secret


1. chapter 1

Alittle about me:

I have dark drown hair almost black it's shoulder length and bangs to the side

Dark brown eyes and Black glasses

Likes: pop,rock,hip hop,and rap music/loud music , girls and sometimes guys,food,shoes, and blue eyes

Dislikes: gummys,girly girls,makeup

Aaliyah's Pov

Hi my names aaliyah Malik yes zayn Malik's little sister I'm the youngest I'm only 15 years old now you are probably thankin OMG ZAYN MALIKS little sister YOU must have it all well news flash I don't I'm treated the same as every one eles I never really get to see him but when his here he never really talks to me i have a secret that no one knows not zayn not mom or dad not even my so called "friends"

I'm bi yes go ahead and judge me and make fun but I really don't give a fuck what you say because I'm proud to be me and if you don't like me for me then fuck off today is Friday so I don't have school tomorrow but right now I'm on my way to my girlfriends house her name is Sam she has dark long brown hair and beautiful blue eyes that I love she is also 17 years old so there is a small age difference

"Hey babe" I said and picked her lips

"Hello sexy" she said and pulled me to her room and then pushed me down her bed and then started makeing out with me

"I'm not in the mood" I said between kisses she ignored me and started to kiss down my nake I'm really not in the mood for this I get up and say

"Sam I'm not in the mood"

"Well if I can't have fun then whats the point"

"What r you saying"

"I'm saying ur no fun anymore so why even bother"

"Are you braking up with me"I ask trying to hold back the tires

"YES I AM NOW GET OUT" she yelled at me and started to push me out the door and slammed it in my face then my phone started to ring

"Hello" I said trying not to sob

"Hey lia it's zayn" he said in his rude voice

"Ya" I say starting to walk home

"I just got home and the lads are here to so come home" he practically demanded

"Ok" I said with a weak voice

"Are you ok" he says soddenly like he cares

"Just peachy" I said and then hung up

As I got to my drive way my phone vibrated I pick it up and it says

"Text from Sammy"

"Babe come back I'm so sorry for what I did"

I ignored it and put my phone in my back pocket and walked up my drive way and in to the door I could hear loud laughter and voices so I'm guessing there in the living room I go up the stares to my room I put on my black shorts that go to my mid-thigh and my gray "three day grace" shirt and brush my hair it's already straight from to day so I just left it and then I put on my dark grey and black high tops to match i grabbed my ipod5 and head phones and put on my rock station and walked down stares

I went to the kitchen and got a pop tart that was on the counter to snack on as I was sitting on the bar stole some blond guy came in and screamed


Then zayn and 3 other guys came running in

"What happend!!!!" The one with curly hair yells

"She's eating my pop tart!!" The blond one screams

"It doesn't have your name on it" I said move ing it around like I'm looking for his name

"Well ya... But it's still my pop tart" he said again very loud

"Well damn if it's that big of a deal here" I said giveing it to him

"Hey zayn how's your life been because mines been hell" I said in his face then walked out

I got a text saying there's a party to night at the twins house so I diced I'd go to get out of the house and I'd ride with Hannah and trinity so I went up to my room and put on white short shirts that stop right below my ass and a purple shirt that says "fuck it I'm young" in big bold white letters and my purple vans I also curled my hair but left my bangs straight

I was almost out the door when I hear


"To a party" I said then slammed the door

I ran to Trins house she's 17 so she can drive and we left for the party.....

*at the party*

I walked in and music was blasting red cups everywhere and it smelled like beer I have never drunk before but tonight I plain to I picked up the first boodle if beer I saw and chugged it down and went to find the kitchen for more on my way there I bumped into someone as I looked up I saw the most beautiful BOY in the world he looked down and smiled at me then before I knew it he.......

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