Songs I

*I will accept request from lyrics*
Includes Country Music, Rock Music, 2 1D songs, Music from Scooby Doo, Frozen and others.


146. #LEH- Superwoman and Humble The Poet

[Intro: Humble The Poet]
Y'all can't be serious right now, y'all so ridiculous...
Lilly, let 'em know!

[Verse 1: Superwoman]
Four thousand dollars on a purse (Leh)
Still got tuition bills to pay (Leh)
Swipin' daddy's card at the club (Leh)
Tweetin' 'bout life being hard (Leh) (Oh my God, this is hard)
Say you hate mama cause she's dumb (Leh)
Livin' free, eatin' good food; no rent
Say you hate drama queens like your friends
But girl, you the one with the crown on your head (Leh)

[Hook: Superwoman]
You got us sayin' "Leh, you ridiculous as Hell!"
You got us sayin' "Leh, you ridiculous as Hell!"

[Verse 2: Humble The Poet]
300 dollar earphones (Leh)
Always spendin' all your money on some stupid shit
Drivin' 'round in your mama car (Leh)
When you frontin' like it's yours (Leh)
Shippin' gas money, thinkin' you will get to women (Leh)
Internet the only way you gettin' with them (Leh)
You really really thinkin' that you pimpin' boy, ha
Cause you rock a haircut from Mad Men
Grow a beard, sucka

[Hook: Humble The Poet]

[Verse 3: Superwoman]
Booty shorts in the winter (Leh)
Rockin' open toes in the snow (Leh)
Makin' out with your friend's man (Leh)
But then you say that you hate hoes (Leh) (Oh my God, I hate hoes!)
Instagram pics; "#nofilter" (Leh)
Tryna get all the boys to double tap
Lookin' like Casper, duck lips; quack
Blurrin' everything in the pic but your rack (Leh)
[Lyrics from:{album._path_title}/leh.html]

[Hook: Superwoman]

[Verse 4: Humble The Poet]
Photoshoots at the gym (Leh)
Flexin' all your muscles when you take a pic
Spendin' more time checkin' girls than workin out
Tuckin' in that gut everytime you walk around (Oh, snap!)
Overprotective of your sister (Leh)
But with all the other girls you switch it (Leh)
Always complainin' about your haters
But you're the one talkin' all behind your friend's back (L-Leh)

[Hook: Humble The Poet]

[Verse 5: Humble The Poet & Superwoman]
Borrow money from your friends (Leh)
Never payin' back in the end (Leh)
But you buyin' bottles with your crew, meh
In debt, gettin' trashed in your booth (Leh)
Now it's 2 AM and you're drunk (Leh)
Listenin' to Drake in your crunk, hah
So you grab your phone and you text (Leh)
Look at that, big surprise, who you messagin'?
Your ex! (Leh)

[Hook: Humble The Poet and Superwoman]

[Beat changes]

[Humble The Poet and Superwoman:]
Hashtag, leh
The Durrani Brothers
Hashtag, leh
You gotta say "Leh, you ridiculous as Hell!"
You gotta say "Leh, you ridiculous as Hell!"
Hashtag, leh
Hashtag, leh 

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